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The Zone-Breaching Platform.

The Zone-Breaching Platform is a teleportation device built by Hope Kintobor by order of G.U.N. Commander Abraham Tower to send agent Shadow the Hedgehog into Special Zone to retrieve a Chaos Emerald.


While the first use of the device did manage to transport Shadow to another zone, it was the wrong one, but he did manage to retrieve a Chaos Emerald from another source. Hope later fixed the machine after Shadow had managed to recruit E-123 Omega into GUN. Afterward, with the help of the first emerald, Hope sent Shadow and Rouge the Bat into the Special Zone to retrieve another Chaos Emerald at the request of the Commander. Unfortunately they were both sent back after failing the Zones master Feist's challenge. However, after forming Team Dark, the duo along with Omega were able to successfully retrieve the Emerald. (StH: #195 SU: #1, #3, #4)

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