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Green Hill Zone STC

The Green Hill Zone, the example of a Zone on Mobius.

Zones are locations that appear in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is a term used to describe the individual areas of Mobius.


Zones resembles mostly that of countries. The planet Mobius is made up of various continents which are divided into numerous areas called "Zones." The exact number of Zones on Mobius is unknown, but it is noted to be so large that listing them all would take a whole day.[1]

Each Zone have wildly divergent environments and sizes, which vary from lush, green areas, to bustling cities and uninhabitable deserts. Each of them tends to be distinguished by its environment, dominated by one consistent landscape type, which is usually referenced in the Zone's name (e.g. "Dust Hill" is a stony wilderness; "Metropolis" is a city; "Chemical Plant" is an industrial region).

Many Zones operate independently of each other and that, with the exception of Dr. Robotnik's world-wide dictatorship that operated out of the Metropolis Zone, the Zones tend to govern themselves. After the defeat of Dr. Robotnik, and following an abortive presidential election, it was decided on Sonic the Hedgehog's prompting that every Zone would have its own local Zone Leader, rather than imposing a central government over the entire planet.[2]

List of Zones


  • The Zones are based on the levels from the Sonic the Hedgehog video games, which accounts for their diverse environments. Several of the Zones in the comics even share their name with those from the video games.

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