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This location exists primarily or exclusively within the IDW Publishing continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Winterburg[1] is a location that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. It is a city on Sonic's world.


Winterburg is a big city known for very large buildings and a water tower. As a testament to its name, the city receives and contains a lot of snow.[1][2]


All or Nothing

Master Zik set out to Winterburg. There, he ruthlessly controlled a large horde of Zombots from a destroyed water tower that he telekinetically levitated and had them infect everything in sight. After a while, Master Zik contacted Zavok, who was still on the Faceship, and told him that the invasion was going well and he could see the virus spreading through the forests beyond, believing that the continent will be fully converted in a few days. A while later, as Master Zik was busy commanding Zombots to begin infecting different areas, he was called on by a voice; it came from Jet the Hawk, who, with the Babylon Rogues, was looking to intercept him.[1][3]

Master Zik quickly used his powers to take control of their Extreme Gears, forcing them to fall off onto the ground below; he then hopped on Jet's board, noting that they were impressive and stating that he may take one of them for himself. When Jet taunted Master Zik for not fighting his own battles, he made it clear to the hawk that he retired from the battlefield long ago but was prepared to teach the Babylon Rogues a lesson in discipline and humility. When the trio lunged at him, Master Zik sent Wave and Storm's boards back at them. Due to this, Jet managed to knock the Zeti back and reclaim his board. When Jet began to gloat over him, Master Zik pointed out to him how Wave and Storm were now surrounded by a horde of Zombots.[3]

Jet stays behind with Wave and Storm to face a Zombot horde, from Sonic the Hedgehog #28.

Jet furiously demanded that Master Zik let them go, only for the Zeti to taunt him for only now understanding the consequences of threatening his elders. Wave and Storm fended off the Zombots below with their respective equipment; Wave told Jet to leave before it was too late but also berated him as she told him earlier that a full frontal assault was a bad idea; Storm asked what they were going to do as he could not do what he usually did, which was to punch others. Master Zik took glee in watching Jet try to act on his own, saying one should not sacrifice their teammates unless it benefited them and that all he had to do was say one command for Jet to lose everything. He then asked if he could beg for mercy to entertain him. Refusing to give up, Jet stated that the Babylon Rogues did not beg, give up or lose and hit Master Zik with a large gale of wind from his Bashōsen. As the Zeti fell toward Storm, the albatross powerfully punched him overhead. Wave then used her wrench to grab the Chaos Emerald off of him. Defeated and defenseless, Master Zik was soon grabbed by Zombots while he told Jet that he was not tactical or skillful, but lucky. Wave gave the Chaos Emerald to Jet telling him to leave without her and Storm as her board was lost to the Zombots and Storm's was nearly smashed to pieces. Jet pondered about this while looking at the Chaos Emerald and made a decision; he tied the Emerald to his board and sent it through the Warp Portal. As he readied himself to fight with his teammates, Jet told them that like he told the Zeti, the Babylon Rogues do not lose. According to him, Sonic will get the Emerald and do his hero thing, but they will show the Zombots a real challenge in the meantime.[2]

Out of the Blue

After Super Sonic and Super Silver had reversed the effects of the Metal Virus all around the world, the residents of Winterburg were cured and celebrated the destruction of the Metal Virus. However, the locals did not Master Zik make his retreat to meet Zavok and discuss a counterattack. The Babylon Rogues also celebrated their victory. [4]

Zeti Hunt!

The destruction of the Egg Base near Winterburg, from Sonic the Hedgehog #41.

Dr. Eggman later came to Winterburg to track down the Deadly Six, only to engage Sonic in battle. Master Zik, who was hiding in the area, overheard the two's conversation, from which he learned that Zavok was still alive. He then decided to set off to gather his pack and meet up with his former student. Sometime later, Sonic destroyed the Egg Base near Winterburg, forcing Eggman to flee. Sonic then began heading out to help contain the Deadly Six's attacks.[5] Since the Chaotix had deduced that Winterburg would be one of the potential sites for another attack from the Deadly Six, Sonic stayed in that location, awaiting the Deadly Six. However, upon discovering that the Deadly Six were attacking Restoration HQ, Sonic quickly ran to the Emeraldville Ruins.[6]


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