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I think I'll have you for dessert.

— Zomom, Sonic Lost World[3]

Zomom (ゾモン Zomon?) is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is a Zeti and a member of the Deadly Six, being the group's saboteur.[4] When Doctor Eggman came to the Lost Hex, Zomom and the other members of the Deadly Six were forced into serving the doctor due to the effects of the Cacophonic Conch. After Sonic the Hedgehog arrived and got rid of the conch, Zomom and the others rebelled against Eggman and took control of his forces. Afterwards, Zomom followed Zavok's plans to make him and the other Deadly Six stronger, by using Eggman's Extractor while destroying the Earth, but was ultimately defeated by Sonic, though not for good.


Zomom's entire body is somewhat circular in shape, giving him a very chubby appearance. His upper body is a vibrant orange-yellow color. His thick arms end with equally large five-fingered hands with yellow nails. His lower body is pure black, and Zomom's legs are so stubby to be nearly non-existent. His flat feet are each tipped with a pair of yellow claws, with a third on the heel. Zomom appears to have some sort of stubby tail which is orange-yellow in coloration.

Zomom has thick yellow lips and has many missing teeth, with some of his remaining teeth being chipped. Unlike the other Zeti, however, Zomom's teeth are square in shape instead of being sharp fangs. Zomom has small red eyes with yellow sclera and black rings surrounding each eye. As seen in the cutscenes, both of Zomom's eyes rarely point in the same direction. Zomom is fully bald, unlike his fellow Zeti. On the top of his head Zomom appears to have five black and relatively short yet sharp horns, each one having a red horizontal stripe across the surface. On his wrists, Zomom wears a pair of black bracelets with gray spikes.



Many years prior to the events of Sonic Lost World, Zomom was brought into the Deadly Six when Master Zik formed the group.

Sonic Lost World[]

In the Wii U version and PC version of Sonic Lost World, Zomom and the rest of the Deadly Six met Doctor Eggman, who used a Cacophonic Conch to enslave them. Begrudgingly, Zomom would assist Dr. Eggman in his scheme for world domination by capturing Animals for an army of Badniks. Zomom later joined Eggman and the rest of the Deadly Six for a Badnik-making lesson where Eggman told how they would help him beat Sonic the Hedgehog, before he saw Zazz depart to fight Sonic.

Zomom and his sandwich

Zomom encountering Sonic in Desert Ruins

Coming to Windy Hill, Zomom and his team met Sonic, before coming with Eggman as he left Zazz to finish Sonic. Resuming the Animal hunt, Zomom would be punished by Eggman with the Cacophonic Conch when Zavok spoke against Eggman's criticism of their efforts. Zomom was soon after persuaded with a sandwich from Eggman to go fight Sonic, only to get defeated. Zomom later had a snack when Sonic showed up and criticized his health habits. Fighting Sonic again, Zomom lost once more.

Zomom and the Deadly Six were soon after scolded again for their failures by Eggman with the Cacophonic Conch when Sonic appeared and knocked the conch away. Now free, Zomom and his team took control of Eggman's Badniks and had them attack everyone at the site, with Zomom joining an attack on Eggman, forcing the doctor, Orbot, Cubot, Sonic, and Tails to flee. Afterwards, the Deadly Six took control of Eggman's operations on the Lost Hex. While Sonic still opposed them, Zomom was involuntarily used by Master Zik to demonstrate his physical prowess when he went after Sonic. As Zomom plotted his own revenge at Eggman, he went along with Zavok's plan to destroy the earth with Eggman's Extractor and use the energies it harvested to make the Deadly Six stronger, thus getting his revenge at the doctor.

Zomom ready to fight

Zomom ready to fight Sonic one last time at Lava Mountain

Zomom later helped set a trap to capture Sonic so the Deadly Six could turn him into their robotic slave, only to find Tails caught in it when it returned. As Zor then arrived to announce the failed capture of Sonic, Zomom glared in response. Eventually, Zomom helped Zavok set up a Roboticizer to use on Tails. When he left device to itself however, he unknowingly leaves his sandwich behind which Tails uses its pick to stop the device. Using their Extractor-enhanced strength, Zomom and Zazz would later ambush Sonic and his allies, knocking everyone except Sonic into a lava pit. Zomom subsequently teamed up with Zazz and Master Zik to finish Sonic off, only to be beaten for good. What happened to Zomom afterward is unclear.

Other game appearances[]

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U[]

In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Zomon makes a cameo appearance as a part of the "Deadly Six" trophy which can be collected in the game.

Sonic Runners[]

In Sonic Runners, Zomom made an appearance during the "Zazz Raid Event." Here, Zomom met Zazz after the latter failed to beat Team Sonic. He told Zazz that he did not have what it took to defeat Sonic and suggested that he should eat more food to boost his strength. Zazz took this advice by munching on the Power Rings he had been gathering, giving the crazed Zeti an enormous power boost.


