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Not to be confused with the Egg-Wyvern.

Wyvern (stylized as WYVERN) is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a colossal draconic Titan that roams the Starfall Islands.


Wyvern is a giant draconic robot. Its body is mainly gray in color, with a very narrow and thin torso, along with pulsing red streaks along its sides. It has two large arms and two sets of jaws.

According to Sage, Wyvern's appearance may reference one of the five Ancient tribes, with a tail developed instead of legs.[1]



In the past, Wyvern was constructed alongside the other Titans as the Ancients' ultimate weapons against The End should it find their new home on earth. When the day finally came, it was powered up by the Chaos Emeralds and sortied alongside Giganto, Knight and Supreme to battle The End in space. Unable to defeat the entity in battle, Supreme's pilot sacrificed themself to trap The End within their Titan; Giganto, Wyvern, and Knight's pilots used the opening to seal Supreme away in Cyber Space. Following the battle, the remaining Titans returned to the Starfall Islands, where they presumably fell into dormancy following the collapse of the remaining Ancients' civilization.

Sonic Frontiers[]

Wyvern Frontiers FullBody

Wyvern roaming Ares Island, from Sonic Frontiers.

In Sonic Frontiers, Wyvern was summoned to Ares Island when Sonic the Hedgehog got the blue Chaos Emerald from its local Chaos Emerald Vault. The purple Emerald in particular would be installed in the Vault on the Titan's head. From there, the robot would soar in the sky aimlessly, unaware of the hedgehog's presence below. However, Sage appeared by Sonic and prompted its rage onto him. Letting loose an aggressive roar, Wyvern proceeded to chase and bombard the hero with missiles, forcing him to evade and hide from it. Fortunately, the hedgehog hid from the titanic robot, which would continue to harmlessly fly overhead.

Sonic Frontiers Wyvern defeat

Wyvern exploding, from Sonic Frontiers.

After getting six more Chaos Emeralds and passing through the cave leading outside, Wyvern found Sonic once more, the hedgehog assuming it was in possession of the final Emerald. After climbing a nearby tower, the hero used Wyvern's red trail as a path to chase after it, eventually reaching its head and claiming the purple Chaos Emerald, allowing him to transform into Super Sonic. With Sonic now powered by all seven Emeralds, the Titan engaged him in a heated battle. The hedgehog emerged victorious in the end after redirecting Wyvern's missiles into its mouth, causing the Titan to explode.

As Wyvern exploded and disintegrated, Super Sonic received a brief vision of the past, which recollected Wyvern's pilot mourning Supreme's pilot sacrifice, although the full context of the memory would not be made clear until much later.

Powers and abilities[]

Like the other Titans, Wyvern was so powerful that Sonic was incapable of defeating it in his base form, and needed to become Super Sonic to face it. It could fly at incredible speeds, even able to keep up with Super Sonic and move through outer space with ease. It also could create a trail of red light paths and teleport through Cyber Space.

Wyvern's main method of attack consists of a barrage of explosive homing missiles and gigantic claws, both of which are powerful enough to send Super Sonic reeling on impact. Additionally, it can extend red streaks from its body to laser rings around itself for extra defense, and it has a beam cannon in its mouth. Wyvern is also capable of using its jaws to crush opponents.


In Sonic Frontiers, Wyvern is the boss of Ares Island, fought after opening the entrance to its cave. Earlier on, however, it was also fought after meeting Knuckles. In the first encounter, it is fought in Sonic's base form, while Super Sonic fights it in the second battle.

Boss guide[]

First battle[]

Wyvern is fought on Ares Island not long after Sonic met Knuckles. Warning the blue hedgehog to leave the Starfall Islands one last time, Sage summoned Wyvern and prompted its rage onto the hero.

This fight against Wyvern is quite simple; it consists of a long chase through Ares Island where the Titan will launch a barrage of missiles towards Sonic; these missiles, in addition to various sets of spikes that occasionally appear, can be dodged using the Quick Step. Eventually, the hedgehog will hide behind a rock and narrowly avoid being vaporized by the robot, ending the battle and allowing the player to continue with the story.

Second battle[]

First phase[]

Sonic is not yet ready to defeat WYVERN. To turn into Super Sonic to take down WYVERN, get to higher ground and reach it using the Homing Attack.

— Notification, Sonic Frontiers

The rematch against Wyvern takes place much later after the first encounter, when the player has obtained six of the Chaos Emeralds and opened the entrance to the behemoth's cave. After proceeding through it, Sonic will face the fury of the Titan, who will proceed to fly into the sky. Then, the player has to climb a nearby tower; at the top, they need to wait for Wyvern to approach so Sonic can grab his body using a Homing Attack.

