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Sonic Boom
You and I Bee-come One (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic Boom episode, "You and I Bee-come One".

[Scene: Eggman's lair, day.]

[Inside Eggman's lair, Eggman is wearing a hawaiian shirt and going through a list. Orbot and Cubot are seen putting items in a suitcase.]
Dr. Eggman: We've got the extra socks, toothbrush, travel-size death ray, a pair of footy pajamas...
Orbot: Are you sure you'll need all of this? You'll only be away at the Villain Retreat for a week!
Dr. Eggman: Well, you know my motto: "Always be prepared!" Anyway. While I'm gone, I don't want things to be too easy on Sonic, so I've got a special treat for him and his dingbat friends.
Orbot: Tickets to that musical about people who think they can live in an up-scale city apartment rent-free?
Dr. Eggman: Even worse! I've networked all my Bee Bots! Whenever they spot Team Sonic, the bees will automatically attack!
[Eggman laughs maniacally, walks to his suitcase, and shuts it. He walks out of the room.]
Dr. Eggman: [Walks out of the camera's view] Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some retreating to do. [Pops his head out.] The fun kind, not the "I've just been defeated" kind.
[Eggman leaves the room.]

[Scene Change: The canyon, day.]

[A bird's eye view of the canyon is shown. Sonic is seen running through the canyon. The scene cuts to Sonic stopping.]
Sonic: Nothing like a brisk 150 mile jog to start the day!
[A Bee Bot flies in and spots Sonic.]
Sonic: Huh?
[The Bee Bot charges at Sonic. It fires a laser at him, and he dodges it. The Bee Bot fires another laser, but Sonic does a Homing Attack on the Bee Bot and destroys it. Suddenly, more Bee Bots fly in and attack Sonic. He dodges their attacks and calls up his friends on his Communicator.]
Sonic: Hey, gang? Got a Bee Bot situation out here!

[Scene Change: Village Center, day.]

[Amy and Sticks are seen fighting off Bee Bots.]
Amy: [To Sonic, on her Communicator] You're not the only one!

[Scene Change: Tails's Workshop, day.]

[Tails is seen fighting off Bee Bots as well. His Matter Transporter is behind him.]
Tails: [To Sonic, on his Communicator] I can't get any work done on my Matter Transporter with all these distractions!

[Scene Change: The beach, day.]

[Knuckles is seen fighting Bee Bots with a barbell and a bench.]
Knuckles: [To Sonic, on his Communicator] And I can't work out! Why do these things always happen on Leg Day?!

[Scene Change: The canyon, day.]

Sonic: [Groans] Let's go find out what Eggman wants from us.
[Sonic runs off.]

[Scene Change: Eggman's lair, day.]

[Team Sonic are at Eggman's lair. Sonic knocks on Eggman's door.]
Sonic: Eggman, call off your Bee Bots, you soft-boiled schnorrer!
[The door opens, and Orbot and Cubot come out.]
Orbot: Our apologies, but Dr. Eggman is away on very important business.

[Scene Change: The Villain's Retreat, day.]

[Eggman is doing a conga line with the Weasel Bandits, T.W. Barker, the Stunt Bears, and Dave the Intern.]

[Scene Change: Eggman's lair, day.]

[Amy attacks an incoming Bee Bot with her hammer.]
Amy: Well, can you turn off these Bee Bots?
Orbot: I'm afraid we don't have the security clearance. There's not much Dr. Eggman allows us to control in his stead.
Cubot: We can adjust the thermostat!
[Cubot adjusts the thermostat. An alarm goes off. The door shuts. Orbot and Cubot are heard panicking behind the door. Team Sonic stares at the door for a bit.]
Sonic: [To his teammates] Guess we'll just have to take care of this infestation ourselves.

[Scene Change: Village Center, day.]

[A Bee Bot is caught with a net in midair and falls to the ground next to Sticks. Another Bee Bot flies towards Amy who swings her hammer, sending the Bee Bot flying onto the ground. A net drapes on top of the Bee Bot. A Bee Bot chases Knuckles into an alley. Tails flies in and throws a net onto the Bee Bot, tangling it in the net. Knuckles gives Tails a thumbs up as Tails returns the gesture. Sonic runs around with the Bee Bots chasing him.]

{Scene Change: Forest, day.]

[Sonic runs into a cave, with the Bee Bots hot on his tail, where the rest of Team Sonic are waiting. As Sonic arrives, the rest of the gang release the nets and run out of the cave with the Bee Bots chasing Sonic joining the trapped Bee Bots. Sonic follows the rest of the team out of the cave with the Bee Bots chasing him.]
Sonic: Activate the force field... [Lines up with Tails] Now!
[Tails presses a button that enables the force field. The Bee Bots bounce back off it.]
Sticks: Think we got 'em all?
Amy: Might still be a few stragglers, but how much trouble could a single Bee Bot cause?

