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For the Wolf Policeman's counterpart from another dimension, see Wolf Policeman (alternate dimension).

The Wolf Policeman[2] is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. He is an anthropomorphic wolf and a police officer from the local police force in Hedgehog Village.


The Wolf Policeman is an anthropomorphic wolf of average build at about Sonic's height. He has auburn fur with peach skin on his muzzle and inner ears, and possesses green eyes. His muzzle in particular is medium-long with a black nose similar to Sonic's. He also has a long bushy tail with a peach tip. For attire, he wears a police uniform which includes a blue jacket with a white shirt underneath it, a brown belt with a star emblazoned on the golden buckle, black gloves, and a blue police hat with a star emblem. He also carries a baton on his belt and a radio on his left shoulder.


TV series


In the past, the Wolf Policeman underwent some form of training for his profession as an officer of the law.[3]

Season one


The policemen banishing Sonic.

The Wolf Policeman and the Beaver Policeman were once called in to banish Sonic from the Unnamed Village when the hedgehog lost a bet, and kept him from returning. However, they let Sonic back once the Village Council unbanished him.[4] He later accompanied the sergeant to Eggman's Lair to investigate the theft of Eggman's Particle Accelerator. Here, the Wolf Policeman brought in recent photos tying Sonic into a series of robberies. However, Sonic would escape the policemen and clear his name.[5]

Season two

Hearing that an asteroid would impact the earth, the Wolf Policeman showed up to buy a spot in Eggman's bunker to ride out the impending apocalypse in. Although the officer did not get a spot, he helped Team Sonic stop the asteroid by confiscating the Egg Rocket for Team Sonic upon Sonic's request.[6] While subtly hypnotized by Dreamcaster through TV, the Wolf Policeman faced Sticks when she disturbed the Village with her unlikely story about Dreamcaster on TV. He and the Beaver Policeman subsequently arrested Sticks (with some aid) for destroying Comedy Chimp's studio. Becoming Dr. Eggman's zombie slave soon after, the Wolf Policeman and the hypnotized villagers would attack Sticks when she came to the rescue, but were freed when Team Sonic foiled Eggman's plan.[7] The Wolf Policeman later faced some Mantis Bots when malware-infected robots overran Hedgehog Village, but quickly lost his cool. Spurred on by Knuckles though, he held his ground until the robots withdrew.[3]

The quarantine police

The Wolf Policeman and his associates quarantining Team Sonic.

Learning that Team Sonic had fleas, the Wolf Policeman helped quarantine them. He and his associates would later release the team after they realized that they needed them to stop Eggman's latest mischief, but left them to solve their flea problem.[8] Some time after, the Wolf Policeman helped arrest Wolf Sidekick, who had seemingly stolen Amy's Hammer. When Vector and Sonic discovered that the real thief was Dixon however, the Wolf Policeman helped arrest Dixon.[9]


The Wolf Policeman is a dutiful and diligent police officer, as seen when he kept a watchful eye on Sonic while he was banished to keep him from returning.[4] Regardless, he is willing to bend the rules for the greater good, like when he used his authority to confiscate the Egg Rocket so Team Sonic could use it to save the world.[6]

While dedicated to handling mundane tasks, the Wolf Policeman usually leaves Team Sonic to handle the more violent attacks on the Village.[8]

Powers and abilities



The Wolf Policeman's baton.

For self-defense, the Wolf Policeman carries around a black baton with a brown wrist strap. He also carries a radio for staying in contact with the authorities.[4]


  • The Wolf Policeman's character model is derived from Wolfie's.


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