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Xenin was a powerful Echidna warrior and member of the Dark Legion, who served as Dimitri's personal bodyguard. His body had been so thoroughly replaced with cybernetic implants that he was almost entirely mechanical. He was enhanced in this way specifically for the purposes of making him a superior fighter to Knuckles the Echidna. However, Xenin suffered from an unfortunate lack of common sense, and seemed to be capable of little more than following orders, gloating and telling bad jokes.

During the Dark Legion's attempt to take over the High Council of Echidnaopolis, Xenin captured General Von Stryker and imprisoned him as well as Knuckles and Julie-Su. He eventually met his demise imprisoned in an Egg Grape Chamber. He has brown fur and blue eyes.


Political Agenda of the Dark Legion

In 3236 when the Dark Legion sought to take over Angel Island by controlling the High Council, Xenin was dispatched to "send out the party message" according to Dimitri. Instead, Xenin took this time to apprehend various people who might cause problems during their campaign. Traveling to the Dingo section of the city, Xenin emerged from the shadows before General Von Stryker while the nearby Dingoes were apprehended. Xenin quickly and easily defeated Von Stryker in a fist fight and ordered the Legion troops to apprehend him, while forcing the other dingoes into the under ground sewers to be locked up. (KtE: #23, #24)

Not long after this, Xenin showed up before Knuckles and the Chaotix with a group of Dark Legion troops. Informing Julie-Su he had orders to bring her back to the Dark Legion, he shot a laser blast at her saying "Suppose I miss and accidentally kill you if you refuse!" in response to Julie-Su's sarcastic decline to go with them. Knuckles responded by attacking Xenin, though his punch did not even damage his body. Xenin then knocked Knuckles out with a single punch, and subsequently captured him and Julie-Su. (KtE: #23)

While Dimitri prepared Knuckles for examination to discover the key to his powers, Xenin toyed with the captured Von Stryker, beating him while he was bound and hung upside down. When Julie-Su sarcastically pointed out Xenin's humor was pathetic, he places his plaster to her forehead and threatened to "test it out" on her, asking if she'd like to volunteer. When the complex began to blow up due to Knuckles' powers interacting with the Dark Legion systems, Xenin left Von Stryker and Julie-Su for dead, stating "All I see are enemies and traitors deserving whatever happens to them!" After informing a Dark Legion troop Dimitri left orders not to be disturbed by anyone for any reason, he evacuated the complex. (KtE: #24)


In 3237, during the Eggman Empire occupation of Angel Island, Xenin was captured by Hunter and imprisoned by Dr. Eggman in the Egg Grape Chamber. He and the other captives were pulled into the Zone of Silence when the Sword of Acorns ripped open a dimensional hole in the original Egg Grape Chamber, caused by the Arachne's efforts to release Ixis Naugus. Xenin eventually perished due to the effects of the chamber. (StH: #141)


Due to his cybernetics, Xenin was a powerful warrior who could match even Knuckles' power and close combat capabilities. He was also trained in using fire arms such as laser pistols. Though seemingly lacking in intelligence, Xenin compensated for this with his brute strength and loyalty to the Dark Legion. (KtE: #24)


Xenin was arrogant, malicious and violent. He showed signs of outright racism towards the Dingoes, ordering Dark Legion troops to lock them in the underground sewers. With a short temper and little patience, Xenin threatened those who he felt offended him or disobeyed his orders. He also had no regard for the lives of those he deemed useless, which included just about everybody who was not a member of the Dark Legion. (KtE: #23, #24)

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