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Team Sonic Racing
Wisp Circuit (Grand Prix 1)

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Team Sonic Racing
Wisp Circuit (Grand Prix 5)

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Wisp Circuit[1] is a race track that appears in Team Sonic Racing. It is based off Planet Wisp.


Shadow on the Wisp Circuit.

Wisp Circuit is a racing circuit set entirely on Planet Wisp, a planet overgrown with lush vegetation and inhabited by Wisps. As such, the circuit's roads lead through the alien, yet scenic landscape the planet is renowned for. This includes rock formations and cliffs, strange trees, luminescent insects, and green grass.

The beginning of the circuit features grandstands filled with cheering Chao on the left side of the asphalted roads, which lead past standing rock formations and cliffs. This section features as well fences, balloons fashioned in the image of Sonic and Shadow's heads that float above, advertisement signs, blimps, and tent canopies. After getting past the grandstand section, the race course will lead through a forest area. Here, the roads are made out of giant hollowed-out tree trucks and tree bark. The nature is also more dense out here, with alien trees (both small and gigantic) everywhere, creepers crawling up said trees, and rock formations forming arching gates. Along the course, the player can also spot numerous Wisps on the sidelines that are watching the races.


Wisp Circuit remains fairly simple in terms of design. Gimmicks worth mentioning here are for example the lawns at the beginning of the track which only Technique-Type characters can drive across without losing speed, which they can utilize to cut corners. There are also tire stacks along the sides of the roads that Power-Type characters can bash through without taking damage. Alternatively, the player can destroy these tire stacks with certain Wisp power-ups That aside, there are no other unique gimmicks or obstacles on this track.


Map of the Wisp Circuit.

Shortly after taking off from the starting line, the road will make a U-turn to the right on a sloping terrain and continue forward in the direction opposite to that of the starting line's initial direction. Along the road in this section, there will be the central, asphalted road that all the characters can drive on and lawn spots along the sides which slows the characters down. After going forward for a while, the road will then make a ninety degree turn to the right. Along the corner of that swing are tire stacks. In addition, there is a lawn and a railing behind the tires.

After getting through the ninety degree wing, the asphalted road turns into a hollowed out tree truck that splits into three paths that wind between each other. The middle path is the fastest of the three and contains several boost pads and a loop, but features no Item Boxes. The side paths on the left and right of the middle path on the other hand are slower but contain Item Boxes.[2]

The three roads eventually meet up again onto a larger road, which will then make another long, but rightward U-turn. After that, the road will turn smoothly to the right before making a sharp turn in the leftward direction. After then going straight forward for a while, the road will turn ninety degrees to the left before jumping off a ramp right before the finish line. Players can pull off stuns of this drop to build up a boost to give them an edge. After that, the player will land on the asphalted road that heads straight to the finish line.

Wisp Circuit also has its own mirror image version of it where the left and right sides are interchanged.


Easter egg found by hacking the camera.


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"Wisp Circuit: Intro Fly-by/Lap Music" SEGA / Jun Senoue & Sonic Adventure Music Experience 4:20
"Wisp Circuit: Final Lap" SEGA / Jun Senoue & Sonic Adventure Music Experience 2:40
"Wisp Circuit: Goal" SEGA / Jun Senoue & Sonic Adventure Music Experience 0:07



Team Sonic Racing Wisp Circuit (Sonic) 1080 HD


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