Wood Buttarundorf (ウッド゠ブッタルンドルフ Uddo buttarundorufu?) is the third boss in Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble, that the player will face in Meta Junglira Zone Act 3. Wood Buttarundorf takes twelve hits to destroy and even after that, the player has to avoid the mecha's falling segmented body parts.

Created by Dr. Robotnik, Wood Buttarundorf appears to be some sort of jauntily-colored robotic tree snake, with a segmented body reminiscent of Gigalopolis Zone's boss mecha, Bead Worm Boss, in Sonic Chaos.


When the player reaches to the boss arena of Meta Junglira Zone Act 3, Wood Buttarundorf is seen hiding above trees, where it eventually came out. The automaton swings back and forth from the canopy, putting up very little resistance to the Spin Dash. The player has to hit it's head, that also is the part of the mecha, where the player himself should not get hit. Once hitting it, Wood Buttarundorf goes up and descend back to do the same pattern. The player is able to dodge it's swinging by going to the corner or jumping over it's head.

After twelve hits, Wood Buttarundorf gets destroyed, but all segmented body parts start burning and falling down from trees at high speed, which the player should avoid. The player has to keep attention to the upper part of the arena and avoid all burning segmented body parts. After this, the battle is over and the player runs to the wide area, where once again Knuckles arrives to the higher cliff and activates the switch to ignite the whole place on fire. After this, the game progresses to the next Zone.


Name Artist Length Music Track
Sonic - Triple Trouble - Boss Theme Yayoi F 1:12
Sonic - Triple Trouble - Boss Theme


  • Wood Buttarundorf can be a difficult boss without having Rings. If the player goes to the left pathway and enters the small wooden tunnel, he/she will find a Super Ring monitor from the small room to help the player.
  • There's an easier strategy to deal with Wood Buttarundorf. The player should go to the center of boss arena and start performing the Spin Dash, which deals all twelve hits with ease to Wood Buttarundorf.



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