Sonic The Hedgehog Series(《刺蝟索尼克》系列)是一款極受歡迎的電玩遊戲/卡通動漫系列。其主人公索尼克作為世界上最具知名度的刺蝟,從一誕生就憑藉其可愛的造型和不可比擬的速度風靡全球,讓無數的玩家成了他的忠實愛好者。以刺蝟索尼克為主人公的電子遊戲曾在多個平台發表,總累計銷量已經超過了3500萬套。其創始者為日本世嘉公司。從1991年到現在,刺蝟索尼克系列依舊是遊戲史上最受歡迎的系列之一。

系列作品時間表 编辑

1991年〜1996年(MD、GG、其他) 编辑


  • 音速小子(Sonic the Hedgehog)(MD版;7月26日)

Sonic the Hedgehog establishes the series' foundation. It introduces protagonist Sonic the Hedgehog, a speedy blue hedgehog who values freedom above all else, and antagonist Dr. Ivo Robotnik, a malevolent human scientist who would later take the moniker Dr. Eggman. When Sonic realizes that his animal friends are in danger, he embarks on a quest to stop Robotnik. Basic gameplay elements introduced in this game such as video monitors, Rings, Badniks and Chaos Emeralds have since become a staple of the series.

  • 音速小子(Sonic the Hedgehog)(GG版;12月28日)
  • ソニックイレイザー(Sonic Eraser)(MD版)
  • (Waku Waku Sonic Patrol Car)(街機)


  • 音速小子2(Sonic the Hedgehog 2)(MD版、GG版;11月21日)


  • セガソニック ポップコーンショップ(4月;AC版)
  • SEGA音速小子(SegaSonic the Hedgehog)(AC版;6月)
  • 音速小子CD(Sonic CD)(MCD版;9月23日)
  • 音速小子與塔爾斯(Sonic Chaos)(GG版;11月19日)
  • 音速小子彈珠台(Sonic Spinball)(MD版;12月10日)
  • (SegaSonic Cosmo Fighter)(街機)


  • 音速小子賽車(Sonic Drift)(GG版;3月18日)
  • (Wacky Worlds Creativity Studio)(MD版;3月24日)
  • 音速小子3(Sonic the Hedgehog 3)(MD版;5月27日)
  • 音速小子的遊戲世界(Sonic the Hedgehog's Gameworld)(PICO版;8月)
  • 音速小子與納克(Sonic & Knuckles)(MD版;10月18日)
  • 音速小子與塔爾斯2(Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble)(GG版;11月11日)
  • (Tails and the Music Maker)(PICO版)


  • 音速小子賽車2(Sonic Drift 2)(GG版;3月17日)
  • 納克與卡歐迪克斯(Knuckles' Chaotix)(32X版;4月21日)
  • 塔爾斯空中偵察(Tails' Skypatrol)(GG版;4月28日)
  • 塔爾斯歷險記(Tails Adventure)(GG版;9月22日)
  • 音速小子闖迷宮(Sonic Labyrinth)(GG版;11月17日)


  • 音速小子格鬥(Sonic the Fighters)(AC版;5月)
  • 音速小子CD(Sonic CD)(PC版;8月9日)
  • ソニック・ザ・ヘッジホッグ・ザ・スクリーンセーバー(PC版;8月9日)
  • Gソニック(Sonic Blast)(GG版;12月13日)
  • ソニック3Dブラスト(Sonic 3D Blast)(MD版)

1997年〜2001年前期(SS、DC、其他) 编辑


  • ソニック&ナックルズ コレクション(PC版;2月14日)
  • ソニック ジャム(Sonic Jam)(SS版;6月20日)
  • 音速小子R(Sonic R)(SS版;12月4日)


  • 音速小子R(Sonic R)(PC版;12月11日)
  • (Sonic's Schoolhouse) (PC版)
  • 音速小子大冒險(Sonic Adventure)(DC版;12月23日)

Sonic Adventure marks the first of the "evolved" fully 3D Sonic games, and a grand total of six unique playable characters with their own gameplay and storyline perspective. Like Tails Adventure, permanent power-ups and upgrades can be discovered and acquired by the player character. It also introduces 3D hub worlds ("Adventure Fields"), where players can interact with NPCs and accomplish goals to reach the next area. Dr. Robotnik (or Eggman) tries to use Chaos, a water creature he released from the Master Emerald, to conquer Station Square. Along with the return of supporting characters Tails, Amy and Knuckles, the game also introduces Big the Cat, E-102 Gamma and Tikal, and is closely connected to Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles, as seen by the expanded lore of Angel Island. It also makes several references to earlier games - Sonic making jokes at Knuckles' expense about his history with Robotnik; Tails' dream of the time he first met Sonic; Amy's fantasy of Sonic rescuing her from Metal Sonic; icons of their original designs in places like slot machines; etc. 1999年

