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Sonic Boom
You and I Bee-come One

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"You and I Bee-come One"[3] is the ninety-ninth episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It aired on 25 September 2017 in France and on 14 October 2017 in the United States.


Tails tests his new teleportation device on himself and accidentally merges with a beebot. Sonic must find a way to reverse the process.[4]



Races and species:





At his lair, Dr. Eggman has packed up for a Villain Retreat for a week, leaving Orbot and Cubot in charge. Deciding not to leave it easy on Sonic, he explains that he networked his Bee Bots to automatically attack members of Team Sonic on sight. Soon, the team find themselves under attack from many Bee Bots. They head over to Eggman's lair to find out what Eggman wants, only to learn Eggman is away and neither Orbot nor Cubot have the security level needed to deactivate the Badniks. The gang then decide to take care of it themselves. Working together, they manage to herd the majority of the Bee Bots into a cave and block them in with a force field, though Sticks wonders if one or two may still be loose.

Later, at Tails' Workshop, Tails does a test run of his new Matter Transporter, only for a spare Bee Bot to fly into his teleport chamber at the last second. At Meh Burger, the rest of team sees the result: Tails transformed into a cyborg with Bee Bot parts. At the workshop, they contemplate simply using the transporter to reverse the process, but the control test ends in a messy and discouraging failure. As Tails suddenly begins to hear voices telling him to "join the hive", Soar the Eagle reports on disaster on Tommy Thunder's newest movie set. The team heads out and Tails uses his cyborg parts to rescue the avalanche victims.

Returning to Hedgehog Village, Tails begins expressing delight at his new form. That night, he has a nightmare where the others ostracize him for his new form and the voices return, telling him, "Join us...join the hive..." The next day, he refuses to save Chumley and decides to find others who understand him better to hang out with: namely, the captured Bee Bots the network had linked him to. He frees them and declares himself their king. The team begins to fight back, but Sonic calls them off when he discovers the network link means Tails feels the pain of their destruction. Instead, Sonic finds Eggman at the Villain Retreat and convinces him to help to get his Bee Bots back.

Back at the workshop, Eggman succeeds at modifying the transporter and concocts a plan to lure Tails in. He has Sonic dress up as a sunflower and walk around town. It apparently works as Tails and the Bee Bots give chase back to the workshop. Though the team were reluctant to fight at first, Eggman convinces them that by destroying enough Bee Bots, the network link will weaken enough to capture him. It works and enough of the Badniks are smashed to render Tails unconscious. Sonic places him in the transporter and Eggman reverses the process, returning Tails to normal. Eggman leaves, laughing that the sunflower costume was just to humiliate Sonic, while the team discusses what they believe they have learned: not turn into a bee.


  • After Sonic slips on the ice-covered lake, the ice surface is shown cracking, with the pieces pulling themselves away for each other. Despite residing on one of the moving ice floes however, Sonic does not move along with it.
  • When using his Spin Dash wearing the sunflower costume, Sonic still appears blue despite having only the blue fur around his face exposed.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French Lune de Miel Honeymoon
Italian Fusione molecolare Molecular fusion
Polish Król pszczół King of bees
Portuguese (Brazil) Dois em um Two in one
Portuguese (Portugal) Pague Dois, Leve Um Pay Two, Take One
Spanish (Latin America) El rey abezorro The king bumblefox
Ukrainian Ти і я станемо одним цілим You and I will become one whole


  • This episode was originally scheduled to air on 30 September 2017.[3]
  • Nine days before this episode aired on Boomerang, Bill Freiberger released the title card for this episode on Twitter as a teaser.[2]
  • Orbot references the musical, Rent, when trying to guess how Eggman will keep Team Sonic preoccupied.
  • This episode follows a few elements from the 1986 remake of the 1958 American science-fiction horror film The Fly.
    • Tails merging with a Bee Bot due to a teleportation accident is similar to how Seth Brundle merged with a fly.
    • The teleportation pods used in this episode strongly resembles those featured in The Fly.
    • The pie turning inside out is the same fate that happens to a baboon test subject in the beginning of the movie.
    • Sonic references the genre of The Fly by referring to Tails' transformation as a "Sci-fi nightmare come to life".
    • Tails' mind getting corrupted by his transformation is similar to what happened to the Brundlefly.
  • Knuckles' complaint about not being able to work out on leg day is a reference to the "Never Skip Leg Day" meme in the real-life fan community.
  • The voices telling Tails to "join the hive" are a reference to the Borg from Star Trek.
  • The scene in which the pie turns inside out after a test run is also a reference to the pig lizard alien turning inside out in the science-ficiton comedy film Galaxy Quest.
  • The cave Team Sonic traps the Bee Bots in is the same cave in which Sonic found his mech suit in "Mech Suits Me".
  • The name of the action film Soar mentioned in his news report ("Lord of the Things: Return of the Bling") is a parody of the 2003 New Zealand-American epic fantasy adventure film The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.
  • In the name title of the Latin American Spanish dub, "abezorro" is a wordplay between "abejorro" (bumblebee) and "zorro" (fox).


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