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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the IDW Publishing continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

I can't enjoy my blood sports without any blood!

— Zazz, Sonic the Hedgehog #26

Zazz is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. He is a Zeti and a member of the Deadly Six.


Zazz is a very tall and very lanky Zeti, with very thin limbs and body structure. The upper half of his body appears to be vibrant pink, while his body from the waist down is pure black, ending in two-clawed feet with purple toes. A third much smaller claw appears to jut out from his heels. Zazz has a long tail that appears to be bent into a vague "Z" shape, similar to that of Knuckles the Echidna. Zazz has a row of small black spikes running down his back, from the base of his neck to the middle of his spine. Zazz's thin arms end in proportionately large five-fingered hands, each finger tipped with purple nails.

Zazz has an oblong head with a large gaping mouth, which is never closed. He has long, thin, sharp teeth and a long cyan tongue, which is almost always seen hanging out the side of his mouth. He has green irises with yellow sclera and black markings under each eye. On the top of his head, Zazz has a pair of horns that point outwards, colored in alternating rings of black and light purple. Between them is a mohawk of purple hair.

Zazz wears a pair of black wrist cuffs with gray spikes on them, and a matching spiked collar.



At some point in the past, a man named Dr. Eggman invaded the Lost Hex with his many Badniks. He enslaved Zazz and the other members of the Deadly Six with an ancient relic. Soon, he was freed unwillingly by Sonic the Hedgehog and thus exacted his revenge with his team by taking control of Eggman's Badniks with their electromagnetic powers. The Deadly Six were later stopped by Sonic, relinquishing their control of the Badniks.[1]

The Last Minute

Zavok later assembled the entire team to inform them of Dr. Starline's offer to help handle Dr. Eggman's crisis on the world below and how they would immediately betray him, though Zazz did not pay much attention to him. Zeena initially showed dislike for the idea of going back to Eggman as it could very well be a trap. Zavok immediately snapped at this - scaring Zazz and Zomom in the process - saying that since they underestimated the doctor the first time, they were now well prepared. Zavok planned for them to punish Eggman for their humiliation, destroy Sonic for defeating them, and then destroy their world below.[2]

Soon enough, the Deadly Six were brought aboard Eggman's Faceship via Starline's Warp Topaz.[3]

All or Nothing

Zazz terrorizes the citizens of Riverside, from Sonic the Hedgehog #25.

Upon seeing the Deadly Six, Eggman immediately sent Metal Sonic to attack them. Zavok swiftly used his electromagnetism to control the robot and tauntingly reminded Eggman how they were able to control robots. When Starline revealed the Cacophonic Conch in his possession, Zazz and Zeena attacked him, only to be stopped in their tracks when Starline blew into the conch. With the Zeti seemingly immobilized, Starline walked up to Zazz and ordered him and his fellows to get back in line, unaware that the conch's effects rapidly wore off after it was no longer being blown. Once Zazz saw that Starline had left an opening after using the conch, he headbutted him which allowed Zeena to take the conch and give it to Zavok. With Eggman and Starline defenseless, Zavok commanded Metal Sonic to attack them; however, Starline hurriedly opened a Warp Portal that transported him, Eggman and Metal Sonic away. Zazz expressed frustration at this, but Zavok told him that they needed to refocus their attention for now. Noting that they were now left with the Faceship, the means to create Eggman's Metal Virus, and the fabled Chaos Emeralds, Zavok decided to remove an Emerald and place it on his chest to empower himself with it. He was met with praise for his intuition by Orbot, who claimed that he and Cubot were too spineless to turn on the Deadly Six; after Zavok commanded that the robot take them to the largest known pockets of survivors, Orbot complied but not before telling them that he will log their orders to keep them well coordinated. With this, Zavok plotted out the Deadly Six's new plan; each of them would take one Chaos Emerald to be empowered by so that they can control thousands of Zombots around the world instead of random, shambling masses. He planed to bring utter devastation to the world that Eggman and Sonic had been fighting over for so long; once every living thing had been infected and neither party had anywhere else left to run, they would give them mercy of a slow end by the Zombots themselves. With his Moon Mech equipped, Zazz took the yellow Chaos Emerald and set out to Riverside. There, he ruthlessly controlled a large horde of Zombots and had them tear down several buildings. A few Zombots found a few uninfected citizens hiding from the carnage but Zazz was merciless and had the Zombots attack them regardless.[4]

Zazz soon rode around on his Moon Mech very bored. He found it lame that the Zombots do not do any lasting damage on each other, and though he could have a new person infected and turned into a Zombots, it only lasted for a few minutes. The Zeti suddenly smelled someone near him and reached out to grab an invisible Espio the Chameleon. Zazz dropped Espio to the ground below and gleefully had him surrounded by Zombots. Zazz shot several projectiles at Espio with his Moon Mech but the chameleon ran and dodged them. The Zeti commanded the Zombots to box him in but this prompted the chameleon to jump in the air and throw his kunai attached to a rope to the roof of a house; he pulled himself up away from the horde, much to Zazz's displeasure. He fired at the rooftop with his Moon Mech, forcing Espio to back-up and turn invisible. After the smoke cleared and Zazz could no longer see Espio, the invisible chameleon jumped from behind and kicked him in the back. He then dodged underneath his legs and delivered a flurry of hits at him. Following this, Espio jumped onto his head, kicked it downward, then jumped off of him, revealing himself. The angered Zazz reeled forward, stating that his attacks were not bad but Zavok had done much worse. When the Zeti asked if Espio was ready for round two, he declined, saying that he already won and disappeared from his sight once again. During the confusion, Espio managed to take the Chaos Emerald and left Zazz with a note from the Chaotix Detective Agency that said "Justice is served." This prompted Zazz to scream out in anger.[5][6]

