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The Wispon is an object that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. It is a series of different weapon gadgets made for weaponizing the Wisps' powers. They are used by the world's military organizations and other factions, both good and bad.



The Wispon is a gadget-like weapon. Each standard model comes in a distinct design that combines the design and color scheme derived from a specific Wisp breed's anatomy with portable tools, like handguns, hammers, drills, and similar mechanical devices.[1][2]

The only exception to the standard Wispon design is the Variable Wispon, which is not based on any known Wisp breed.

Features and abilities

The Wispons' signature function is their ability to hold Wisps inside them and harness their energies to power themselves; without a Wisp inside it, the Wispon is useless.[2][3] The standard Wispon model can only draw power from the Wisp breed that it is designed to match however. This means, for example, that the Burst Wispon can only harness a Red Wisp's power. The exception to this rule is the Variable Wispon, which can use the power of more than one breed of Wisp.

Each Wispon model possesses an offensive combat function. Most of them are only able to fire lasers, while others possess unique combat functions that match the respective Wisps used to power them, like the Burst Wispon functioning as a flamethrower and the Lightning Wispon using electricity.[4] Generally speaking, the standard Wispons are built to have a widespread attack range for clearing out crowds of robots. The Variable Wispon on the other hand is designed for precision shots.[3]

List of Wispons

Image Name Associated Wisp(s) Ability
Asteroid Wispon Indigo Wisp N/A
Burst Wispon Red Wisp Attacks with fire.[4]
Cube Wispon Blue Wisp Creates large, blue blocks.[5]
Drill Wispon Yellow Wisp N/A
Hover Wispon Green Wisp Grants the user to be carried in midair.
Laser Wispon Cyan Wisp Attacks with lasers.[5]
Lightning Wispon Ivory Wisp Attacks with electricity.[2]
Rocket Wispon Orange Wisp Attacks with rockets.[5]
Spike Wispon Pink Wisp Attacks with spiked projectiles.[5]
Variable Wispon

Blue Wisp, Cyan Wisp, Green Wisp, Orange Wisp and Pink Wisp

Attacks with hammer pounds, lasers, energy rockets, spike balls or grants the user to be carried in midair, depending on the Wisp powering it.[3]
Void Wispon Violet Wisp Attacks with laser shots.[4]


  • The Wispons are based on the objects of the same name that debuted in Sonic Forces.
  • Unlike the Wispon in the games, (which only needs a Wisp to use its Color Power) a Wisp is required for the Wispon to work at all.

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