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Quotation1.svg Now you made me hungry and angry! I'm hangry! You wouldn't like me when I'm hangry! Quotation2.svg
— Zomom, Sonic the Hedgehog #27

Zomom is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. He is a Zeti and a member of the Deadly Six.


Zomom's entire body is somewhat circular in shape, giving him a rather chubby appearance. His upper body is a vibrant orange-yellow color. His thick arms end with equally large five-fingered hands with yellow nails. His lower body is pure black, and Zomom's legs are so stubby to be nearly non-existent. His flat feet are each tipped with a pair of yellow claws, with a third on the heel. Zomom appears to have some sort of stubby tail.

Zomom has thick yellow lips and he appears to be missing some teeth and others seem chipped. Unlike the other Zeti however, Zomom's teeth are square in shape instead of sharp fangs. Zomom has small red eyes with yellow sclera, with black markings surrounding each eye. As seen in the cutscenes, both of Zomom's eyes rarely point in the same direction. Zomom is fully bald, unlike the other Zeti. On the top of his head Zomom appears to have four relatively short yet sharp horns, each one being striped black and red. On his wrists Zomom wears a pair of black bracelets with gray spikes.



At some point in the past, a man named Dr. Eggman invaded the Lost Hex with his many Badniks. He enslaved Zomom and the other members of the Deadly Six with an ancient relic. Soon, he was freed unwillingly by Sonic the Hedgehog and thus exacted his revenge with his team by taking control of Eggman's Badniks with their electromagnetic powers. The Deadly Six were later stopped by Sonic, relinquishing their control of the Badniks.[2]

The Last Minute

Zavok later assembled the entire team to inform them of Dr. Starline's offer to help handle Dr. Eggman's crisis on the world below and how they would immediately betray him, though Zomom did not pay much attention to him while he ate his sandwich. Zeena initially showed dislike for the idea of going back to Eggman as it could very well be a trap. Zavok immediately snapped at this, saying that since they underestimated the doctor the first time, they were now well prepared. Zavok planned for them to punish Eggman for their humiliation, destroy Sonic for defeating them, and then destroy their world below. Soon enough, the Deadly Six were brought onboard Eggman's Faceship via Starline's Warp Topaz.[1][3]

All or Nothing

Zomom takes control of Vista View, from Sonic the Hedgehog #25.

Upon seeing the Deadly Six, Eggman immediately sent Metal Sonic to attack them. Zavok swiftly used his electromagnetism to control the robot and tauntingly reminded Eggman how they were able to control robots. Following this, Starline presented the Cacophonic Conch and blew into it to try and control the Zeti. Once Zazz saw that Starline had left an opening after using the conch, he headbutted him which allowed Zeena to take the conch and give it to Zavok. With Eggman and Starline defenseless, Zavok commanded Metal Sonic to attack them; however, Starline hurriedly opened a Warp Portal that transported him, Eggman and Metal Sonic away. Noting that they were now left with the Faceship, the means to create Eggman's Metal Virus, and the fabled Chaos Emeralds, Zavok decided to remove an Emerald and place it on his chest to empower himself with it. He was met with praise for his intuition by Orbot, who claimed that he and Cubot were too spineless to turn on the Deadly Six; after Zavok commanded that the robot take them to the largest known pockets of survivors, Orbot complied but not before telling them that he will log their orders to keep them well coordinated. With this, Zavok plotted out the Deadly Six's new plan; each of them would take one Chaos Emerald to be empowered by so that they can control thousands of Zombots around the world instead of random, shambling masses. He planed to bring utter devastation to the world that Eggman and Sonic had been fighting over for so long; once every living thing had been infected and neither party had anywhere else left to run, they would give them mercy of a slow end by the Zombots themselves. Zomom took the turquoise Chaos Emerald and set out to Vista View. There, after taking control over all of the Zombots, he forced the children of the village to provide him with food. When one child brought an unsatisfying portion for the Zeti, he commanded a few Zombots to come by and infect him; Zomom then declared that either the villagers feed him or else he would feed them to the Zombots.[4]

