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Quotation1 What do you know about character? You have been doing the same shtick for twenty years! Quotation2
Comedy Chimp, "Late Night Wars"

Wolverton D. Sidekick,[3] better known as Wolf Sidekick,[4] is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. He is an anthropomorphic wolf who works as the cohost of the Comedy Chimp Show and the sidekick to Comedy Chimp. He is also a very famous figure in the sidekick community.[2][5]


Wolf is a humanoid wolf about a head shorter than Comedy Chimp, with sharp ears, green eyes and a large muzzle. He has mostly carnelian fur with ivory fur on his stomach, muzzle, and inner ears. He also has short cheek tuffs, three bangs of hair on his forehead, a brown snout, and a fluffy tail with an ivory tip. His attire consists of a light blue jacket with thin dark stripes, white shocks, and long black shoes with white tips.

In the Archie Comics, Wolf Sidekick has yellow fur, a peach muzzle and inner ears, blue eyes, and a purple jacket.[6]


TV series


Wolf has worked at least twenty years in the showbiz, although he never changed his material over the years.[2] He would eventually join Comedy Chimp as his sidekick and cohost on the Comedy Chimp Show.

Season one


Wolf on Comedy Chimp's "New Years Eve Rockin' Bananaganza."

Wolf would do a number of shows together with Comedy Chimp, including the latter's "New Years Eve Rockin' Bananaganza."[7][8] As Wolf joined Comedy Chimp for a fan signing, the latter began noticing that he was past his prime. Wolf thus offered to fill in for Comedy Chimp while he got his cosmetic surgery to ensure no one could would steal his job. Instead, Knuckles was chosen, whom Wolf tutored and later committed to as the echidna was given Comedy Chimp's job. Once Knuckles quit, Wolf tried filling in as the show's host which ended disastrously as Comedy Chimp resumed his post.[2]

Eventually, Wolf was given his own "Wolf Sidekick Special" episode, where he put on a mediocre show that nonetheless pleased the sidekick viewers.[9]

Season two


Wolf getting inspired to take up the fight against the invading robots.

When Hedgehog Village got overrun by malware-infected robots, Wolf resorted to cowering in fear at first, but was soon inspired by Knuckles to help Team Sonic and the villagers fight the robots. Ultimately, the Village prevailed when the robots withdrew.[10] A while afterward, Wolf got pulled into an anti-gravity field by Cubot, who was now crazy and able to control gravity, when he came through town. As Wolf was about to be saved by Team Sonic though, Cubot began taking him to space. While Wolf was brought down to earth again by Sonic and Tails before he died from asphyxia, he nearly got crushed by the increased gravity eminating from Cubot's gravity device. Thankfully, he was saved when Knuckles smashed the device.[11]

Eventually getting into Scrambler, Wolf was able to attend an exclusive promotional event through it.[12] Returning to the Comedy Chimp Show, Wolf joined Comedy Chimp when he roasted their guest star, Justin Beaver, on their show. When Wolf did not show up to the pie festival a few days later, Comedy Chimp made him the receiving end of pie jokes on the next installment of the Comedy Chimp Show. The day after that however, a confused Wolf got thrown in jail when the detective Vector the Crocodile seemingly proved that Wolf had stolen Amy's Hammer and used it for vandalism. Thankfully, Wolf was proven innocent when it was discovered that he had been framed by Dixon, although the police still forgot to free him from jail.[3]


Wolf is very positive and obsequious. He gives off the impression that he is very loyal, and he often throws positive complements at those more important than him. In truth, his compliments are not much else than superficial, and all that really matters to him is a person's position; for instance, he casually abandoned Comedy Chimp after Knuckles replaced him as his boss despite having supported Comedy Chimp several times before.[2] Nonetheless, he is not a bad person, having committed no crime worse than stealing someone else's jokes.[3] Wolf is also considered an ideal spokesperson and role model for sidekicks. The best of sidekicks consider him very relatable in this area.[9]

Despite working in the showbiz, Wolf is noted to be a talentless hack, having used the same shtick for two decades. He relies heavily on cliché one-liners, his catchphrases consisting of words like "hey-oh" and "zing". Despite his limited skills though, he is eager to take on a more active role on the Comedy Chimp Show whenever possible, having tried to fill out the host position multiple times.[2]


SB 005 Off Panel

Wolf Sidekick in Sonic Boom #5.


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