[Scene Change: Tails' Workshop, day.]

Tails: Finally. My Matter Transporter is finished!
[Tails almost presses a button on his Communicator, but hesitates.]
Tails: Better do a test run, just to be safe.
[Tails walks into one of the Matter Transporter's chambers and presses a button. A Bee Bot flies into the chamber with Tails just before it flashes a bright yellow light. Tails and the Bee Bot disappear from the first chamber. A cloud is generated from the second chamber.]

[Scene Change: Meh Burger, day.]

[Sonic, Knuckles, Amy and Sticks sit at a table.]
Amy: I heard Meh Burger removed artificial dyes from their food. Now their patties are naturally gray.
King of the Bee Bots: Hey guys.
[Dramatic music plays as Tails appears as a cyborg with Bee Bot parts. He waves at the rest of Team Sonic. They scream in shock.]
Sonic: Tails? What happened to you?!
King of the Bee Bots: Is it that obvious? I was hoping no one would notice.
Knuckles: [Low voice] Notice what?

[Scene Change: Tails' Workshop, day.]

Amy: So if your DNA merged with the Bee Bot, maybe you can just go through again and it'll reverse.
[The King of the Bee Bots walks towards Amy, but Sonic restrains him.]
Sonic: Whoa whoa whoa. Let's try a control first. Tails' inventions tend to be a little "buggy".
[Everyone except the King of the Bee Bots laugh. Sonic puts the ingredients for a pie inside a Matter Transporter chamber. The King of the Bee Bots activates the machine. The ingredients disappear from the first chamber and a pie is revealed inside the second chamber.]
King of the Bee Bots: Now let's see if we can reverse it.
[Tails activates the Matter Transporter again. The pie disappears from the second chamber and a pile of purple slop is revealed in the first chamber. The camera cuts to the inside of the chamber with Team Sonic taking a glance at the purple slop.]
Amy: Something tells me Tails prefers to keep his insides on the inside.
[They all stop looking. The King of the Bee Bots shows a miserable look and sighs.]
Bee Network: Join us. Join the hive.
King of the Bee Bots: [Worried] Does anyone else hear those voices?
Sticks: You get used to it. No you don't.
[The King of the Bee Bots does a facepalm.]
Sticks: Speak for yourself.
[The King of the Bee Bots suddenly gets aggressive and punches the desk, breaking it.]
King of the Bee Bots: Sorry. This whole thing's giving me a headache.
[The camera cuts to Knuckles kneeling on the floor and licking the purple slop inside the Matter Transporter's chamber.]
Amy: Ahem.
Knuckles: [Muffled] What? Free pie!
Sonic: [Sighs] We could really use another technical genius right about now.

[Scene Change: Villain Retreat, day.]

[The camera cuts to Eggman pointing up to the sky while trying to play a game of limbo.]
Dr. Eggman: Look. Over there! A solar eclipse?
T.W. Barker: Wait a sec. You're not supposed to look directly into a solar eclipse.
[Barker, Willy Walrus and the Weasel Bandit turn to see Eggman crawling under the bar held by the two Stunt Bears.]
Charlie: You cheated.
[Eggman laughs nervously and looks back at the three of them. They all laugh back at Eggman, including Charlie and Belinda.]

[Scene Change: Tails' Workshop, day.]

King of the Bee Bots: I'm gonna be stuck like this forever.
[Team Sonic look at the TV screen with Soar the Eagle making a news report.]
Soar: Tragedy struck today when an avalanche hit the set of big-budget action movie "Lord of the Things: Return of the Bling". Victims awaiting their snowy doom include Tommy Thunder and some other nobodies who probably have families or whatever.
Sonic: [Sighs] Sorry, Tails. Looks like your sci-fi nightmare come to life will have to wait. [Clenching his fists] Let's roll gang!

[Scene Change: Mountains, day.]

[Team Sonic sans the King of the Bee Bots run towards the frozen lake, passing Soar.]
Sonic: Don't worry. We're here to sa-a-ave...!
[Sonic slips on the ice and lands on his belly. He then slides across the ice, passing the break line in the ice.]
Sonic: ...You.
[The ice breaks, separating Sonic from Knuckles, Amy and Sticks, who stand on the opposite side. Sonic looks up in agony as the King of the Bee Bots comes flying over them.]
King of the Bee Bots: These new bee wings allow me to fly much more precisely than my tails ever did. I'm better, stronger, faster.
[The King of the Bee Bots fires lasers at the snow, melting it, and rescues Tommy Thunder, Wild Cat and the Walrus Camera Man, who take his hand. The King of the Bee Bots flies them into the air.]

