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Zeti Castle is a location that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. It is a former Eggman Empire base set on the Lost Hex that has since been taken over by and remade in the image of the Deadly Six.


Zeti Castle is a large gray and metallic structure that boasts a large satellite at the top of its tall internal center. The main gate of Zeti Castle features large gray and light blue pillars with barbed wire wrapped around the top of them. Zeti Castle is otherwise quite sharp in appearance.



When Dr. Eggman first invaded the Lost Hex, he built this structure as his main base of operations for the Eggman Empire. After he and his former enforcers, the Deadly Six, were defeated by Sonic the Hedgehog, the Zeti took over the base and remade it in their image, calling it "Zeti Castle".[1]

The Last Minute

One day at Zeti Castle, Zor reported to Zavok that the Eggnet was in chaos due to Eggman's doings on the world below. The two were soon visited by a person named Dr. Starline. He introduced himself as an assistant to Eggman and requested that the Deadly Six help them with a current crisis that they were in. Starline let Zavok know that Eggman did not actually know he was on the Lost Hex but told him that working with the Eggman Empire once again would give the Deadly Six an opportunity to make ammends with the doctor, command incredible power and destroy Sonic. Hearing all of this made Zavok accept Starline's proposal. After the doctor left however, Zavok confided in Zor how Starline made a mistake and that they would capitalize on it.[1]

Starline visits Zeti Castle, from Sonic the Hedgehog #21.

Some time later, Master Zik praised Zavok for his initiative on letting the Deadly Six bide their time to let their anger and hatred fester but warned that their vengeance against Sonic and Eggman must be exact. Soon, the duo were met by Starline, who told them that today's events cemented the fact that the team's help was needed. To prove that they could exert their will over machines, Zavok took control of a Moto Bug and has it drive around. Starline then told that after he made last minute preparations on his end, he would come back for the Deadly Six. After Starline left, Zik gloated as to how he was naïve and they would swiftly betray him. Zavok declared that they will use the Zombots to destroy Eggman, Sonic and the entire world below for merciless vengeance and absolute victory.[2]


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