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Wood Man is a character who appears in the Mega Man comic series, and the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs, published by Archie Comics. He is a Robot Master created by Dr. Albert Wily. He serves a role in both the Sonic & Mega Man: Worlds Collide and Worlds Unite comic crossover events.


Wood Man is a Robot Master that, like his name states, is made of wood, more specifically hinoki cypress. He is colored mostly brown with black sleeves for his arms and legs. He has a humanoid body structure, giving him peach colored hands.


Sonic & Mega Man: Worlds Collide

Act III: Chaos Clash

Wood Man was part of the Robot Master Army at the Skull Egg Zone, where he fought against Sonic, Mega Man, and their respective allies. With the Super Genesis Wave triggered and Super Armor Mega Man using Chaos Control to undo the events of the crossover, Wood Man was restored back to his former self.[1][2]

Worlds Unite

Act I: Deadly Fusion

Wood Man was a part of the remaining Wily Robot Masters reprogrammed by Dr. Thomas Light,[3] who were called upon to Light Labs after Sonic Man invaded Mega City. Wood Man and the other eight Robot Masters then transported to inside Mega City, where they faced Sonic Man. Unfortunately, Wood Man and the others were subdued and remained unconscious until their dimension and Sonic's World fused together to form the Unified World.[4] Once Sonic Man and M'egga Man came together and brawled, Wood Man awoke and helped save citizens caught in both the crossfire from the Roboticized Masters and from the unstable merging worlds. When Sonic Man and M'egga Man were reverted back to normal, Wood Man joined the Unified Army to help stop Sigma from consuming their merging worlds.[5]

Act II

Leaf Shield Knuckles

Knuckles borrowing Wood Man's Leaf Shield, from Sonic Boom #9.

Wood Man joined up with the Unified Army and took base at the Sky Patrol where the team prepared to face Sigma at the Lost Hex. Upon arriving, the heroes encountered an army of Mechaniloids and the Deadly Six,[6] where Wood Man and the others took on each and every one of them. Upon destroying the Mechaniloids and weakening the Deadly Six, the Zeti used their mechanical-mind-control abilities to control Wood Man, the Wily Robot Masters, Mega Man, Break Man, Rush, Gemerl, and the Maverick Hunters.[7] Luckily, the non-robotic heroes were able to defeat the mind-controlled Wood Man and robots and stop the Deadly Six, but which distracted the Unified Army from Sigma, who transformed in Sigma-2 and brought resurrected Mavericks to the war.[8] Wood Man and the Unified Army were then being brutally beaten by Mavericks while Sigma opened up more worlds to conquer via Genesis Portals. Luckily, thanks to the new Team Sticks, the heroes managed to recuperate and split up to travel to the different dimensions.[9]


Wood Man traveled with Sally Acorn to Kamiki Village in the World of Ōkami where they encountered Amaterasu with Issun fighting Blizzard Wolfang. While Amaterasu and Issun didn't need to help with defeating the Maverick, Sally and Wood Man asked and gained the help of Amaterasu and Issun in fighting against Sigma.[10]

Powers and abilities

Wood Man has a Special Weapon named the "Leaf Shield", which allows him to be surrounded by leaves capable to protecting the user from almost every attack, whether long range or short range.


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