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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the IDW Publishing continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Defeat is only a foundation for revenge.

— Zavok, Sonic the Hedgehog #41

Zavok is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. He is a Zeti and is the leader of the Deadly Six.


Zavok is a red Zeti with a very stocky build. The majority of his upper body is pure red. He has five-fingered hands that end with sharp cyan-colored nails. His lower jaw sticks out, showing a row of spiked fangs. The upper half of his head is black save for red markings around his eyes, which are purple with yellow sclera. Zavok has what appears to be a relatively thick cyan-colored unibrow that forms a vaguely V-shaped crest. Sticking out from the sides of his head, Zavok has two vicious curved horns that are striped in varying shades of dark gray. Zavok appears to be bald, sans for a cyan ponytail sticking out from the back of his head. Zavok has two rows of sharp black spikes sticking out of his shoulders. His only attire seems to be a pair of black bracelets with gray spikes jutting out.



Long ago, Zavok was the student of Master Zik. Although Zavok would eventually graduate Zik's apprenticeship, the two of them would remain close.[3]

At some point in the past, a man named Dr. Eggman invaded the Lost Hex with his many Badniks. He enslaved Zavok and the other members of the Deadly Six with an ancient relic. Soon, he was freed unwillingly by Sonic the Hedgehog and thus exacted his revenge with his team by taking control of Eggman's Badniks with their electromagnetic powers. The Deadly Six were later stopped by Sonic, relinquishing their control of the Badniks.[4] Following their defeat, the Deadly Six took over one of Eggman's bases he left in Lava Mountain Zone and remade it in their image, calling it Zeti Castle.[5]

The Last Minute

Zavok states the plan of action, from Sonic the Hedgehog #22.

One day at Zeti Castle, Zor reported to Zavok how the Eggnet was in chaos due to Dr. Eggman's doings on the world down below. The two were soon visited by a person named Dr. Starline. He introduced himself as an assistant to Eggman and requested that the Deadly Six help them with a current crisis that they were in. Starline let Zavok know that Eggman did not actually know he was on the Lost Hex but told him that working with the Eggman Empire once again would give the Deadly Six an opportunity to make amends with the doctor, command incredible power and destroy Sonic. Hearing all of this made Zavok accept Starline's proposal. After the doctor left however, Zavok confided in Zor how Starline made a mistake and that they would capitalize on it.[5] Zavok soon assembled the entire team to inform them of Starline's offer and how they would immediately betray him, though they all seemed to barely listen to him. Zeena initially showed dislike for the idea of going back to Eggman as it could very well be a trap. Zavok immediately snapped at this, saying that since they underestimated the doctor the first time, they were now well prepared. Zavok planned for them to punish Eggman for their humiliation, destroy Sonic for defeating them, and then destroy their world below.[6]

Some time later, Master Zik praised Zavok for his initiative on letting the Deadly Six bide their time to let their anger and hatred fester but warned that their vengeance against Sonic and Eggman must be exact. Soon, the duo were met by Starline, who told them that today's events cemented the fact that the team's help was needed. To prove that they could exert their will over machines, Zavok took control of a Motobug and has it drive around. Starline then told that after he made last minute preparations on his end, he would come back for the Deadly Six. After Starline left, Zik gloated as to how he was naïve and they would swiftly betray him. Zavok declared that they will use the Zombots to destroy Eggman, Sonic and the entire world below for merciless vengeance and absolute victory. Soon enough, the Deadly Six were brought onboard Eggman's Faceship via Starline's Warp Topaz.[7][8]

All or Nothing

Zavok empowers himself with a Chaos Emerald, from Sonic the Hedgehog #25.

