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Quotation1 Armed with a homing rocket and a bonus egg bomb. Quotation2
— Description, Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal

The Wrecks is an enemy that appears in Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal. It is a mass-produced model of Destruction Troops created by Lyric the Last Ancient.


The Wrecks are bipedal robots with yellow and grey plating. They have a spherical torso modeled after a missile launcher with a large black eye with green sclera, plating for eyelids and a lower jaw on the front. Their only limbs are two legs with bistre joints, four points of articulation and two-toed feet. On their back they have a missile launcher and a small round bomb near the rear.


Lyric the Last Ancient created the Wrecks in the Robot Facility five millennia ago to help him destroy the earth's lifeforms and conquer it.[1] During an attack on the remaining Ancients however, the Wrecks were shut down when Lyric got imprisoned.[1][2] They were later recovered by Lyric when he escaped in the present day to search for the Crystal Shards and battle Team Sonic too.


A Wrecks in Scrapyard.

The Wrecks are found in Scrapyard, Volcanic Caverns and Air Fortress. In gameplay, they walk around on their own until they spot the player. They will then spend a few seconds aiming at the characters before firing a shot that will home slightly in on them for a while. After a few seconds however, their shot will disappear. Sometimes, they are equipped with purple shields that protect them from harm, which can be removed with the Enerbeam. Even with their shield gone though, a Wrecks takes two hits to be destroyed by common attacks, as the first hit only takes away its armor. Also, upon being destroyed, the Wrecks will leave behind a flashing bomb that will explode a few seconds after being dropped. Should a Wrecks be successfully destroyed, a new one will later respawn to take its place. Additionally, the eighth Toy the player purchases from Q-N-C's Toy Shop will be a Wrecks figurine.

After Team Sonic and Shadow defeated Lyric, the Wrecks were stopped once more.


The Wrecks are essentially mindless and silent drones unwaveringly loyal to Lyric the Last Ancient, having been programmed to obey his every command.[1]

Powers and abilities

The Wrecks are equipped with homing rockets that they can fire at foes and a layer of moderately tough armor. They can also release bombs upon their destruction as a last means of harming their foes.




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