The Wire Target[note 1] is a gimmick that appears in Sonic Forces. They are floating objects designed to allow the Avatar to grapple using the Wire Attack.


Wire Targets are floating rings that can open up by splitting into pieces. They also have a glowing cyan center. They come in two colorations: yellow and red.


A red Wire Target.

Wire Targets only appear in Avatar-exclusive stages or stages with the Tag gameplay mechanic. In gameplay, the player can lock into a Wire Target and grapple onto it with the Wire Attack, allowing their playable character(s) to automatically swing to new locations.

There are two variations of the Wire Targets, which are based on their colors. The yellow ones automatically forces the player to grapple onto them and the red ones require the player to grapple onto them manually.


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  1. The name of the object is not officially named in the instruction manual, but it was named in the game's model, material and texture files stored in the game's main archive.

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