Upon seeing the Deadly Six, Eggman immediately sent Metal Sonic to attack them. Zavok swiftly used his electromagnetism to control the robot and tauntingly reminded Eggman how they were able to control robots. Following this, Starline presented the Cacophonic Conch and blew into it to try and control the Zeti. Once Zazz saw that Starline had left an opening after using the conch, he headbutted him which allowed Zeena to take the conch and give it to Zavok. With Eggman and Starline defenseless, Zavok commanded Metal Sonic to attack them; however, Starline hurriedly opened a Warp Portal that transported him, Eggman and Metal Sonic away. Noting that they were now left with the Faceship, the means to create Eggman's Metal Virus, and the fabled Chaos Emeralds, Zavok decided to remove an Emerald and place it on his chest to empower himself with it. He was met with praise for his intuition by Orbot, who claimed that he and Cubot were too spineless to turn on the Deadly Six; after Zavok commanded that the robot take them to the largest known pockets of survivors, Orbot complied but not before telling them that he will log their orders to keep them well coordinated. With this, Zavok plotted out the Deadly Six's new plan; each of them would take one Chaos Emerald to be empowered by so that they can control thousands of Zombots around the world instead of random, shambling masses. He planed to bring utter devastation to the world that Eggman and Sonic had been fighting over for so long; once every living thing had been infected and neither party had anywhere else left to run, they would give them mercy of a slow end by the Zombots themselves. The Zeti set out into the world controlling many Zombot hordes, as well as terrorizing several uninfected citizens. While Zavok stayed in the Faceship, he stated to Master Zik that he was not resting on his laurels and would see to it that they infect everything from coast to coast by that night, and by tomorrow, the world. During this conversation, Zavok used his powers to lead a large horde of Zombots with the Faceship.[9]

Zavok continued to question Orbot and Cubot about Eggman's whereabouts and had them search all of his bases, no matter how remote or obscure. They soon came across Angel Island, which Orbot began to lengthily explain about. Cubot interrupted, saying that there was an alert in the Metal Virus factory. While running down to the factory, Zavok believed that this may be Sonic sabotaging his plans and plotted to rip him in half. Later, Zavok piloted the Faceship toward Angel Island with a large army of Zombots beneath him. Despite the latter not being able to hear him, Zavok belittled Sonic over his failures of not being able to save everyone and prepared to bathe Angel Island in the Metal Virus, though not before complimenting its beauty. Suddenly, the lights went out along with the rest of the power in the Faceship; Rouge the Bat, who had been in hiding in the Faceship for a few days, had removed the white Chaos Emerald from the throne and escaped through the window. Zavok could only scream out in anger after her as the Faceship crashed into the ocean and on top of the many Zombots present. Despite this, Zavok still emerged from the rubble barely scathed. Enraged, he transformed into Giant Zavok, empowered by the Chaos Emerald, and shot a fireball at the island from his mouth. He then grabbed a handful of Zombots, charged his throw with the Chaos Emerald, and threw them directly onto the island's surface.[10][11]

Giant Zavok attacks Angel Island, from Sonic the Hedgehog #29.

Zavok continued throwing Zombots and shooting fireballs at Angel Island until he saw Sonic, Metal Sonic and Silver flying toward him. He mocked them for the little resistance they could muster up against him and stated that he would continue his attack on the world until it grew sick and perished. The Zeti threw more Zombots at the trio but they dodged it. Zavok instead fired a fireball directly at Sonic and Metal Sonic, only for the latter to use his Black Shield to defend themselves. Seeing this, Zavok tried to grab them but his hand was frozen in place by Silver's psychokinesis. Sonic and Metal Sonic nearly reached Zavok's Emerald but the Zeti took a huge breath and blew them downward. Eventually, Sonic and Metal Sonic traveled back up Zavok's body, prompting Zavok to use his power to take control of Metal Sonic to stop him in his tracks. However, this did not stop Sonic as he continued to run up his body and reach the Chaos Emerald on his chest. Sonic managed to remove the Emerald but began falling. As Silver flew to him, Zavok tried to clasp his hands around the two in an attempt to kill them. However, in a blinding flash of light, Super Sonic and Super Silver appeared before him. Zavok still tried to fight them, but he was no match for Super Sonic and was beaten back into his normal form. The Zeti was flung backwards into the Faceship's debris.[12]