[Scene Change: Village Center, day.]

Amy: Tails, you were great out there; but now it's time to get to work on your machine so we can bring the old you back.
King of the Bee Bots: Are you kidding? I love being a bee! I'll never again need the crutch of science to make me interesting.
Sonic: Hang on, buddy. Where's this coming from?
King of the Bee Bots: I finally understand your attitude, Sonic. [Frowning] It's okay to be a dimwit if you have amazing powers.
Knuckles: That's what I've been saying!
[The King of the Bee Bots flies off while the rest of Team Sonic look at him.]

[Scene Change: Tails' House, night.]

[Haunted music plays while the King of the Bee Bots is sleeping nervously in his bed.]

[Scene Change: Seaside Island, day.]

[In the King of the Bee Bots' dream, Sonic, Knuckles, Amy and Sticks are chasing bees with their nets.]
Sonic: [Points at the King of the Bee Bots] Looks like one got away.
King of the Bee Bots: [Flails his arms] No! It's me! Your team-mate! Tails!
[The King of the Bee Bots is caught in a net and falls to the ground. The rest of the team walk closer and surround the King of the Bee Bots.]
Knuckles: He's not one of us. He's one of them.
Bee Network: Join us. Join the hive.

[Scene Change: Tails' House, night.]

[The King of the Bee Bots wakes up, frightened from his dream.]

[Scene Change: Hedgehog Village, day.]

[Chumley is laughingly hanging from a vine in a tree. Lady Walrus looks up nervously.]
Lady Walrus: My baby!
[Sonic, Amy and Sticks arrive at the scene. Then the King of the Bee Bots appears, showing a bored look and not moving.]
Sonic: You got this, Tails!
King of the Bee Bots: Not interested. Survival of the fittest and all.
[Chumley screams and falls off the vine, but Sonic reacts quickly and catches him in his arms. He returns Chumley to Lady Walrus. She walks away, looking at Tails suspiciously. The rest of the gang stare at Tails.]
Sonic: Dude, what was that about?
King of the Bee Bots: Honestly, I'm surprised the kid lasted this long.
Sticks: [Angrily] That robo bee brain is infecting your mind!
King of the Bee Bots: You guys just don't understand me. Maybe it's time I find some friends who do.
[The King of the Bee Botsflies off with the rest of the gang frowning and staring at him.]

[Scene Change: Forest, day.]

[Dramatic music plays as the King of the Bee Bots flies to the cave where the Bee Bots are still trapped.]
King of the Bee Bots: I received your messages, my worker bees.
[The King of the Bee Bots presses a button on a remote that de-activates the force field. The Bee Bots swarm out of the cave and surround the King of the Bee Bots.]
King of the Bee Bots: Yes... Gather... Swarm! For I am the King of the Bee Bots! [Evil Laugh]

[Scene Change: Village Center, day.]

[Sonic, Knuckles, Amy and Sticks are standing in the Village Center. Buzzing is then heard.]
Knuckles: Anybody else hear that?
King of the Bee Bots: Yes, my hive... Assemble!
[The camera zooms out to the rest of Team Sonic and a bigger swarm of Bee Bots.]
Amy: [Shocked] Tails, what's come over you?
King of the Bee Bots: Gone is the useless fox you all once knew. I finally realized my true power! I am one with the hive. Bee Bots, [Points at Team Sonic] attack your captors!
[The swarm of Bee Bots surround Team Sonic. The team start attacking them. The King of the Bee Bots feels pain when each Bee Bot breaks. A Bee Bot dodges Sonic's spin attack and fires a laser towards Sticks. She jumps out of the way. She is then surrounded by three more Bee Bots. She swings her bo, knocking away all three of them, with the King of the Bee Bots feeling pain again. A Bee Bot charges at Knuckles, but he punches it away easily, with the King of the Bee Bots feeling pain again. Sonic spin attacks a Bee Bot successfully, with the King of the Bee Bots crying in pain again. Sonic hears the cries and looks at the King of the Bee Bots.]
Sonic: Hold up, guys. I think we're hurting him! Fall back! [Frowning] It's time to take some drastic measures.

[Scene Change: Villain's Retreat, day.]

