Zor is the fifth boss that appears in Silent Forest in both the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions of Sonic Lost World. Zor is fought at the end of Zone Two and Zone Four of Silent Forest.

Wii U

Silent Forest Zone 2

Zor's first battle takes place at the end of Silent Forest Zone 2 on a 2D plane amidst some floating jungle ruins. The boss actually starts out with a stealth-based platforming section that sees the owl mech in the background using eye-mounted spotlights to try and catch Sonic whenever he is running about. If the spotlights hit Sonic, then shadow bats will fly down, grab him and carry him away; causing an instant death.

Sonic can easily run fast enough to stay ahead of the spotlights, but they do home in on him fairly well and there will be parts where the player needs to slow down for some careful platforming. To protect against the spotlight, the player can go behind tall bushes and giant owls that appear along the path. Note that the owls will fly away if Sonic moves around and makes too much noise while hiding behind them, so the player should be sure to remain as still as possible until an opportunity presents itself to move on. After waiting behind one of them for a few moments, the spotlight will move away for a few moments, allowing the player to proceed down the path.

Along the path, there will be sections with bottomless pits which can be crossed by using the Magenta Wisps. While using the Color Power in these sections, the spotlight will not chase the player.

At the end of the stealth section, the player needs to jump on a bouncy vine to send Sonic into the background and to the boss arena. Zor will be perched atop the owl mech in the center of the circular arena, and will have the mech fire off capsule-like missiles that will circle around the arena as they slowly descend. If the missiles hit the ground, they will split open and release an electric spark that will crawl along the ground for a while. These sparks will hurt Sonic, so the player should be cautious.

To attack Zor, the player first needs to wait until the capsule rocket gets low enough for them to lock onto it. When it does, the player has to use a Flying Kick on it to send the electric spark inside of it flying back at Zor. This will knock him off the owl mech and leave him dazed on the ground. At this point, the player can approach Zor and attack him to deal damage.

After taking damage, Zor will jump back up to the owl mech and repeat his strategy but will fire off multiple rockets this time. The player should repeat the strategy as before, but note that it will take multiple reflected missiles to knock Zor down from this point onwards. Three rounds will see Zor's defeat and retreat.


Name Artist Length Music Track
The Deadly Six Theme Tomoya Ohtani 2:25



Sonic Lost World - Silent Forest Zone 2

Silent Forest Zone 4

Sonic's second encounter with Zor also takes place on a 2D plane. The arena is a flat stretch of blocks that stretches across the screen, with a light switch on either side of the room.

At the start of this fight, Zor will summon his shadow bats to fuse together and form two "Shadow Zor" clones. They will all then start flying around the arena and the player have to figure out which one is the real Zor and attack him. If the player hits one of the Shadow Zor clones, the player will take damage. While the Shadow Zor clones are easily distinguished from the real Zor as they are completely dark, the room where the fight takes place will go dark, meaning that the player can only see silhouettes of the Shadow Zor clones and the real Zor, which are identical. To distingush the Shadow Zor clones from the real Zor, the player has to use the light switches on either side of the room to light the place up, then track down the real Zor and attack him.

During the battle, when Zor or one of his clones comes in contact with one of the blocks from the row of blocks which act as the floor of the arena, the block will permanently break. Falling through one of these holes in the floor will result in the player falling into a bottomless pit, causing an instant life loss. This can be especially dangerous as the floor underneath the switches is also made of these blocks, which makes it harder to jump to solid ground after pulling one of them if too many blocks are destroyed.

After enough hits, Zor will begin ricocheting off the walls, ceiling and floor, destroying a number of blocks and making it more difficult for the player to get around. However, at this point, it is only required that Zor is attacked once more before the player wins the boss battle.


Name Artist Length Music Track
The Deadly Six Theme (Orchestra ver.) Tomoya Ohtani 2:29



Sonic Lost World Silent Forest Zone 4 (Wii U 1080p) Part 12 and Zor Boss Battle

Nightmare Zone

Zor is fought in the Nightmare Zone, in a battle similar to his fight in Zone 2, only this time his owl mech is replaced with the second-level Nightmaren Jackle. Jackle will throw out cards to attack the player, which must be knocked back with the Homing Attack or Flying Kick to damage him. Three card-attacks will defeat Zor.

Nintendo 3DS

Silent Forest Boss Act

The battle with Zor takes place in Silent Forest. In this boss battle, Zor will be riding his owl mech, which will fly off into the background and begin charging up a death laser; the time left before it fires is displayed in the lower corner of the screen.

To battle Zor, the player needs to use the cannon in the center of the arena. The cannon uses the Nintendo 3DS's gyro controls to aim. The player then has to aim the cannon at Zor on his owl mech and fire Sonic at him. When aiming with the cannon, however, there are fake owl mechs set up around the arena to throw the player off. Hitting a fake owl mech will not damage the player, but it will waste time on the player's behalf and allow Zor to finish charging up his death laser. However, despite them being obscured a bit by shadows, the fake owl mech designs tend to be quite different from that of the real owl mech, allowing the player to distinguish the real owl mech amongst them.

When Zor is hit by the cannon, he and his owl mech will fall to the ground, leaving Zor vulnerable for a short time. It is during this that the player can deal damage to Zor by attacking him (it is recommended that the player try to max out his/her multi-lock on him before attacking). After a while, however, Zor will get back up and on his owl mech, and the process will repeat until he is defeated.

As an option, while aiming at Zor in the cannon the player may happen across wisp capsules that they can target an fire off at. These capsules contain a Gray Wisp that they can use to activate the Gray Quake Color Power with. This power can be used to deal even more damage against Zor when he has been stunned; expediting the battle.

As the second boss of Lava Mountain Zone 2, Zor's health bar is higher.


Name Artist Length Music Track
The Deadly Six Theme (Orchestra ver.) Tomoya Ohtani 2:29



Sonic Lost World (3DS) - Zor Boss Battle (S-Rank)


  • During the Zone 4 battle against Zor in the Wii U version of the game, the damaged Owl Mech can be seen in the background being held aloft by three owls. It is implied that the mech is far off in the background; however, the perspective of the arena makes it look much closer than it actually is, giving off the illusion that the mech is smaller than it was in the previous battle.


Zone 2 (Wii U)


Zone 4 (Wii U)


Zone 2 (3DS)


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