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Zorabel is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. She is the Pirate Queen of Scourge Bay. She appears to be unable to walk, and rides around in a three-wheeled, wicker wheelchair that is pushed about by her assistant Tom. She has a large pet lizard/toad that rides around on her lap. She also has five (presumably adopted) daughters known as the Spice Maidens.

Zorabel considers Captain Plunder to be "a darn fool".


She is an incredibly old and very bony woman, with wrinkled skin, white hair, and very few teeth. Her right eye is bulging out of its socket, appearing much larger than her left.


When Zorabel discovered that Captain Plunder had stolen the Tantaragor Idol, she tried to evict him from Scourge Bay before the Tantaror came looking for it.[1] After the matter was closed, she allowed Knuckles to take Plunder's chest of ancient documents, saying that he had earned it, while she prepared to punish Plunder for causing so much trouble.[2]

She later attempted to make Plunder accept her daughters, the Spice Maidens, onto his crew,[3] so that they could go treasure hunting. When Plunder protested that a pirate ship was no place for her "sweet young daughters", Zorabel decided that she should go along with them.[4] She led them to the sea serpent Krakiota, who knew the location of the Akotek Treasure.[5] After learning the location of the treasure from Krakiota, Zorabel accompanied Plunder and the Spice Maidens to the tomb of King Akotek, where it resided. Plunder was convinced to break the seal on the tomb himself,[6] and for this he was inflicted with a curse of 'misfortune and calamity'. It was revealed that Zorabel had brought Plunder specifically so that he could break the seal and receive the curse, as she believed he was "the stupidest pirate on Mobius!"[7]

Because of Plunder's resulting bad luck, Zorabel feared that he posed a danger to everyone on the ship, and so insisted that he sit by himself in a rowboat, towed along in the ship's wake.[7] She also decided to give Plunder the opportunity to take some of his treasure by forcing him to choose between two identical chests, one of which contained the treasure and the other of which was empty. Zorabel was certain that Plunder's bad luck would mean he picked the wrong chest, but to everyone's surprise he picked the right one and was allowed to keep his share of the treasure. Zorabel and her daughters were then dropped off back at Scourge Bay.[8]


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