Afterwards, Sonic will lose grip of Wyvern and fall down, landing onto the trail of red light left by the Titan. From there on, the hedgehog will be automatically running forward; the player has to dodge the various sets of fireballs that appear using the Quick Step and occasionally use the Homing Attack to clear their path of floating artifacts and avoid falling into a bottomless pit. Sonic can also boost forward to reach the end more quickly.

Eventually, Sonic will approach Wyvern's head, where he will automatically jump towards, landing nearby the Vault that contains the purple Chaos Emerald. After snatching the final Emerald, the hedgehog will transform into Super Sonic, beginning the second phase of the battle.

  • Although incapable of using it in general, the player is able to perform a Spin Dash at the beginning of the trail. Though, because of the fireballs, the player would need to jump to avoid or let themselves get it, leading to the Spin Dash unusable.
Second phase[]

Super Sonic begins the second phase with the maximum available amount of Rings in his possession. While he will burn through his Ring supply, losing one every second, rows of Rings appear during the battle, which the player can collect to obtain more time. During this phase, Super Sonic will chase after Wyvern over Ares Island. During the pursuit, the Titan will attempt to attack the hedgehog by launching missiles at him; Choosing to Parry, however, can direct these missiles back at the massive robot. Afterwards, both Super Sonic and Wyvern will briefly fly even quicker than normal, after which he will swing one of his massive claws at Super Sonic. If you successfully Parry this attack, Wyvern will then be vulnerable to attacks. By far the best move to use against the Titan is the Homing Shot, as it does much damage to the boss and fills up the combo meter quicker. When the player activates Phantom Rush, it is recommended to attack Wyvern with chain Attacks, as these deal massive damage much quicker than other attacks do. Once Wyvern regains consciousness, it will attack Super Sonic with its tail; if the player fails to block this attack, the hedgehog will be sent flying away before initiating pursuit of the Titan again. However, if they successfully block the robot's attack with a parry and then perform a Grand Slam, Super Sonic will counterattack by grabbing Wyvern's tail, swinging it around, and sending the Titan flying into a nearby mountain, which can deprive most of Wyvern's remaining health.

When Wyvern has lost over half of its health, it will act more aggressive, now using its streaks to release large Rings to defend itself. The player also has to change their counterattacks; after attacking the Titan with one of its own missiles, they now have to use the parry to defend themselves from two attacks from the behemoth instead of one. Later, a Real-Time Interaction will see the player having to press Switch y/Square/X button at the right moment to dodge an attack from a massive barrage of homing missiles; failing to do so will cause Super Sonic to get caught in between the missiles and get vaporized. If successful, the player will be able to deal more damage on Wyvern, but they also need quick reflexes to defend themselves from the beast's attacks with parries.

Once Wyvern has critically low health, it will perform a last-ditch effort to dispose of Super Sonic. First, it will charge towards the hedgehog to defeat him; the player has to counter this attack by pressing Switch y/Square/X button at the right moment and then mashing that button in a short period of time. The Titan will then launch a barrage of missiles towards its foe similar to the previous one; like before, pressing Switch y/Square/X button at the right time to dodge this attack. Then, Super Sonic will force Wyvern's mouth open while the robot tries to crush him with it. Mashing Switch y/Square/X button will allow the hedgehog's efforts to be successful, causing Wyvern to swallow its own missiles and collapse.

If the player fails to defeat this boss, either by running out of Rings or failing a Real-Time Interaction, they will be forced to try this fight again from the beginning of the first phase. Successfully taking out Wyvern, however, will allow them to conquer Ares Island and proceed to Chaos Island.

Title Artist(s) Music Length
"Titan: WYVERN" Kenichi Tokoi 3:47
"Break Through It All (feat. Kellin Quinn)" Tomoya Ohtani, Kellin Quinn 4:10



  • Wyvern is the only Titan whose boss fight provides Rings for Super Sonic to collect.
  • It is the only Titan whose boss fight isn't limited to a certain area on the island Super Sonic fights it on.
  • Wyvern is named after the dragon species of the same name, which is described as having only two legs instead of four.


  1. Sonic Team (28 September 2023). Sonic Frontiers. Xbox One. Sega. "Sage: There used to be five tribes co-existing on the planet of the Ancients. A tribe with big and powerful bodies, a tribe that developed a tail instead of legs, a tribe that walked on four legs, a winged tribe, and a tribe that was the most intelligent of them all."