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Wynmacher is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. He is a Mobian echidna, the second husband of Lara-Le and the stepfather of Knuckles the Echidna. He is also the father of Knecapeon "Kneecaps" Mace, Knuckles' half-brother. Wynmacher met Lara-Le during the time Knuckles was under the impression that he was the last of the Echidnas. Becoming good friends with her, he eventually fell in love with her and they married. The two have since been together through various hardships. He later became a resident of Albion, helping his family, but was abducted with the rest of his people by Thrash the Tasmanian Devil.


Wynmacher is a brown-furred male Echidna with blue eyes, and is known for wearing white-bordered black bands on his front dreadlocks. Like many Mobians, he wears white gloves much of the time, though his have visible fingers unlike Knuckles'. While he lived in Echidnaopolis, he wore black boots with white tops, a black and blue shirt, and a long blue coat/cloak lined with white. On his chest he wore a curious decoration that appeared as a white box with rectangular shapes on it, possibly buttons, though any purpose to them-beyond the homage to Darth Vader-is unknown.

Knuckles Family

Wynmacher, from Sonic the Hedgehog: The Complete Sonic Comic Encyclopedia.

Following Robotnik's takeover of Angel Island, Wynmacher's attire changed rather drastically, as he began wearing a simple robe and sandals. In early appearances his robe was a plain brown, but he later adopted a blue one matching his old coat, right down to the white lining, belted at the waist with a blue chord.


Relationship with Lara-Le

A resident of Echidnaopolis, Wynmacher met his future wife Lara-Le some time after she divorced Locke. While different from Locke in a number of ways, Wynmacher soon gained Lara's affections with his sympathetic manner and romantic soul. He fully supported Lara in her desires for her son, Knuckles, and though the two quickly fell in love, they agreed to wait until she could be reunited with Knuckles before getting into a more serious commitment. The time arrived at long last, after Echidnaopolis began to be restored due to the effects of the Ultimate Annihilator.[1] When the Dingoes captured Lara-Le and held her hostage, Wynmacher assisted in defeating them following Knuckles entrance and initial attack.[2]

Wynmacher soon proposed to Lara-Le, and they revealed their relationship to Knuckles, who struggled with it initially.[3] When Lara-Le went missing in her attempt to locate Locke during a terrible storm caused by the recent Days of Fury, Wynmacher accompanied Constable Remington and Knuckles as they went to locate her. Upon being reunited with her, the two shared a kiss.[4][5] Lara-Le would afterwards doubt the wisdom of telling Knuckles about their plans to marry, but Wyn was convinced that it was the right decision. The pair subsequently threw a birthday party for Knuckles, and were thus present when he and his new girlfriend Julie-Su kissed for the first time.[6][7]

Husband and father

Lara-Le weddint

Wynmacher marrying Lara-Le, from Sonic Super Special #14.

Following the Dark Legion's failure to take over Echidnaopolis' politics, Wyn and Lara-Le finally got married, receiving support from Knuckles. During their honeymoon, Wynmacher and Lara-Le were transported to an alternate zone along with almost all of Angel Island's inhabitants by the Dark Legion when the Quantum Beam was fired. However, Wyn and the others were all returned to Mobius Prime later by Chaos Knuckles.[8][9]

Wynmacher and Lara later had a son; Knecapeon Mace. When the Dingoes took over Angel Island after allying with the Eggman Empire, Wynmacher and his family lived with the Dark Legion, who acted as the protectors of the few Echidnas that were not sent to Dingo-run concentration camps. Due to Knuckles having returned from the afterlife, Wynmacher became a profound believer that his step-son was the legendary Avatar. This lead to Wyn kneeling before Knuckles and constantly addressing him as the Avatar despite Knuckles' protest.[10]

After Knuckles returned to Knothole and the Dark Legion engaged in civil war, the Dingoes continued to attack the unprotected Echidnas in their village named after their once great city. When the Dingoes arrived and began to attack the helpless Echidnas, Wynmacher told the Dingo soldier "There's nothing left to take! Leave us in peace!" while protecting his wife and son. Before the soldier could strike him, the Destructix arrived on the scene and saved him.[11] Later, Wynmacher and the Echidnas in the village were transported to Albion by the new Enerjak, where Wynmacher continued to raise his son.[12][13] Whatever happiness Wynmacher may have found in his new home, however, came to an end when Thrash the Tasmanian Devil dispatched him and the other Echidnas through a Warp Ring to parts unknown.[14]


Despite his aristocratic appearance, Wyn is not afraid to do work. He helped Knuckles subdue a group of Dingoes holding him and Lara hostage during Echidnaopolis' return to Mobius proper. When Knuckles complimented his tackle, Wyn replied, "I played varsity!" This skill, along with his cooking expertise, came from his college days. He is very gentle to everyone, understands the situations of his beloved ones and can wait for them every time until they were ready.


Knuckles the Echidna

Wyn truly cares about Knuckles, and considers him as his other son, though he is also an ardent believer in his status as the Avatar.


  • Wynmacher's original outfit was based on that of Darth Vader from Star Wars, though lacking the helmet.
  • Cancelled storyline for post-Sonic the Hedgehog #134 issues would have included Locke helping Lara-Le to raise Kneecaps after Wynmacher was sent to the Egg Grapes, where he would have perished.
  • Wynmacher holds the unique position of being a step-parent to a character from the video games, namely Knuckles.


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