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Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
Zoah Colony

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The Zoah Colony (ゾーアコロニー Zōakoronī?) is the tenth area that appears in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, and as well the third area visited in the Twilight Cage. It first appears in Chapter 8.

The Zoah Colony is a massive planetoid drifting in the void of the Twilight Cage, and is located in Sector Scylla. The Zoah Colony is home to the Zoah, an alien race of warfare orientated, black-armored energy crystal giants, who were banished to the Twilight Cage. After arriving in the Twilight Cage, the Zoah Colony has been in war with the N'rrgal on the N'rrgal Colony in an attempt for conquest. When the Imperator Pir'Oth Ix defeated the Zoah's leader, General Raxos, the Zoah Colony was forced to become servants to the Nocturnus Clan.

During the events of Sonic Chronicles: the Dark Brotherhood, Pir'Oth Ix gave the Zoah a Chaos Emerald to use as weapon against the N'rrgal Colony, not knowing that Ix planned to keep the two races occupied, while he and his clan escaped the Twilight Cage. Ix's scheme with the Zoah Colony was stopped, however, thanks to Sonic the Hedgehog and his team.


The Zoah Colony is a massive and completely urbanized worldlet of a planetoid. The entire surface and landscape of the Zoah Colony is covered in a harsh and dark technological cityscape, leaving no sign of any natural environments.

As their culture reflects warfare, the Zoah Colony's urban civilization closely resembles that of a military complex. The buildings are made of an electric-blue metal with a highly technological look to them, and come a in vastly different sizes, ranging from relatively small residential houses to large and towering complexes and skyscrapers. The architecture of the Zoahs' buildings themselves mimics that of the Zoah's anatomy, featuring several spires in the likeness of the Zoahs' horns and body armor, and light blue lines similar to the Zoahs' crystal body running along their surfaces.

The streets of the Zoah Colony are covered in dingy concrete, where Zoahs patrol the streets thoroughly, with marching military police and point-defense laser turrets which open fire on the player if he/she gets too close.


Long ago, the Zoah Colony was a part of the Zoah's original homeworld. One day, however, the entire race of Zoah and a large fragment of the Zoah's homeworld were pulled into the Twilight Cage by a mysterious force known only as Argus, presumably because the Zoahs were considered to be a too powerful of a species. The fragment of the Zoahs' homeworld that was pulled into the void of the Twilight Cage along with the Zoah would then become the Zoah Colony.

After having been pulled into the Twilight Cage, the Zoah Colony became the new home for the captured Zoah, who settled down there and reestablished their civilization. After another alien race known as the N'rrgals arrived in the Twilight Cage, however, the Zoahs from the Zoah Colony began a series of attacks on the N'rrgals' home, the N'rrgal Colony, in an attempt to conquer them and their plantoid. However, the N'rrgals proved to be formidable opponents to the Zoah Colony due to their ability to absorb their energy weapons. As their conflict escalated, the Zoah and N'rrgal became sworn enemies to one another, and the Zoah Colony and the N'rrgal Colony began a war with each other that continued for thousands of years (according to time flow in the Twilight Cage). As the same time, the Zoah Colony also fought the other residents of the Twilight Cage in other attempts for conquest.

At some point after the Nocturnus Clan and Nocturne were pulled into the Twilight Cage, the current ruler of the Zoah, General Raxos, was confronted by Pir'Oth Ix, the leader of the Nocturnus Clan. Ix and Raxos fought each as a part of a Zoah tradition called the Challenge, where Raxos would, should he lose, fulfill any request made by Ix. Ix managed to defeat Raxos, claiming the first victory over Raxos in the Zoah Colony's history, and the general was bound by his honor to grant Ix's request, which was that the Zoah Colony became servant to the Nocturnus Clan. Despite having no desire to join Ix, General Raxos had no choice due to the rules of the Challenge, and complied to Ix's request, casting the Zoah Colony into oppression. Even after having joining the Nocturnus Clan, however, General Raxos kept looking for the best possible chance to end the Zoah Colony's allegiance to the Nocturnus Clan.