Out of the Blue

Zavok recovered from the fight quite quickly and returned to the site of the now cured victims of the Metal Virus to attack them. Despite Cream telling him that he lost and should go home, Zavok refused, declaring he would not be humiliated in defeat by Sonic again. Without the Metal Virus, his Zombot horde, or the power of a Chaos Emerald, he declared he would tear apart the word with his bare hands instead. Cream interjected, saying that Sonic would stop him but Zavok replied to this saying that she would not be there to welcome his return. When Zavok asked Cream for her last words, she called on Cheese to attack him. They were soon joined by Tangle, who wrapped Zavok in her tail. Zavok broke free but was soon grabbed by Vector and Espio, allowing Charmy to headbutt him. Zavok angrily threw them off before receiving a blow to his shoulder from Whisper's Variable Wispon. He was then finally stopped by Silver, who used his psychokinesis to hold him in place. Unable to break free, Zavok could do nothing but swear revenge on all of them.[13] After this, Zavok was imprisoned in the maximum security wing of Everhold Prison.[14][15]

Bad Guys

While in Everhold Prison, Zavok would share the maximum security wing with Mimic, Rough and Tumble. Eventually though, Dr. Starline arrived in the wing with a hypnotized warden. There, Zavok exposed Starline as Eggman's protege to the warden, forcing Starline to put the warden to sleep. Starline then tried to recruit Zavok and the other villains for his team, but Zavok refused, believing that nothing would convince him. Starline, however, promised Zavok that he would make him the leader of their team and serve him so that they could take revenge on Dr. Eggman together since they he had used them both. Zavok, however, sensed that Starline was up to something and would try to get rid of him later. He then decided that he would use Starline to destroy Eggman and return to the Deadly Six, and then give Starline an appropriate punishment for trying to trick him twice. After Zavok made his deal with Starline official though, the warden sounded the alarm. Starline proceeded to stun the warden and took the keys to Zavok's cell. Freed by Starline, Zavok liberated Mimic with his electromagnetic abilities. Zavok also helped knock down two guards who ran into the wing. Once Rough and Tumble found themselves surrounded by guards though, Zavok sabotaged their Hover Wispons, which scattered the guards across the hall. After the villains secured the security center, Zavok ordered Starline to open all the cells and sabotage communications to plunge the facility into chaos, which Starline complied to. Zavok and his new crew then left Everhold Prison during the chaos.[15]

Zavok and Starline discussing Eggman, from Sonic the Hedgehog: Bad Guys #2.

After Zavok and his new team were brought to Dr. Starline's Repository, Starline told the villains that they would have to acquire Power Cores, special energy spheres used by various machines in the Eggman Empire. With them, they could increase their powers using special adapters for the next part of their plan, which was infiltrating an Eggnet hub. Afterward, Zavok promised the group that he would lead them, but he required absolute obedience in return. Afterward, the group attacked an Eggman base containing the Power Cores. After getting rid of the front group of Badniks, Zavok ordered Tumble to throw Rough and Mimic over the gate. However, the two could not open the gate from the inside, so Zavok used his electromagnetic abilities to do it. He then jumped onto a truck that Starline drove into the base. As Starline drove the truck, Zavok talked to the doctor, wondering why he wanted to rely on machines so much when skillful warriors could do the same and more. He also told Starline that he no longer needed Eggman, as he had great potential and could surpass him. This struck a cord in Starline. When the villains then opened the base's warehouse, a mechanical tyrannosaurus rex attacked them. Zavok tried to take control of it with his powers, but the robot was protected from his influence. Ultimately though, Rough and Tumble destroyed the robot, and Zavok was impressed. Zavok then found a red Power Core for himself, the power of which he absorbed without the adapter mentioned by Starline. After loading the crates with Power Cores onto Starline's truck, Zavok and Tumble would leave a dent on the base's front grate that was supposed to resemble Sonic's Spin Dash in order to deceive Eggman into thinking that Sonic had raided the base. The group then departed in Starline's truck.[16]