  • ソニック3Dブラスト(Sonic 3D Blast)(SS版;10月14日)
  • 音速小子大冒險國際版(Sonic Adventure International)(DC版;10月14日)


  • 音速小子 口袋冒險(Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure)(NGP版;5月25日)
  • 音速小子 大富翁(Sonic Shuffle)(DC版;12月21日)


  • 索尼克大冒險2(Sonic Adventure 2)(DC版;6月23日)

2001年後期〜2006年前期(GBA、GC、PS2、Xbox、其他) 编辑


  • 音速小子Advance(Sonic Advance)(GBA版;12月20日)
  • 索尼克大冒險2(Sonic Adventure 2)(GC版;12月20日)

Sonic Adventure 2 introduces Shadow the Hedgehog, a 'look-alike' of Sonic, Rouge the Bat, a rival treasure hunter for Knuckles, and a playable Dr. Eggman, whose genius is now up against Tails. Hero begins with Sonic wrongly captured by the GUN military and making his escape, while Dark begins with Dr. Eggman's assault on one of their facilities on Prison Island and unraveling the mystery of his grandfather, Professor Gerald Robotnik. While the storyline has little in common with its predecessor, it clearly follows the events of its prequel due to a key mention that Tails was awarded a Chaos Emerald to celebrate his heroism. In addition, three of the gameplay styles have returned from the previous entry, now split between two characters each. It also introduces grinding, which at this point can only be done with Sonic's Hi-Speed Shoes and Shadow's Air Shoes. 2002年

  • 音速小子Advance 2(Sonic Advance 2)(GBA版;12月19日)
  • 音速小子百萬合集(Sonic Mega Collection)(GC版;12月19日)


  • 音速小子大冒險DX(Sonic Adventure DX)(GC版;6月19日)
  • 音速小子彈珠派對(Sonic Pinball Party)(GBA版;7月17日)
  • 音速小子大亂鬥(Sonic Battle)(GBA版;12月4日)
  • 音速小子大冒險DX(Sonic Adventure DX)(PC版;12月18日)
  • 音速小子英雄(Sonic Heroes)(PS2、GC、Xbox、PC版;12月30日)
  • CRソニック(其他)


  • 音速小子Advance 3(Sonic Advance 3)(GBA版;6月17日)
  • 音速小子百萬合集加強版(Sonic Mega Collection Plus)(PS2、Xbox版;12月9日)
  • (Sega Superstars)(PS2版)


  • 音速小子鑽石合集(PS2、GC版;8月11日)
  • 音速小子衝刺(Sonic Rush)(DS版;11月23日)
  • 黑暗刺蝟 夏特(Shadow the Hedgehog)(PS2、GC、Xbox版;12月15日)


  • 音速小子滑板競速(Sonic Riders)(PS2、GC、Xbox版;2月23日)

2006年後期〜2010年(Xbox 360、PS3、Wii、其他) 编辑


  • 音速小子 競爭(Sonic Rivals) (PSP版)
  • 音速小子2006(Sonic the Hedgehog 2006)(Xbox 360、PS3版;12月21日)

Sonic the Hedgehog is the controversial "next-generation" title of the series which strove for Sonic Adventure gameplay in a more realistic world. It introduces a version of Silver the Hedgehog, a psychic hedgehog from the future who believes Sonic is the one who ruined his world. There is confusion regarding the characterization of Blaze the Cat; she shows up in Silver's future without explanation, seemingly recognizes Sonic (apparently not vice versa), and is last seen sealing herself in another dimension with Iblis (which fails). It has been confirmed that Blaze has always been from another dimension rather than the future of Sonic's world,[4] which also reflects the official profile she was given in this game's website,[5] leaving how and why she was ever in Silver's future a mystery. However, given that some official profiles state she can manipulate the spacetime properties of the Sol Emeralds,[6] it can easily be assumed she appears in this game and later titles via her Sol Emeralds. 2007年

  • 音速小子與秘密戒指(Sonic and the Secret Rings)(Wii版;3月15日)
  • 音速小子衝刺大冒險(Sonic Rush Adventure)(DS版;10月18日)
  • 瑪利歐與音速小子在奧運(Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games)(Wii版) (DS版)


