Zavok is the sixth boss that appears in Sonic Lost World, and is fought in Sky Road in both the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions. Zavok is encountered at the end of Zone 2 and Zone 4 of Sky Road.

Wii U

Sky Road Zone 2

Zavok atop the Mech Dragon as he prepares for battle in Sky Road Zone 2

The first fight against Zavok takes place in a 3D perspective on a planetoid at the end of Sky Road Zone 2. The Mech Dragon he rides on will snake its way around the planetoid with its body electrified trying to run over Sonic, and will stop moving periodically to shoot a spreadshot of fireballs from its mouth. Zavok sits atop the head of the Mech, just out of Sonic's Homing Attack and Flying Kick's range, meaning that the player can't attack Zavok directly

To attack, the player must first strike the Mech Dragon's tail several times until it becomes stunned. A ramp will then fold out from it that will let the player climb up on top of the Mech dragon. From there, the player has to the Homing Attack across the Mech Dragon's segments to reach Zavok at the head. Meanwhile, the Mech Dragon will be firing lasers from its back every so often to try and throw the player off, but it's fairly sporadic. Once the player reaches the Mech Dragon's head, the player can then hit Zavok with a Homing Attack, who is floating in the air over the Mech Dragon's head.

Once Zavok is hit, he will jump back on top of the Mech Dragon's head for a second phase. This phase follows the same process as the first one, albeit at a slightly faster pace. Repeat the strategy a second time and Zavok will be defeated.


Name Artist Length Music Track
The Deadly Six Theme (Orchestra ver.) Tomoya Ohtani 2:29



Sonic Lost World - Wii U - Sky Road Zone 2 and Zavok Boss Battle-0

Sky Road Zone 4

Zavok cracks his knuckles in preperation for his confrontation against Sonic in Zone 4 of Sky Road

As the Zeti are draining the world's Life Energy with the Extractor, Sonic loses contact with Knuckles and Amy. Zavok then shows up and taunts Sonic with his impending loneliness, leading to their second battle.

The second battle against Zavok takes place in a 2D plane atop the Mech Dragon's back at the end of Sky Road Zone 4. During this battle, as first moves, Zavok will deploy a dash attack that the player can avoid by jumping over him. As a second move, Zavok will stomp the ground hard, sending out a short shockwave when he lands that can be avoided by staying away from Zavok when he lands. As a third move, Zavok can command the Mech Dragon to fire off lasers from each of it's segments one after the other outward from where Zavok is standing, which can be avoided by standing between the beams.

When fighting Zavok, the Homing Attack cannot be used right-out as Zavok will guard against it, resulting in the player taking damage. To strike Zavok properly, the player has to use the Flying Kick on Zavok when given the the opportunity to knock him off balance. Once he is, the player can then target Zavok and hit him with the Homing Attack. However, Zavok will quickly regain balance so the window of opportunity is small. Hitting Zavok with the Homing Attack will knock Zavok some distance away based on how many times the player locks onto him, though at least three single-lock Homing Attacks are enough to force Zavok into retreat.

As Zavok runs from the player he will begin punching out segments of the Mech Dragon, causing them to fall away into a bottomless pit. They fall rather slowly, though, so the player has enough time to reach the solid side. After chasing Zavok, the player engages Zavok in a second round of combat that follows the same process as earlier.

It should be noted that when Zavok uses the laser attack, the lasers will fire from all of the Mech Dragon's segments except for the one that he is standing on. If the player catches onto his attack quick enough, the player can actually get up between Zavok and the first laser without taking damage. This allows the player to use the Flying Kick and Homing Attack on Zavok, effectively knocking him into the laser behind him if done quick enough, causing Zavok to be electrocuted and stunned for much longer than normal. This will give the player enough time to multi-lock onto Zavok and send him flying with a powerful Homing Attack.

At the end of the second phase, Zavok will begin running away again and punching away more segments of the Mech Dragon, which follows the same process as earlier and is no more dangerous. After that, the player engages Zavok in a third round of combat that follows the same process as the first two, except now Zavok's movements are a bit faster and he will now do a two-punch combo prior to his dash attack.

In the third phase of combat, the player has to defeat Zavok in a different way. Instead of hitting Zavok with a set number of Homing Attacks, the player has to knock him over the edge of the Mech Dragon. This can be done in two ways. Either, the player can lure Zavok to jump towards either side of the Mech Dragon, then hit him with a Flying Kick and then a Homing Attack to push him to the edge, or the player can stun Zavok with the lasers strategy mentioned earlier and send him flying towards the edge by locking on to him mutiple times with a Homing Attack. Once Zavok is stumbling on the edge of the Mech Dragon, the player has to lock on to Zavok as many times as possible and then strike him with a Homing Attack him to knock him off the edge before he regains his balance to win.


Name Artist Length Music Track
Battle With Zavok (Orchestra ver.) Tomoya Ohtani 2:39



Sonic Lost World - Wii U - Sky Road Zone 4 and Zavok Boss Battle

Nightmare Zone

Zavok is fought in the Nightmare Zone in a battle similar to his fight in Zone 2, only this time his dragon mech is replaced by the second-level Nightmaren Gillwing. To defeat him, the player must simply keep striking at Gillwing's weak spot at his tail with the Homing Attack.

Nintendo 3DS

Sky Road Boss

Zavok is encountered at the end of Sky Road. In this battle, Sonic falls in the sky to defeat Zavok. Unlike most other bosses, the normal Homing Attack won't damage Zavok. Instead, the Homing Attack has to be charged up to the maximum before using it. After the attack hits, Zavok will be stunned, giving the player enough time to charge up another Homing Attack to the max to deal more damage. Throughout the battle, capsules containing the Cyan Wisp can appear during battle. Using the Cyan Laser power to Zavok deals more damage than normal (the best way is to aim the laser at Zavok when he is at the edge of the battlefield). The robotic dragon he's on attacks by trying to ram into Sonic, with a yellow arrow pointing to Zavok's location before he shows up. After enough damage is dealt, the robotic dragon can shoot fireballs and can even fire off lasers. If the dragon forms a circle around Zavok, four lasers will spin around, trying to hit Sonic for a short time. Holding the R Button, while moving Sonic with the Circle Pad makes it easier to avoid the attack. After the attack, Zavok will be stunned. Once his health bar (shown on the Touch Screen) has been fully depleted, he falls off and the dragon explodes. Zavok will then fly away.


Name Artist Length Music Track
Battle With Zavok (Orchestra ver.) Tomoya Ohtani 2:39



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Sonic Lost World (3DS) - Hard Mode - Zavok Boss Battle (S-Rank)-0


Zone 2 (Wii U)


Zone 4 (Wii U)


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