Later on, Zavok caught Mimic, impersonating Starline, in Starline's lab one night as he accessed the doctor's files. There, Zavok saw a video of Starline revealing his Tricore and his plan to get rid of all his teammates. However, Zavok told a curious Mimic that he knew that Starline had lied to them; he himself confirmed that upon discovering that the Power Cores could be harnessed through touch. However, he still needed to make sure that the Core Gear devices Starline had promised them were not traps. Checking it himself, Mimic confirmed that they were harmless. Nevertheless, Mimic planned on killing Starline, but Zavok had him go outside. There, he reminded Mimic that they needed Starline in order to gain access to the Eggnet. Once they had that, they would force him to comply to their demands, and then get rid of him. The next day, the villains were on their way to the Eggnet hub. Along the way, Zavok listened in annoyance as Rough and Tumble tried to think of a new presentation for them. However, he took it as a sign of growing kinship. He also pretended to praise Starline's plan to lure him into a fake sense of security. When they arrived, Zavok was equipped with his red Core Gear and took care of the local Badnik guards with Mimic. After stepping inside the hub, he also destroyed an Egg Knight, deciding that destroying the robot felt better than taking control of it, which Tumble approved of. Later, Mimic lost his patience with Starline while he worked on the central computer and put a knife to his throat. Zavok then revealed to Rough and Tumble that Starline wanted to get rid of them from the start. Zavok then forced Starline to give him control of all the Badniks in the region. Afterward, Zavok declared Mimic a free man after his files was deleted by Starline. He also allowed Rough and Tumble to have all the Power Cores back in Starline's lab. With their goals achieved, Zavok and the others decided that they did not need Starline anymore.[1]

Zavok going after Starline, from Sonic the Hedgehog: Bad Guys #4.

Just as Zavok and the others had Starline where they wanted him, the doctor used his Tricore to escape them, even as Zavok went after him. Ordering Mimic to stay at the main computer, Zavok took Rough and Tumble with him to chase after Starline. While Zavok searched the corridors of the building for Starline, he said out loud for Starline to hear that his plan was ineffective and that getting rid of his allies was needlessly cruel. He then concluded that Starline was no different from Eggman and just as incompetent. Soon after, Zavok found Rough and Tumble, immobilized by a neurotoxin. Disappointed at them for not being able to deal with just one opponent, he left them alone. Zavok then returned to the main computer to have Mimic check the hub's monitors. However, Mimic was no longer there. Not surprised by this, Zavok decided to take the opportunity to look for clues to the whereabouts of the Deadly Six's members. However, he was interrupted by a transmission from Dr. Eggman, who was already on his way to the hub. Zavok wondered who could have ratted them out, but decided that it did not matter now. He then reminded Eggman that the Cacophonic Conch was lost along with the Faceship, meaning that Eggman had no way to subdue him. Eggman, however, just wanted to destroy Zavok, even if it meant losing his Eggnet hub. Considering this a waste, Zavok used the Eggnet hub's computer to order all the Badniks at the hub to fire at Eggman when he arrived. Despite this defense however, Eggman began bombing the hub. In response, Zavok used his equipped Power Core to protect himself from the collapsing building. Barely surviving the collapse, Zavok emerged from under the rubble after the attack was over, but his Core Gear had been destroyed. Zavok proceeded to take control of a nearby Egg Knight, which he used to retreat to safety so he could recover and make a plan to find his pack.[2]