Zomom's two dominant traits are his lack of intelligence and his boundless appetite. He is not very bright, possessing a very simple way of thinking, and can sometimes end up embarrassing himself. He is also somewhat bumbling and slow,[5] often causing damage when fumbling around without realizing it, failing to understand figure of speeches, and could only distinguish Sonic and Tails due to their color. Regardless, Zomom is aware that he is stupid and embarrassing, though he does not wish to appear any worse than he already is.

Zomom is a gluttonous Zeti with an unlimited appetite and will eat just about anything or even anyone.[6][7] Just seeing or mentioning anything food-related can stir up his appetite and he can easily be motivated or distracted by food. However, Zomom also gets angry easily. He is somewhat sensitive about his size as well. While not showing any dislike of his own about his chubby appearance (bordering on denial of it), he gets hurt emotionally and even threatening when someone calls him "fat" or makes fun of his size. Zomom also appears to have low self-esteem; he wonders if it is possible to make him look any worse, and upon being defeated, says that his mother was right about him being a failure.

Like the other members of the Deadly Six, Zomom is inherently malicious, sadistic, and violent. He takes great enjoyment in causing pain, inflicting physical punishment and killing others, and finds fun in hostile violence. An omnicidal monster, he has no qualms about causing massive genocide for his own gain. Zomom also comes off as vengeful, given that once he was freed from Dr. Eggman's enslavement, he launched an attack on the scientist, and afterward wanted to squeeze Eggman to death and eat him.

IDW Publishing[]

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing, Zomom acts similar to how he does in the games. His only defining traits are his stupidity and gluttony; he is very gullible and can fall for the simplest of lies, and he has a boundless appetite. Favoring food over battle, he is willing to eat anything that looks remotely edible or comes into contact with his mouth, even weapons such as the Piko Piko Hammer.[8] Even when he does not have immediate access to food, he will take note of shapes that resemble it, causing him to become even hungrier.[9] Zomom is also quite short-tempered, showing no tolerance for people who interrupt his meals or fail to bring him enough food.[10][11]

Like all of the other members of the Deadly Six, Zomom is malicious, enjoys violence, and does not care for the well-being of anyone other than his fellow Zeti. He is also a very vengeful person and has no qualms in enslaving or destroying an entire world just to take revenge on someone that upset him or his pack, as evidenced when he and the other members of the Deadly Six tried to use the Metal Virus to turn every individual on Sonic's world into Zombots out of hatred for Dr. Eggman and Sonic.[12][10] Zomom only finds true fear from his leader, Zavok.[13]

Powers and abilities[]

Described as a Zeti with mysterious powers, Zomom possesses superhuman strength,[6] enough to easily crush people to death.[5] Despite his size, he is also capable of very fast movements; he can spin at such speeds that he can form powerful dust tornadoes around himself and can run at extreme speeds. He also has incredible jumping skill, allowing him to leap high into the air and across very large distances in an instant.

In practice, Zomom is able to use his massive build to his advantage by launching downward impacts on the ground to create violent tremors powerful enough to tear up the environment and make people lose their footing, or flatten foes with devastating force. In addition, Zomom is a very profound burrower, capable of digging through ground and rock at speeds rivaling that of the Yellow Drill. He also has the ability to project harmful yellow energy blasts from his body. Zomom is also capable of flight. Unlike the other members of the Deadly Six, Zomom does not use a mech to fight, instead utilizing a type of floating terrain known as Ganmen.[4]

Zomom possesses very high eating capabilities, bordering on unlimited, as he is capable of performing feats such as eating a turkey leg in one bite, bone and all, or consuming excessively large amounts of food that surpass his own size.

As a Zeti, Zomom possesses the innate ability to manipulate magnetic fields, which enables him to control electronics. This allows Zomom to take control of robots and other kinds of machinery.

IDW Publishing[]

Zomom is incredibly strong, able to smash buildings with the simple swing of an arm and incapacitate even Sonic with a single hug.[8][14] He also has a high level of durability as demonstrated when he received a hit from Amy's hammer face-first and a laser shot shot from the Variable Wispon without sustaining any serious injuries.[8][14] Zomom is also able to use his massive build to his advantage crashing down into the ground to create large tremors that are strong enough to destroy an entire building. In addition, Zomom is a very profound burrower; by putting his arms out to the sides and spinning around like a top, he is capable of digging through the ground at great speeds.[8]

Like all Zeti, Zomom has the ability to manipulate magnetic fields, which he can use to control machinery with his mind.[12]


When Zomom had a Chaos Emerald lodged to his torso via a Chaos Emerald Siphon, it exaggerated his natural abilities and granted him immunity to the Metal Virus.[10]


Like all other Zeti, Zomom's powers are greatly inhibited when the Cacophonic Conch is blown, which causes him great pain.