Out of the Blue

Zazz realizes he is going to become bored again and leaves to find Zavok, from Sonic the Hedgehog #30.

After Super Sonic and Super Silver had reversed the effects of the Metal Virus all around the world, the Zombots were no more and were cured. Zazz chased after civilians on his Moon Mech but quickly became bored when he realized that he did not know what to tear up after crushing the innocents or where to go. Frustrated with having to think so much, Zazz decided to leave the town to find Zavok and receive new orders.[7]

Zeti Hunt!

Overwhelmed and exiled from Riverside by the inhabitants, Zazz was forced into the outskirts of the town. There, Zazz tried to catch a fish, but failed. It was then that Zavok showed up and expressed vicious disappointment in Zazz. After Zazz had explained what led to this, Zavok told him to get his Moon Mech and help him destroy the rebuilt Riverside. After a successful attack, Zazz mentioned the Restoration to Zavok, who rebuilt all the damage he had done. Afterward, Zazz took part in the pair's attack on Vista View, where they rescued Zomom from captivity. Following that, they met with Master Zik, Zeena, and Zor. Soon after, they had planned an attack on Restoration HQ. Before they could do that however, they attacked Orchardville to trick their enemies into thinking that their next target would be Sunset City.[8] Zazz and his pack hit Restoration HQ soon after. While there, they defeated the local guards and caused a lot of damage. They then tried to get into the control room, but then Sonic showed up to challenge them.[9]

Zazz proceeded to take part in the fight against Sonic. Despite his injuries however, Zazz continued to fight until he finally succumbed to his exhaustion. Later, however, he got up and helped capture Sonic. Soon after though, like the rest of the Deadly Six, Zazz was neutralized by a Zeti Zapper after Tails arrived on the scene and saved Sonic.[10] Forced to surrender, Zazz and his pack were deported back to the Lost Hex in the Zeti Launcher by Sonic and Tails. Arriving in the Lava Mountain Zone, Zazz and his teammates then watched as the Zeti Launcher self-destructed and their Zeti Zappers deactivated. Zazz then complained about coming home with nothing to show for it. However, Zavok consoled Zazz and the others by saying that they would not fall for such tricks anymore, and as the Zeti who has achieved more than all the others who came before them, they would learn from this experience and eventually enact their revenge with more brutality than ever.[11]


Zazz is a simple-minded individual who takes great joy in causing carnage and can be described as a berserker. Like all of the other members of the Deadly Six, he is malicious, relishes violence, and does not care for the well being of anyone other than his fellow Zeti. Zazz has also displayed a masochistic enjoyment of feeling pain and a sadistic determination to keep fighting to the point of exhaustion or even death.[10] Zazz is also a very vengeful person and has no qualms in enslaving or destroying an entire world just to take revenge on someone that upset them, as evidenced when he and the other members of the Deadly Six tried to use the Metal Virus to turn every individual on Sonic's world into Zombots out of hatred for Dr. Eggman and Sonic.[4][1] He only finds true fear from his leader, Zavok.[2]

Powers and abilities

Zazz is known to have super strength, being strong enough to smash a large hole in a wall with his bare hands.[9] Zazz also has enhanced durability, as shown when he was able to withstand several direct attacks from Espio.[6] Zazz also possesses claws which are sharp enough to leave marks on a metal wall.[12] He also has incredible endurance and stamina, being able to keep fighting even when he is completely exhausted.[10]

Like all Zeti, Zazz has the ability to manipulate magnetic fields, which he can use to control machinery with his mind.[1]


When Zazz had a Chaos Emerald lodged to his torso via a Chaos Emerald Siphon, it exaggerated his natural abilities and granted him immunity to the Metal Virus.[4] His preferred tool, however, is the Moon Mech, a flying ball with eyes and a mouth on it. With it, Zazz can quickly travel around, and he can also shoot explosive stars from it.[4][6]


Like all other Zeti, Zazz's powers are greatly inhibited when the Cacophonic Conch is blown, which causes him great pain.[4] His electromagnetic capabilities are as well hindered by EM shielding.[13]


Deadly Six

The Deadly Six are the only people that Zazz trusts as allies. Despite their differing personalities, they all have the same hunger for power, carnage, and destruction.[2] Despite this, Zazz has been known to be abused by his pack, having mentioned past instances of being beaten by Zavok.[6] Zavok is also the only person in his pack that he respects and whose orders he will obey without hesitation, even though he sometimes shows fear of his anger.[7][8]



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