Later, when Zomom was wolfing all the food down in a restaurant, he was confronted by Miles "Tails" Prower and Amy Rose. Zomom was able to recall Tails as one of Sonic's friends. In an attempt to trick the latter into handing over the Chaos Emerald he had, Tails and Amy "explained" to Zomom that they were entrusted by Zavok to escort his Emerald to him. Zomom refused, as this would mean losing control of the Zombots that kept bringing him food. Zomom then prepared to fight the two, as they had interrupted one of his many meals. Zomom chased Tails and Amy while trying to attack them, though he was temporarily stopped after he was hit in the face by Amy's hammer; the Zeti was then trying to eat Amy's hammer. While the owner tried to pull it out of his mouth, Tails attacked him as well, forcing him to spit it out. Enraged, Zomom declared that "he was gonna chew them real hard now before swallowing", but when Tails mentioned something about dropping his lunch box while he was chasing them, the Zeti turned back to go find it. After tearing through a couple of buildings, he realized that he had been tricked and returned while now feeling "hangry". He raised his hands and commanded the Zombots to attack Tails and Amy, forcing them to escape to higher grounds. As the two continued to evade the Zombots from above, Zomom called them annoying. He then burrowed under the ground, causing a mini earthquake to collapse the building Amy and Tails were on. Zomom followed them while burrowing underground towards the town gate. Just as he was underneath it, he popped out. This was revealed to be a trick; Amy and Tails slammed the gate shut onto his stomach, trapping him. As the duo expressed their victory to him, they took his Chaos Emerald and left. Zomom demanded them to give it back, as this would mean he could not control the Zombots anymore. He then became stunned upon seeing the Zombots surround him.[5][6]

Out of the Blue

Zomom is freed and demands waffles, from Sonic the Hedgehog #30.

After Super Sonic and Super Silver had reversed the effects of the Metal Virus all around the world, the Zombots were no more and were cured. Once the villagers of Vista View found Zomom trapped underneath the gate, they assembled more items to place down on top of him so that he would not move. The Zeti still managed to grab the gate, push it upwards and free himself. Looking at the grooves made in his stomach, Zomom acknowledged himself looking like a waffle and demanded that the villagers bring him waffles.[7]


Zomom has a high lack of intelligence. He is an individual who is rather gluttonous and would rather eat than fight. He is very gullible and can fall for the simplest of lies. He can also get bored quite easily.[1][6] However, like all of the other members of the Deadly Six, he is a malicious character that enjoys violence and does not care for the well being of anyone other than his fellow Zeti. Zomom is also a very vengeful person and has no qualms in enslaving or destroying an entire world just to take revenge on someone that upset them, as evidenced when he and the other members of the Deadly Six tried to turn every individual on Sonic's world into Zombots with the Metal Virus just because they despised Dr. Eggman and Sonic.[4][2] Zomom only finds true fear from his leader, Zavok.[1]

Powers and abilities

Zomom has the ability to manipulate magnetic fields, which he can use to control machinery with his mind.[2] Zomom is incredibly strong, able to smash buildings with the simple swing of an arm. He also has a high level of durability as demonstrated when he received a hit from Amy's hammer face first but sustained no serious injuries. Zomom is able to use his massive build to his advantage crashing down into the ground to create large tremors that are strong enough to destroy an entire building. In addition, Zomom is a very profound burrower, capable of digging through the ground at great speeds.[6]


Like all other Zeti, Zomom's powers are greatly inhibited when the Cacophonic Conch is blown, which causes him great pain.[4] Zomom is also very unintelligent, making him incredibly easy to fool.[6]


Deadly Six

The Deadly Six are the only people that Zomom trusts as allies. Despite their differing personalities, they all have the same hunger for power, carnage, and destruction.



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