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Not to be confused with the character Warden Zobotnik.

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"Zoobotnik" is the fortieth episode of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite being produced as the fortieth episode, it aired as the twenty-fifth episode during the show's original run.





Sonic costumes

  • Justice of the Peace


As Sonic and Tails are running through a forest with Sonic reminding Tails to get his sneakers retreaded, a group of Mobians stop Sonic and Tails to tell them of recent kidnappings. While Sonic tries to get an idea of who the culprit could be all the Mobians are mysteriously kidnapped. Before Sonic knows it, Tails gets kidnapped as well. Sonic gets determined to figure out who the kidnapper is and to save Tails.

A duck wanders through a Mobian plain when he is caught in a trap. Katella reveals herself as the master huntress and she throws the duck in a cage with Tails and the other captured citizens. Katella loads them all onto her spaceship and flies away. Coconuts peeps out from behind a rock and says he is going to tell Dr. Robotnik what he just saw.

At Dr. Robotnik's fortress, Coconuts interrupts Robotnik's bath with the news about Katella the huntress. Robotnik reveals that he has heard about her and admires how she travels to different planets capturing species and selling them to zoos. Wanting to meet her, Robotnik invites her to his fortress and has Scratch and Grounder clean the place up really nice.

Meanwhile Sonic has compiled a list of all the missing Mobians. He runs around the world asking everyone if they have seen Tails. Finally he asks a jungle man and the jungle man points up. Sonic looks towards the sky just as Katella's ship flies by with Tails screaming for help out the window. Sonic chases the ship, but can't keep up since it is in the air.

Katella shows up at Robotnik's fortress and he welcomes her. She instantly falls madly in love with him because of his pure evilness. She asks what she can do to make him happy and he says she can capture Sonic for him.

In some random location, Sonic hears Tails calling for help. He sees a Tails doll tied to a stump. He knows it is a trap, but, deciding to play along to find the real Tails, he allows himself to get captured. He is put in a cage and loaded onto Katella's ship. Sonic is thrown in with Tails and the other prisoners, but he quickly burrows a hole in the ground and they all escape. Sonic says he is going to teach Robotnik a lesson.

Meanwhile, Robotnik and Katella are celebrating their victory when Katella insists that Robotnik marry her. Robotnik says he can't because they need a justice of the peace. Sonic rushes in, disguised as a justice of the peace, and sets up the ship as a wedding with Tails as the pianist, Scratch as the best man and Grounder as the maid of honor. As Sonic proceeds with the ceremony, Mama Robotnik comes in and objects to the two being married. She is angry that Robotnik is getting married and didn't invite her. Mama Robotnik and Katella get into a terrible fight. Katella decides she no longer wants to marry Robotnik because she hates his mother. She dumps Robotnik, Mama Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder all out of the ship and flies away. As Katella leaves, Robotnik wonders what his mother came. She tells him that someone called her and told her he was about to ruin his own life. Just as he convinces her that Katella was forcing him to marry her, Mama Robotnik is angered when he tells the truth, mentioning she raised him to "always lie"(which is a true villain's way), and starts spanking him.

Sonic and Tails watch Katella's ship leave Mobius' atmosphere chasing a planet which she quickly falls in love for. Sonic tells Tails that he is the one who called Mama Robotnik, because he wanted Robotnik to be miserable. Tails says they can make him even more miserable tomorrow. They run away, accidentally running straight through a sign that says "stay tuned".

Sonic Sez

Tails is trying to get Mayor Chestnut to come down from a tree so he can pet him. Sonic stops him and says to never touch wild animals because they may bite you. Robotnik runs by being chased by a wild dog.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French Condamné aux travaux forcés Sentenced to forced labor
German Mysteriöse Entführungen Mysterious kidnappings
Italian Caccia grossa Big Game
Portuguese (Portugal) Caçada Intergaláctica Intergalactic Hunt
Spanish (Spain) Zoo-botnik Zoo-botnik
Spanish (Latin America) Mostachón se casa Mustache gets married


  • The Tails Doll in this episode was used in one of Scratch and Grounder's traps in "Grounder the Genius".
  • Katella is the closest Robotnik has come to marrying another person. He has married robots multiple times in this series.[1][2]
  • Mayor Chestnut is a regular squirrel in this Sonic sez message, but in a later episode he is a lot bigger, can talk and is the mayor of Tranquil Gulch.[3]
  • One of Katella's Hostages was a Duck Dog, which is a reference to a quote from Dr. Seuss's ABC "Big D, little d, David Donald Doo dreamed a dozen doughnuts and a duck-dog, too."
  • Overseas animation for this episode was done by Saerom Animation.