The Worlds Unite Battle Books is a pair of special one-shot books published by Archie Comics which were released in conjunction with the "Worlds Unite" crossover event in June 2015. These books presented side-stories connected to the main storyline of "Worlds Unite" which showcases more battles between the characters that appear in the crossover when they are not seen in the main storyline. As stated by head editor Vincent Lovallo, the books allows the staff to expand upon the several heroes and villains that appear in the crossover, but would otherwise not get much screen time, and give them the recognition they deserve. The staff behind these issues includes a mix of veteran members and newcomer employees to Archie Comics.[1]

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  • While the stories in the books are all considered canon to the crossover, none of them contain any major plot development, as indicated early on by Ian Flynn.[2]
    • The only story in either book that is still canon even after the events of the crossover were wiped by the paradox is the first books "The Maverick Hunters vs. Vile" (with the exception of the last three panels), as it occurs before the moment when Xander Payne changes the timeline.


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