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Quotation1 Risk undoing all your evil? Risk creating realities where your technology doesn't threaten us all? Sounds good to me. Quotation2
— Xander Payne, Mega Man #52

Alexander "Xander" Payne is an antagonist in the Mega Man comic series, and a character in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs, published by Archie Comics. He is a human from the year 20XX in Mega Man's World and a firm anti-robotics terrorist.

Payne was originally a member of the military defending Mega City when Dr. Wily reprogrammed the original Light Robot Masters to serve as his evil minions. These robots cost him his left eye during their rampage, which was replaced with a cybernetic implant by his brother. This traumatic experience left Payne with a violent hatred towards robotics and all those siding with it, which led him to join the anti-robot terrorist group known as the Emerald Spears of which he became the leader of. Following a trip to the year 21XX where he met X, Payne was imprisoned, where he predict a second occurrence of worlds colliding.[1]


Worlds Unite

Xander escapes prison

Xander escapes prison, from Mega Man #50.

As Xander was locked up in prison, sketching various images into the walls of his cell while predicting a second occurrence of worlds colliding,[1] his prediction came true when the evil Sigma-a villain from the future he had visited-fuse Xander's world with that of Sonic's World. During this process, the Chemical Plant Zone began to merge with the prison in which Xander had been confined. He then learned that his robotic eye had gained the ability to open Genesis Portals as a result of his recent excursion through time, and used one to escape his confinement.[2] Seeking to thwart the villainous robot, Xander would find Drs. Wily and Eggman on the Lost Hex as they were being pursued by the Deadly Six. Responding to Wily's accusations of Xander wanting to kill him with a firm sense of a destiny that he needed to fulfill, Xander opened another portal to enable them to escape. Xander then brought the pair of doctors to the unified heroes led by Sonic, Mega Man and X, who imprisoned the trio. Eggman and Wily objected to the imprisonment, but Xander was content to remain in the cell. He later got into a conversation with Sticks the Badger, voicing views on various secret societies.[3]

Wily & MisterX

Dr. Wily realises that Mr. X is Xander, from Mega Man #52.

After Sigma sent his Maverick army to attack various worlds, Xander surprised Eggman and Wily by helping them travel directly to the Lost Hex in search of Sigma's Master Engine.[4] He felt that "destiny" was directing him to do this, but remained uncertain as to what exactly his role was to be.[5] He eventually prevented Sigma's reign of terror from ever beginning by using one of his Genesis Portals to stop Sigma from ever traveling back in time, thus undoing every event that had taken place since. Dr. Wily, upon learning that the villainous Mr. X had full knowledge of the conflict, realized that he was in fact a future version of Xander.[6]



Xander Payne, from Sonic the Hedgehog #275.

Xander is an obsessed individual, determined to bring about an end to the development of advanced robotics by any means necessary. His travels through time have also given him knowledge of events to come, making him even more unpredictable and dangerous.

As a result of his time travel experience, Xander became a fatalist. His actions are all believed by him to be preordained and unchangeable. His fatalism is so severe that it has driven him to the point where he is even willing to work with those who stand for the very "evils of robotics" that he seeks to eradicate if destiny deems it necessary, although he makes clear that he does not like having to do so.

Powers and abilities

Xander is a trained soldier with experience in both hand-to-hand and armed combat. His mechanical eye can also create Genesis Portals as a result of being exposed to tachyons, though it was first awakened due to the effects brought forth by the Unity Engines.[7]


  • Xander is a character exclusive to the Mega Man comic series, having been created-along with the Emerald Spears organization-as human villains for the comics. However, he was later combined with Mr. X, a false identity utilized by Dr. Wily in the game Mega Man 6.


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