Zoah Brute profile

A Zoah Brute.

The Zoah Brute is an enemy that appears in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. They are black-armored giants composed mainly of crystalline energy, and are members of the Zoah species who lives on the Zoah Colony.


The Zoah Brutes can only be encountered on the Zoah Colony. After Sonic has defeated General Raxos and obtaining the Zoahs' Chaos Emerald, the Zoah Brutes cannot be encountered again.

The Zoah Brutes' basic attack is forming a crystalline spite on their arms and slash their opponents with it, which can inflict Distracted. Their POW moves are Lightning Shield and Power Blast, which can inflict Weaken.


Number of actions 2
HP 510
Speed 25
Attack 34
Defense 35
Luck 15
Damage 70
Armor 40
Resistance Ice (10%)
Wind (25%)
Lightning (50%)
Weakness Earth (25%)
Water (10%)
Fire (10%)


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