During the events of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, after Pir'Oth Ix stole the seven Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald from Earth, the Zoah Colony was given one of the Chaos Emeralds for them to use as a weapon against the N'rrgal. This could allow the Zoah to turn the tide of war against the N'rrgal in their favor and finally conquer them. Not long after, however, the Zoah learned that the N'rrgal had acquired a super weapon of their own that would allow them to destroy the Zoah Colony. With both races in possession of a weapon that could destroy each other, neither the Zoah Colony or the N'rrgal Colony dared launch an attack out of fear that they destroy each other, leaving their conflict in a stalemate.

At some point after their newfound stalemate had occurred, Sonic the Hedgehog and his team came to the Zoah Colony to take the Zoahs' super weapon on behalf of the N'rrgal so they could escape the N'rrgals' captivity and get the N'rrgals' Chaos Emerald as well. As soon as they arrived in the Zoah Colony's space, however, their spaceship, the Cyclone, was shot down and trapped in a stasis field on the Zoah Colony's surface. After landing, Sonic and his team were attacked by Zoah soldiers, as Sonic and his allies had been declared enemies to Ix, but Sonic and his team managed to beat them.

Seeing that their ship was damaged and unable to leave due to the stasis field, Sonic and his team found themselves trapped on the Zoah Colony. Now locked between the forces of the N'rrgal and the Zoah, Sonic and the team decided to look for the Chaos Emerald they had detected on the Zoah Colony. After making their way through the heavily patrolled streets of the Zoah Colony, Sonic and his team found the complex where the Chaos Emerald was stored. After they took care of the guards and unlocked the doors to the complex, Sonic and his friends made their way into the complex and eventually found the Chaos Emerald.

Just as Sonic and his team tried to take the Chaos Emerald, however, the group of heroes was confronted by Commander Syrax, who arrested them for trying to take the Zoah's super weapon, and took them to General Raxos. As the group went on trial before Raxos, Knuckles demanded that they hand over the Chaos Emerald. Amused, Raxos suggested that they could hold a Challenge so that Sonic and his friends had a chance of claiming the Chaos Emerald, but since they were not citizens of the Zoah Colony, it was impossible. Syrax, however, persuaded Raxos to sponsor them as citizens, as the Zoah wanted to see Sonic and his friends being killed.

On behalf of his team, Sonic challenged Raxos for the Chaos Emerald. Before Sonic and his friend could fight Raxos, however, they first had to defeat Syrax and his soldiers to prove their worthiness in the Challenge. In the end, Sonic and his team beat Syrax and his soldiers and earned the right to fight Raxos, though only Sonic was allowed to fight Raxos as it was hardly fair or honorable that Raxos went up against Sonic's team alone. Not even shaken by going alone into the fight, Sonic responded to Raxos's demand, and fought the Zoah general alone, and managed to defeat him.

Humbly accepting his defeat, Raxos conceded and explained to Sonic and his team that he hoped that they could defeat him, as it meant that Sonic and his friends might be strong enough to end Ix's rule and thereby allow the Zoah Colony to break free from its allegiance with the Nocturnus Clan. Despite Syrax's protests, Raxos had him bring their Chaos Emerald to Sonic and his team. Upon giving the Chaos Emerald to Sonic, Raxos explained to Sonic that he now had the Zoah Colony as his allies and promised that they would now only pretend to serve Ix and be ready at Sonic's disposal when he decided the time had come to defeat Ix.


Name Price
Med Emitter 20 Rings
Refresher Wave 20 Rings
Ring of Life 20 Rings
Cure All Spray 20 Rings
Prune Juice 15 Rings
Iron Tonic 15 Rings
Master Hydraulics 150 Rings
Spiked Slippers 120 Rings
Alloy Boots 150 Rings
Spiked Sneakers 150 Rings
Cursed Claws 120 Rings
Titanium Claws 150 Rings
Kron Hammer 150 Rings
Lightning Ring 100 Rings










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