Zeti Hunt

After a long walk using a single Egg Knight as support, Zavok needed a rest. There, for a moment, he considered giving up, but he quick threw those thoughts aside in order to focus on his revenge. To this end, he decided to gather his pack. Using the Egg Knight, he connected to the Eggnet to determine where the nearest Deadly Six member was. Arriving at Riverside, he found Zazz, with whom he demolished the city with and forced a local doctor to treat his wounds. Amidst this, Zavok also learned about the Restoration, an organization which was rebuilding the damage done by Deadly Six. Arriving in Vista View afterward, Zavok and Zazz freed Zomom from captivity. While there, Zavok also caught one of the Restoration's soldiers and questioned him for answers. Zavok and the others later encountered Master Zik, who had found Zeena and Zor. Zavok praised his mentor and presented him with a plan to destroy all the cities that had resisted them. However, Zik thought his plan was too predictable. In addition, he pointed out that the Deadly Six were in the middle of the territory of well-organized and numerous opponents. Zik thus suggested that they should hit Restoration HQ to destroy the feeling of security, stability and hope among the people. Zavok agreed to this, but first decided to trick their enemies into thinking that they wanted to strike the cities they had tried to take over so they could double-back and attack Restoration HQ while it was at its weakest. The Deadly Six thus began attacking Orchardville, thus leaving the Restoration to believe that their next target would be Sunset City.[3] Zavok and his pack hit Restoration HQ soon after, which Zavok ordered his pack to demolish. While there, they defeated the local guards and caused a lot of damage. They then tried to get into the control room, but then Sonic showed up to challenge them.[17]

Zavok threatens Sonic, from Sonic the Hedgehog #44.

Zavok proceeded to command the Deadly Six during their fight against Sonic. He also dealt with Tangle and Whisper, who fought from inside the control room; the former was incapacitated when Zavok grabbed her tail and tugged against the wall several times and the latter was dealt with when he sabotaged her mask scope with his powers. Eventually, Zavok managed to grab Sonic and push him into a wall, before leaving Zomom to hold Sonic. Zavok then intended to show the Restoration how he would tear Sonic apart, but then Tails showed up with his Zeti Zappers. Zavok tried to stop Sonic and Tails after the latter saved the former, and he almost succeeded, but was eventually incapacitated by a Zeti Zapper himself.[18] Forced to surrender, Zavok and his pack were set to be deported back to the Lost Hex by Sonic and Tails. Before they got into Tails' Zeti Launcher though, Zavok warned Sonic that this act of mercy would not go unpunished, as the Deadly Six would return for revenge. Sonic, however, countered this by stating that he would not surrender his principles out of fear, something which Zavok respected. Soon after, the Zeti Launcher took Zavok and the Deadly Six back to the Lost Hex. Arriving in the Lava Mountain Zone, Zavok and his teammates watched as the Zeti Launcher self-destructed and their Zeti Zappers deactivated. Most of the Deadly Six then complained about having nothing to show for their endeavor, but Zavok consoled them by saying that they would not fall for such tricks anymore, and as the Zeti who has achieved more than all the others who came before them, they would learn from this experience and eventually enact their revenge with more brutality than ever.[19]


Zavok is a power-hungry and aspiring conqueror with a strong mind and will, only caring only for power and his pack.[11] Although he is no stranger to doubt and thoughts about surrender, he nonetheless possesses an iron-clad resolve and an absolute refusal to give up.[13] Combined with his refusal to surrender to his foes, Zavok does not give up, even in situations when he has already lost, being willing to fight back with any remnants of his strength combined with his ferocity and hatred.[3][13] He likewise refuses to let any setbacks impede him; to him, defeat is only a foundation for revenge.[3] While some might perceive him as a brute and wannabe world conqueror, Zavok has a penchant for quick thinking and is quite cunning, quick.-thinking and intelligent. Always observant, he is a tactical thinker and knows how to read his opponents in advance in order to use their weaknesses and a situation to his advantage.[5][15]

Being a trained warrior himself, Zavok has great faith in the capabilities of warriors in general. While he accepts that robotic slaves are tireless, loyal, and efficient tools, he believes the flexibility, passion, and ingenuity of a warrior allow them to do all that a robot can do and more.[16] Zavok is similarly a proud Zeti, standing firmly by the principles of his species. As such, he strives to cause chaos and destruction wherever he goes and despises acts of compassion, the latter which he sees as an insult to the Zeti way.[3] Zavok also believes that all other species are inferior to Zeti.[15] Additionally, he is willing to respect anyone, even enemies, who refuse to abandon their principles out of fear of "what-if" scenarios.[19]

