Quotation1.svg Clean up the competition with an epic wave. Kick back and watch your rivals bail! Quotation2.svg
— Description, Sonic Forces: Speed Battle

Wipeout is a Projectile Item that appears in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle.


Wipeout takes the form of a giant wave of water.


In gameplay, Wipeout can only be obtained at random from Item Boxes by Tropical Storm and Tidal Wave. As with most other Items, Metal Sonic can also use Wipeout if he uses Steal to steal it from the aforementioned users.

When using Wipeout, the playable character sends a wave down three lanes. Opponents that make contact with this wave will take damage and slow down temporarily. The only way to dodge Wipeout is to jump over it or change lanes fast. Players also have a chance to find two Wipeouts in an Item Box instead of one if their level is at least 6, and three Wipeouts at level 12.

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