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World Tour is one of the gameplay modes in the Career Mode of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed and serves as the campaign mode of the game.


The selection screen in World Tour mode, showing Sunshine Coast.

This gameplay is basically a series of special events played across in all of the tracks in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.[1] There are a total of 58 events. Each event is playable in each Tour with four difficulty levels and a maximum of four stars can be earned from completing them, resulting a total of 232 stars to collect in World Tour.

Medal Difficulty Stars earned on completion
Cclass.png Easy Stars1.png
Bclass.png Medium TwoStar.png
Aclass.png Hard ThreeStars.png
Sclass.png Expert FourStar.png

The events come in nine different types, each with the difficulty settings.

Icon Name
Battlech.png Battle Race
Boosdch.png Boost Challenge
BoostRaceTransformed.png Boost Race
Drfitch.png Drift Challenge
Pursuitch.png Pursuit
Racech.png Race
Ringch.png Ring Race
Sprintch.png Sprint
Traffich.png Traffic Challenge
Vsch.png Versus


World Tour contains six Tours in total, each with ten events, except for the first Tour, Sunshine Coast, which has eight. Below is the list of Tours in World Tour.


  1. "Compete in special events around the globe." - In-game description of World Tour.

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