Despite his malice, Zavok has a calm demeanor with little tolerance for wasting time. He despises anyone who poses a threat to him and his pack, and sees himself as a figure above all others.[6] Zavok is also a very vengeful person and has no qualms with enslaving or destroying an entire world just to take revenge on someone that wronged him, as evidenced when he and the other members of the Deadly Six tried to use the Metal Virus to turn every individual on Sonic's world into Zombots out of their respective hatred for Dr. Eggman and Sonic.[4][9] However, he can still be somewhat shortsighted due to his desires for exacting personal revenge, which makes him prone to act and plan predictably.[3]

Powers and abilities

Zavok is described as the mightiest on the Lost Hex.[3] He possesses great strength, enough to crush a Wispon with his bare hands and block Sonic's Spin Attack barehanded.[3][18] In addition, he has superb fighting skills.[18] He also possesses impressive durability, able to survive the Faceship crashing down into the ocean with him inside with seemingly no injuries and recover moderately well from a beating from Super Sonic.[11][12][13] He is also a notably fast healer, even after very exhausting fights. especially when he has the proper support.[3] Despite his hefty build, he is able to maintain a sheer amount of stealth when he wants to as well.[1]

Like all Zeti, Zavok has the ability to manipulate magnetic fields, which he can use to control machinery with his mind.[4]


When Zavok had a Chaos Emerald lodged to his torso via a Chaos Emerald Siphon, it exaggerated his natural abilities and granted him immunity to the Metal Virus.[9][11] While allied with Dr. Starline, Zavok also received a Core Gear that allowed him to harness Power Cores' energy automatically.[1] However, it was later destroyed.[2]


Giant Zavok

Main article: Giant Zavok (IDW)

By harnessing the power of a Chaos Emerald using a Chaos Emerald Siphon, Zavok can transform into a massive version of himself known as Giant Zavok. In this form, all of Zavok's physical abilities are vastly increased, although his transformation is bound to the Chaos Emerald he useds and he will ultimately revert if it is removed.[11]


Like all other Zeti, Zavok's powers are greatly inhibited when the Cacophonic Conch is blown, which causes him great pain.[9] His electromagnetic capabilities are as well hindered by EM shielding.[16]


Deadly Six

The Deadly Six are the only individuals that Zavok trusts as allies. Despite their differing personalities, they all share the same hunger for power, carnage, and destruction. Being the group's strongest member and their undisputed leader, Zavok no stranger to be slightly abusive towards members of the group when they act out of line and is willing to snap at them. As such, he can easily silence them when they speak up against him.[5][6][7][9][11] However, Zavok is also the unifier and driving force of their pack, urging each member to follow the way of the Zeti by reminding them of their species' pride and principles, namely in regards to not letting others push them around, taking what they want and getting even with their foes in the most brutal and vicious way possible in order to make sure that they are always at the top of the hierarchy. As such, despite the oddities displayed by some of the Deadly Six and how they sometimes disappoint him with their incompetence, Zavok is willing to encourage their malicious traits as they are the qualities of his pack that drives them down the path of the Zeti. Such was the case when he freed Zomom from captivity in Vista View; although he was disappointed in him, he nonetheless freed Zomom and encouraged the gluttonous Zeti to "consume all" in order to get even with his foes.[3] Also, despite their defeats, Zavok believes that they have gone further in their conquests than any other Zeti, and that their revenge on Sonic's world will one day be fulfilled.[19]

Above all members, Zavok respects Master Zik the most as he was the one who trained him.[5][6][7][9][11] Notably, even though he is technically Zik's leader, Zavok is always willing to take into account the teachings and sage advises his master has to offer.[3]