IDW Publishing[]

His electromagnetic capabilities are as well hindered by EM shielding.[15]

Zomom is also very unintelligent, making him incredibly easy to fool and very susceptible to hypnosis.[8][16] Sometimes, however, he is so stupid that he cannot even be outwitted.[8]


Deadly Six[]

The Deadly Six are the only people that Zomom trusts as allies. Despite their differing personalities, they all have the same hunger for power, carnage, and destruction.[13]




Main article: Zomom (boss)
SLW Wii U Zomon Fight 03

Zomom ready to fight

Zomon is encountered at Desert Ruins on the Wii U version of Sonic Lost World. His boss fight includes him jumping on a 2.5D view while trying to crush Sonic. He will also spin around his arms in a fast movement, similar to a tornado of sorts. He moves at a fast pace despite his weight. He is shown to be encountered in Zone One and Zone Two of Desert Ruins.

In other media[]

Archie Comics[]

Main article: Zomom (Archie)
Zomom Archie 2

Zomom, from the Archie Comics

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, Zomom and the Deadly Six were enslaved with the Cacophonic Conch by Dr. Eggman when he conquered the Lost Hex. However, the villainous Sigma, who came from an alternate world, freed them from Dr. Eggman's control. Zomom and the Deadly Six then pretended to go with Sigma's plans until they received power-enhancing armor from him, and betrayed him. However, as they tried to take over Sigma, Sigma took over Zomom and the others' minds using a device hidden in their armor, and had hthem serve as one of his commanders until the unified heroes freed him. The Deadly Six's involvement would later be erased when Xander Payne erased all the events of Worlds Unite.

In the not-so-distant future, Zomom would be enslaved by Dr. Eggman once again.

IDW Publishing[]

Main article: Zomom/IDW Publishing


"Oh... Watchin' him run is making me hungry! I hope he gets here soon. Gonna gobble me some hedgehog! A-After I TENDERIZE him!"
—Zomom getting excited that Sonic is approaching him
"Wow, he's movin' awfully quick. I know fast food's not good for you, but... a little taste never hurt anyone."
—Zomom thinking about eating Sonic
"He's getting closer! I-I'm shaking like jelly! Of course, I ALWAYS shake like jelly! Mmmm... Jelly!"
—Zomom scared at how fast Sonic is coming
"If I'm not careful, I'm gonna be toast! Ahhh, toast. No, no! Gotta concentrate, o-or he's gonna make mincemeat outta me! Ahhh, mincemeat! Aw, I need an intervention."
—Zomom trying to concentrate on defeating Sonic
"I'll bet all that I can stomach you, nasty pest! I'm gonna eat you raw and use your stupid spines as toothpicks!"
—Zomom planning to devour Sonic
"Wow, you're barely a snack!"
—Zomom before fighting Sonic for the first time
"Ugh, you're the worst meal EVER!"
—Zomom after Sonic hit him with a Homing Attack
"Hey, who are you calling fat?!"
—Zomom after being called "fat" by Dr. Eggman
"Oh, man! I can't believe he's made it this far! He's gonna make me look bad! I mean, worse! Is that even possible?!"
—Zomom when Sonic is approaching him
"Does this mean no dessert?"
—Zomom after being defeated for the first time
"Hey! I forgot the mustard! Be right back!"
—Zomom after meeting Sonic again
"Looks like dinner is served!"
—Zomom before fighting Sonic for the second time
"I gotta go! It's dinnertime!"
—Zomom after being defeated for the second time
"Who cares about him? Now that I'm free, I wanna squeeze Eggman till he pops!"
—Zomom plotting his revenge on Dr. Eggman, in the cutscene after Tropical Coast Zone 2
"Uh, how come he's not blue?"
—Zomom when he sees Tails inside the Capsule instead of Sonic
"It'll be fun to have your little buddy scramble you like an omelet. Omelet... Mmmmm..."
—Zomom taunting Tails about having to fight Sonic
"Blue! My favorite flavor."
—Zomom before fighting Sonic for the last time
"Mom was right; I'm a failure!"
—Zomom after being defeated for the last time
"Oh boy! Sandwich!"
—Zomom after Dr. Eggman tosses him a sandwich
"Aw, man! Now you made me hungry! Let's hurry up and destroy him!"
—Zomom while joining Zazz and Master Zik
"You're small and fast, but I'm big and slow! Hey, wait! You better not make fun of my size! That's hurtful..."
—Zomom when Sonic is approaching him
"Mmmm... He looks like a giant blueberry, all plump and juicy. I wonder if those spines'll stick in my throat when I swallow him whole!"
—Zomom when Sonic is approaching him
"Gonna tenderize you, meat!"
—Zomom after being hit by a Homing Attack


  • Zomom has more horns than any other member of the Deadly Six.
  • Zomom is the tallest and heaviest member of the Deadly Six.
  • Just after his second defeat at the hands of Sonic, Zomom mentions "Mom was right, I'm a failure!" This suggests that there are other Zeti, or at least that there were other Zeti. Zomom is also the only Zeti to mention having a family.
  • Zomom's name is probably based on "Nom nom" noises, a reference to his eating habits.
  • In the Nightmare Zone DLC, Zomom is the only member of the Deadly Six not to be riding on a Second-Level Nightmaren.
  • Zomom is the only member of the Deadly Six who does not have hair.


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