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The Wispon[1] (ウィスポン Wisupon?) is an object that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. They are weapons that are designed to harness the Wisps' Hyper-go-on energy and channeling the properties of their Color Powers without inducing transformations on the user. They were the primary weapons used by the Resistance's soldiers during the War to Take Back the Planet.

In gameplay, the Wispons can be equipped to the Avatar to grant them unique abilities.

Concept and creation

As a part of the storyline for Sonic Forces, the Avatar was intended to be a regular citizen with no special abilities, like Sonic's speed. To compensate for that, Sonic Team created the weapons for the Avatar.[2] These weapons were also given a multitude of applications in gameplay so the Avatar could have a moveset that offered a gameplay style different from Sonic's.[3] In the early days though, these weapons were only designed based on what they were. As the contents of the game changed however, the "Wispon" concept was created based on the preexisting Wisps in the Sonic series.[4]

During the design process, the Wispons resembled more real-life weapons than the final Wispons in Sonic Forces and lacked the organic look that Wisps possessed.[4]



The Wispon is a gadget-like weapon. Each model comes in a distinct design that combines the design and color scheme derived from a specific Wisp breed's anatomy with portable tools, like handguns, hammers, drills, and similar mechanical devices.

Features and abilities

The Wispons' signature function is their ability to harness the Hyper-go-on energy from Wisps and use them to channel the properties of the respective Wisps' Color Power without causing the user to undergo a transformation. Like when using an actual Color Power though, the Wispons are activated by the Wisps' cooperation, meaning they cannot be used by users that the Wisps do not like.[5]

Each distinctive Wispon model can only draw power from the Wisp breed that it is designed to match however. This means, for example, that the Burst Wispon can only harness a Red Wisp's power.

Each Wispon model also possesses an offensive combat function that matches the respective Wisp used to power it, such as the Burst Wispon functioning as a flamethrower and the Drill Wispon manifesting a piercing drill.


The Avatar using the Drill Wispon's basic attack.

The Wispons are used by the Avatar when playing through the stages. In gameplay, they serve as a means of attacking and movement. Each Wispon has two functions:

  • Basic attack:[6] When using its basic attack, the Wispon launches a long-ranged attack. The nature of the attack depends of the variety of the chosen Wispon, although they can all take out multiple foes at once. To use the basic attack in gameplay, the player must press Switch r.png/Playstation-Button-R2.png/Xbox RT2-1.png.
  • Special action:[6] When using its special action, the Wispon triggers an ability reminiscent of a Wisp's Color Power. The nature of the action depends of the variety of the chosen Wispon; when using the Burst Wispon's special action for example, the player can perform midair jumps (like the Red Burst). However, a Wispon can only use its special action if the player obtains the Wisp matching their Wispon's variety (like a Red Wisp for the Burst Wispon), which will fill up the player's Wisp Gauge; obtaining any other Wisp yields no effect. Using a Wispon's special action drains the Wisp Gauge, and once it empties, the Wispon's special actions gets canceled out and become unusable. To use the special action in gameplay (when available), the player must press Switch x.png/PSTriangleButton.png/Y button.png.

Besides its primary functions, Wispons can also come with different sets of Skills that are automatically activated when the Wispon is wielded by the Avatar.

The player starts out with a skill-less Burst Wispon at the beginning of the game, but by defeating bosses, one can unlock new, though skill-less types of Wispons, along with Challenge Missions that can reward the player with stronger Wispons when cleared. Each of the seven varieties of Wispon comes in nine different models, each one with its own unique set of skills, adding up to a total of 63 Wispons in the game.

Before a stage, the player can choose different Wispons to customize how the Avatar controls, thereby allowing access to different parts of the stages.[7] The Wispon the Avatar possesses is displayed on the HUD in the lower left corner of the screen along with any active skills attached to it. After clearing an Avatar or Tag Team stage and setting a time record on it, the Wispon used when the record was set will be displayed next to the time. If a Rental Avatar was used as well, their Wispon will be displayed alongside the player's Wispon.

List of Wispons

Image Name Associated Wisp Basic attack Special action
Burst Wispon selection screen.png Burst Wispon Red Wisp Attacks with fire. Press and hold the button to continue spouting flames. Triggers an explosion that shoots you into the air. Repeat to fly even higher.
Lightning Wispon selection screen.png Lightning Wispon Ivory Wisp Attacks with a whip of lightning. Moves at lightning-fast speeds near Rings or enemies.
CubeWisponIcon.png Cube Wispon Blue Wisp Turns an enemy into a cube that drops Rings when broken. Creates a platform, even in mid-air.
SF STEAM MANUAL EN LRv5-87.png Asteroid Wispon Indigo Wisp Locks on to multiple enemies at the same time using clones. Grants invincibility and draws nearby items to you.
SF STEAM MANUAL EN LRv5-88.png Drill Wispon Yellow Wisp Attacks with a drill. Tap the button repeatedly for more power. Digs through the ground. You can also burrow into walls to climb upward.
SF STEAM MANUAL EN LRv5-89.png Hover Wispon Green Wisp Blows away enemies with a shockwave. Flies through the air. If you fall into a pit, you’ll return to where you started.
SF STEAM MANUAL EN LRv5-90.png Void Wispon Violet Wisp Sucks in enemies and Rings with a black hole. Teleports in the direction that the left stick is held.
WhiteWispon.png N/A White Wisp N/A N/A

In other media

IDW Publishing

Main article: Wispon (IDW)

Multiple Wispons, from Sonic the Hedgehog #3.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing, the Wispon is a common tool from Sonic's world that is used not only by the Resistance, but also by the Restoration and world's militia and armed civilians. Their past here is virtually identical to their game counterparts', up until after the events of Sonic Forces. In this media, they are powered by Wisps. There are as well different types of Wispons with different abilities. The Diamond Cutters also developed a special Variable Wispon that can alternate between the different powers of different Wisps. However, the only person on the team who got to use one was Whisper.


  • "Wispon" is a portmanteau of the words "Wisp" and "weapon".


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