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This exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
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For the version of this term after the Super Genesis Wave, see Zone (Archie).

Zone is a term that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. It is the Mobian term for other dimensions and universes besides Mobius Prime. Both Mobian science and mysticism have been successful at enabling other-dimensional travel, so travel to zones and visitors from zones, while not common, are not considered unusual.

The term "Zone" can also refer to various areas on Mobius itself, such as the Lethal Radioactive Zone.



The various zones discovered can be divided into two categories: Pocket zones and alternate zones.[1]

Alternate zones

An alternate zone is a parallel universe with the same physical properties as the Prime Zone, but with a different history. Alternate zones can be very similar to Mobius Prime (such as Moebius, which seemingly has a counterpart of every resident of Mobius Prime) or quite different (like the Sol Zone, which is populated by Mobians, but none of them appear to be counterparts of anyone from Mobius Prime). Alternate zones can also be accessed by various means, but the most reliable is the Cosmic Interstate. Collectively, all of the alternate zones are sometimes called the multiverse.[1]

Pocket zones

Special Zone

The Special Zone, an example of a pocket zone.

A pocket zone is another dimension with different physical properties and characteristics than Mobius Prime. They are called "pocket zones" because they are smaller than Mobius Prime (however, given that Mobius Prime is an universe with multiple galaxies, a pocket zone can still be very large).[1] Various pocket zones can be reached via portal, technology or by using magic or magical items such as Chaos Emeralds. Some famous pocket zones include the Twilight Cage and the Special Zone (formerly the Zone of Silence). Pocket zones have been used as both places of banishment and confinement as well as safe havens, such as the various pocket zones Hawking created and sent both the Echidnas and Dingoes to in order to keep them safe from harmful radiation.[2][3][4][5]


Green Hill ATAP

The Green Hill Zone, an example of a regional zone.

The term zone is also used in various regions on Mobius, such as the segments of Angel Island with dramatically different climates, but that terminology is falling out of use.[1][6] When Dr. Eggman temporally changed reality during Operation: Clean Sweep, there were many places named "Zone" on Mobius.[7][8]

List of Zones

Alternate reality zones

Named alternate zones

Unnamed alternate zones

Alternate future zones

Pocket zones

Named pocket zones

Unnamed pocket zones


Prime Zone

Genesis-exclusive zones

Worlds Collide-exclusive zones


  • In response to a fan query regarding whether or not the futures from which Nicole and Dr. Eggman originated were the same, writer Ian Flynn stated that: "That's up for debate, honestly. There's room to take it in both directions. For the sake of simplicity, I'd consider it the same. This way we're only dealing with three futures (Eggman/Nicole's, MxYL, Silver's) rather than four."[9] This assessment did not bring up Jani-Ca's native future, which was later reintroduced as Dark Mobius.
  • Writer Ian Flynn says that he is against reusing any characters or concepts that are blatant parodies of movies/TV shows/other media, meaning that several characters and zones are unlikely to appear again in the canon comic series.[10]


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