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Zero Gravity Tracks: Sonic Riders Shooting Star Story Original Soundtrack is a one-disc album containing the original soundtrack of Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity.

Track List

  1. Un-Gravitify (Cashell, 4:20)
  2. Meteor Falls (Kobayashi, 0:48)
  3. When Robots Attack (Kobayashi, 1:11)
  4. Through Traffic (Sawada, 4:45)
  5. Spiral Madness (Sawada, 5:39)
  6. Mystery of the Meteorite (Kumatani, 1:35)
  7. Gadget Round (Kumatani, 3:46)
  8. Aquatic Time (Kumatani, 3:42)
  9. The Divine Wings (Tokoi, 2:37)
  10. Give Me the Power (Tokoi, 1:49)
  11. Sealed Ground (Tokoi, 3:46)
  12. Full Speed Ahead (Tokoi, 0:30)
  13. Dive Into Gravity (Kumatani, 3:36)
  14. Babylon Garden (Kobayashi, 1:14)
  15. The Lightless Black (Kobayashi, 2:40)
  16. Stop the Black Hole (Kobayashi, 1:23)
  17. The Core (Tokoi, 4:54)
  18. After the Storm (Tokoi, 0:47)
  19. Wish and Hope (Tokoi, 0:56)
  20. Catch Me If You Can (Runblebee, 3:36)
  21. Blast Town (Kumatani, 3:49)
  22. Multi Attack (Kumatani, 3:49)
  23. Un-Gravitify electro extended (Cashell, 4:10)

Missing Songs

There are several songs used in-game but not included on the OST release.

  • An instrumental version of "Un-Gravitify electro extended", used on the main menu.
  • An instrumental version of "Catch Me If You Can", used in the Options and Extras menus, as well as certain cutscenes.
  • An instrumental version of "Un-Gravitify", used in certain cutscenes.
  • A very short, unique song used during the Botanical Kingdom cutscene, when Amy meets Sonic.
  • A shortened version of "High Flying Groove" from Sonic Riders, used on the Race Results screen, as it was in its game of origin.


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