[Sonic dashes up behind Eggman while he is playing a game of shuffleboard.]
Sonic: [Angrily] Eggman!
[Eggman frightens himself as he loses control of his stick. Eggman's disc bounces over the board, much to Charlie and Belinda's dismay. Eggman frowns at Sonic.]
Dr. Eggman: Oh, for the love of... What part of Villains-only retreat don't you understand, hedgehog?
Sonic: Tails has merged with a Bee Bot and is leading a robot army.
Dr. Eggman: Tough noogies. I'm on vacation.
Sonic: So let me get this straight, Egghead. Someone swoops in and takes control of your robots and you do nothing?
[Charlie and Belinda giggle behind Eggman. He growls back at them.]
Dr. Eggman: Alright, fine. Let me just finish this game of...
[Sonic immediately pulls Eggman away. Eggman holds onto his stick as he is being pulled.]

[Scene Change: Tails' Workshop, day.]

[Eggman looks inside one of the Matter Transporter's chambers and tunes the machine.]
Dr. Eggman: There. Now let's try a test run on an inanimate object. Something every good scientist does before experimenting on a living thing.
[Eggman puts a pie inside one pf the Matter Transporter's chambers and activates the machine. It flashes a bright yellow ray of light. The pie is then shown to have disappeared from the first chamber and its ingredients are revealed in the second chamber. Team Sonic celebrate.]
Dr. Eggman: Now bring in Tails so I can get back in time for the villain talent show. You won't believe what I can do with fifty hard-boiled eggs.
Sonic: [Embarrassed] We don't actually have Tails yet.
Dr. Eggman: Don't worry. I know a great way to draw him out.

[Scene Change: Village Center, day.]

[Country music plays as Sonic walks across the village miserably in a sunflower suit. The rest of the villagers look at him in surprise.]
Sonic: This is so humiliating.
[Sonic stands on the spot with the rest of the villagers watching him, and brings his arms out.]
Sonic: [Miserably advertising] Just a regular old sunflower over here. Come gaze upon my... [Drops his arms and sighs before touching the petals] Soft, supple petals.
[The King of the Bee Bots and the Bee Bots fly towards Sonic. Sonic turns around and spots the King of the Bee Bots and the rest of the Bee Bots. Sonic lures them out of the village.]

[Scene Change: Outside Tails' Workshop, day.]

[The King of the Bee Bots and the Bee Bots follow Sonic to Tails' Workshop. Sonic prepares for combat.]
King of the Bee Bots: You won't get away this time, you flightless ficus.
Sonic: [Angrily] I'm not a ficus, I'm a sunflower! What kind of bee are you?!
[The King of the Bee Bots directs the Bee Bots into attacking Sonic. They charge at Amy, Knuckles, Eggman and Sticks, forcing them to duck down.]
Dr. Eggman: [Standing up] Quit your dilly-dallying! Get to smashing!
Amy: We can't! Every time we attack the Bee Bots, it hurts Tails!
Dr. Eggman: Of course, because of their interconnected Bee Network. You can weaken them by taking out more hive members. Of course, you'll have to pay for each destroyed Bee Bot, but I'll send you an invoice later.
Knuckles: So you're saying the only way to help Tails is to smash stuff? Normally, I prefer to resolve conflict with words, but if you insist...
[Knuckles runs towards a Bee Bot and slams it into the ground, breaking it. Sticks pokes her bo through a Bee Bot's chest. Sonic spin attacks three more Bee Bots. Amy screams and breaks another Bee Bot with her hammer. Knuckles elbow drops another Bee Bot. The King of the Bee Bots feels discomfort while each Bee Bot gets destroyed. Sonic looks up at the King of the Bee Bots. The King of the Bee Bots faints and falls to the ground. Sonic flinches as sand is blown up from the ground, then notices the King of the Bee Bots in an unconscious state.]
Sonic: [Shocked] Tails!

[Scene Change: Inside Tails' Workshop, day.]

[With Amy looking worried besides Knuckles and Sticks, an nervous Sonic puts the King of the Bee Bots inside a Matter Transporter's chamber.]
Sonic: [Desperately] Okay, Eggman. Get him back to the way he used to... bee.
[Eggman activates the Matter Transporter, which shows a bright light. The other chamber reveals Tails, who is back to normal. He ducks out of the way of the Bee Bot behind him. Sticks whacks the Bee Bot with her bo.]
Tails: [Scratches his head confused] Whoa. What happened? [Looks at Sonic] And why are you dressed like a daffodil?
Sonic: [Angrily clenches his fists] It's a sunflower! [Calming down] And I had to dress like this to rescue you.
Dr. Eggman: Actually, I just wanted to see you in an embarrassing costume. The Bee Bots were programmed to target you regardless. Ohoho! That's rich.
[Eggman walks off with his hands behind his back, whistling. Sonic grunts in anger.]
Sonic: It's great to have you back, Tails. And I think we all learned a valuable lesson today.
Amy: And what lesson was that?
Sonic: [Hesitating] I-I don't know. Don't turn into a bee, or something?
[Team Sonic discuss among themselves as the screen fades to black]