Dr. Eggman

Dr. Eggman has humiliated Zavok and the Deadly Six in the past by enslaving their group with the Cacophonic Conch.[4][6] After they were liberated, they decided to take revenge on Eggman and destroy the world he came from.[6][9] Zavok also does not intend to become Eggman's slave anytime soon and is ready to fight him to the death.[6] He also does not understand Eggman's dependence on machines, as he considers them inferior to well-trained warriors.[16] He also hates Eggman's wasteful ways, like when he was ready to destroy one of his bases, if only to get rid of Zavok once and for all.[2]

Sonic the Hedgehog

Aside from Eggman, Zavok also holds an intense hatred towards Sonic the Hedgehog. He has known Sonic since he and Eggman arrived on the Lost Hex, where he was accidentally freed from the Cacophonic Conch's control. Despite Sonic having restored their freedom however, Zavok hates him immensely after he humiliated them by defeating them in battle.[4][6] Zavok thus swore to destroy the world which Sonic and Eggman have fought over for so long. Once he has successfully destroyed the world, Zavok will then show Sonic the mercy of a slow and painful death. [9]

Their next encounter was during the climax of the Metal Virus epidemic, during which Zavok took command of the Zombots in an attempt to infect the entire world, hoping to make Sonic and Eggman beg for mercy as means of payback, only to be defeated again. Despite this, Zavok was confident in his victory, thinking that even after losing his Chaos Emerald, he could destroy Super Sonic with the last of his strength.[12] Even after he was defeated however, Zavok tried to take revenge on Sonic's friends and tear their world apart with his bare hands, refusing to accept defeat.[13]

Since these incidents, Zavok has heavily desired to get his revenge to Sonic.[3] Despite this, Zavok respects Sonic's persistence and considers him the most powerful enemy the Deadly Six have ever faced. He thus believes that they must overcome him as part of the challenge he presents them with. Also, Zavok does not only want Sonic dead, but also humiliate him. To this end, he tries to provoke Sonic by hitting him where it hurts, which is his friends. Even when Sonic showed Zavok mercy and allowed him to return to Lost Hex, Zavok laughed at him and announced that he would return and make him pay dearly for his naivety. Despite this, he respects Sonic for not breaking his principles out of fear.[18][19]

Dr. Starline

Zavok has considered Dr. Starline a fool from the beginning and planned to use his naiveté to destroy both Sonic and Eggman.[5][6] When Starline later offered to to let him cooperate with him again, Zavok was not unconvinced by Starline's intentions. When Starline offered to help him conquer a part of the Eggman Empire however, Zavok agreed to cooperate with him, surprised that Starline wanted to make him his leader and serve him. In reality, however, Zavok knew Starline was up to something, which he intended to use to his advantage and make him pay for this. As such, he found Starline to be as shortsighted and weak as Eggman.[15]

During their team-up, Zavok and Starline behaved appropriately and professionally towards each other. Zavok also shared his thoughts on machines with Starlin and quickly noticed his wish to return to Eggman¨s side after he fired him. However, Zavok claimed that Starline had great potential and his previous plan was quite solid. He also persuaded Starline to try to surpass Eggman instead of just being like him. Zavok doon after confirmed Starline's lies for himself, but intended to keep him alive until he had handed over a part of the Eggman Empire to him.[16][1]

When Starline had outlived his usefulness, Zavok decided to annihilate him. As he attempted to do so, he commented that Starline was identical to Eggman: too soon-sighted and cruelly enough to get rid of his own team.[2]


A former teammate of his, Zavok managed to convince Mimic to leave Starline alive until he had fulfilled the deals he had promised them.[16] When Mimic abandoned their team however, Zavok admitted that he should have expected his betrayal and not entrusted him with important tasks.[2]

Rough the Skunk and Tumble the Skunk=

Zavok believed that [[Rough the Skunk and Tumble the Skunk were quite good fighters for someone who were not of Zeti descent.[15][16] He quickly abandoned them, however, when they failed him during their fight with Starline and were left paralyzed by Starline's neurotoxin.[2]




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