  • 音速小子滑板競速:流星傳説(Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity)(Wii版;1月17日)
  • 音速小子世界大冒險(Sonic Unleashed)(Wii版;12月18日)
  • 音速小子 競爭2(Sonic Rivals 2) (PSP版)
  • 瑪利歐與音速小子在奧運(Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games)(DS版)
  • 任天堂明星大亂鬥X(Super Smash Bros. Brawl)(Wii版)
  • SEGA全明星網球(Sega Superstars Tennis)(360、PS3、Wii、PS2、DS版)


  • 音速小子與黑暗騎士(Sonic and the Black Knight)(Wii版;3月12日)
  • 音速小子編年紀 黑暗兄弟會(Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood)(DS版;8月6日)
  • 瑪利歐與音速小子在奧運(Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games)(Wii、DS版)
  • (Sonic Unleashed)(iOS、Android版)


  • 音速小子與SEGA全明星賽車(Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing)(360、PS3、Wii、DS版)
  • 音速小子4 第一章(Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I)(PS3、Wii、iOS版;10月12日)
  • 音速小子 繽紛色彩(Sonic Colors)(DS、Wii版;11月18日)
  • 音速小子自由滑板競速(Sonic Free Riders)(Xbox 360版;11月20日)

2011年〜(3DS、Wii U、PS4、Switch、其他) 编辑


  • 音速小子世代 純白時空(Sonic Generations)(Xbox 360、PS3版;12月1日)
  • 音速小子世代 湛藍冒險(Sonic Generations)(3DS版;12月1日)

Sonic Generations is the 20th anniversary Sonic title the celebrates the old and the new aspects of the series. In the past, Sonic is astonished to see Green Hill wiped out shortly after his adventure begins, whereas the present Sonic celebrates his birthday until his universe is thrown into chaos. A mysterious power creates "time holes", displacing Sonic and friends though time. As a result, some surprises are encountered, including the younger and older forms of Sonic and Tails eventually meeting face to face. After finding out everything is chalk white and losing color, they team up to defeat this strange new enemy and find out who is really behind this diabolical deed.

  • 瑪利歐與音速小子在奧運(Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games)(Wii版)


  • 音速小子4 第二章(Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II)(Xbox 360、PS3、iOS、Android、Windows Phone 7版;5月16日)
  • 音速小子與與SEGA全明星賽車 變形版(Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed)(360、PS3、Wii U、Vita版)
  • 瑪利歐與音速小子在奧運(Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games)(3DS版)


  • 3D ソニック・ザ・ヘッジホッグ(3DS版;5月15日)
  • 音速小子 失落世界(Sonic Lost World)(3DS、Wii U版;10月24日)
  • 音速小子 衝刺(Sonic Dash)(iOS、Android版)
  • 音速小子與SEGA全明星賽車 變形版(Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed)(PC、3DS版)
  • 瑪利歐與音速小子在奧運(Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games)(Wii U版)
  • (Sonic Athletics)(街機)
  • (Sonic Ghost Shooting)(街機)


  • 任天堂明星大亂鬥3DS/Wii U(Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U)(3DS、Wii U版)
  • 音速小子 火力全開(Sonic Boom)(Wii U、3DS版;12月18日)


  • 音速小子 狂奔(Sonic Runners)(iOS、Android版;2月26日)


  • 音速小子經典合集(Sega 3D Classics Collection)(Nintendo 3DS版)
  • 瑪利歐與音速小子在奧運(Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games)(Nintendo 3DS、Wii U版)
  • 音速小子 火力全開 火與冰(Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice)(3DS版;10月27日)


  • 音速小子 狂熱(Sonic Mania)(PS4、Xbox One、Nintendo Switch、PC版;8月16日)

Sonic Mania features a return to the gameplay style and visuals that characterized the Sonic games for the Sega Mega Drive. In this game which takes place after Sonic & Knuckles Sonic, Tails and Knuckles join forces as they seek to stop Dr. Eggman from abusing the Phantom Ruby with the aid of his Hard Boiled Heavies.

  • 音速小子 武力(Sonic Forces)(PS4、Xbox One、Nintendo Switch版;11月9日)
  • 音速小子 狂奔冒險(Sonic Runners Adventure)(Android、Java ME版)
  • 音速小子 武力:速度之戰(Sonic Forces: Speed Battle)(Android、iOS版)



  • チームソニックレーシング(Team Sonic Racing)(PS4、Nintendo Switch版;年内)

作品類型 编辑


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