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Sonic Lost World
Windy Hill (Wii U)

Sonic Lost World
Windy Hill (3DS)

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Windy Hill is the first level in Sonic Lost World. Windy Hill is located on Lost Hex, the main setting of the game. It features an idyllic, grassy setting, with lush green trees and simple plant life. It is similar to the Green Hill Zone in many aspects, such as having sections of the soil in brown checkerboard pattern, and water flows with timber bridges over them.



Nintendo 3DS

The 3DS version contains a tutorial act that serves to get the player acquainted with the game's new control system and parkour moves.

Act One

Wii U

Act One of Windy Hill starts off with a open-world-like platform, where Sonic can walk above, on the side, and below the platform to move forward. Alternate pathways can vary between which side Sonic is on. Most of the act is like this, as the middle section features Sonic running left to right on a bird-eyes view plain. This level features cloud platforms similar to those in Sky Sanctuary, where Sonic can jump on them and bounce off of the clouds to jump higher. Giant springs on same little planetoids are present to help Sonic navigate is way towards the goal, which contains a Capsule.

Nintendo 3DS

The level is broken up into sections separated by large springs. The first section involves Sonic running up a wall and platforming. Speed Shoes are available in this section. Two Red Rings can also be found. The second section is a short auto-running section where Sonic can gain some rings and a Lightning Shield. In the third section, Sonic moves between moving landmasses spawned by giant totem poles. In the fourth section, Sonic can use the new purple Wisp; this section introduces Caterkillers and a large Sandworm that blocks springs used to gain access to new sections. The next section has Sonic running across crumbling platforms while avoiding Motobugs, bouncing on clouds and using Dash Rings, and avoiding spike balls. The next section is comprised mostly of wall-running. After that, Sonic is launched into a side-scrolling chase/platforming sequence involving him running from a giant pink Sandworm, similar to Classic Sonic's Orca chase from the 3DS version of Sonic Generations. After outrunning it, Sonic is launched to the final section containing the Capsule.


Sonic lost world screenshot

Sonic in a 2.5D act of Windy Hill.

It appears that another act of Windy Hill will be in a 2.5D format act, as well as an evening version of the stage. An evening act of Windy Hill was also confirmed for the Nintendo 3DS version via from the trailer. Besides the trailer and the screenshot, this act has little information about itself.


  • In the Wii U version, bouncing off of the clouds causes Sonic to give off after-images and attract nearby rings. Neither of these effects occur in the 3DS version when bouncing off clouds.
  • The zone was originally called Wind Hill Zone, but it was changed for unknown reasons.
  • Windy Hill is also the same name based off of a segment of Windy Valley. Interestingly, the game Windy Hill appears in (that being Sonic Lost World) has also the same name as a Sonic Adventure action stage.
  • In the 3DS version at the ends of the partially cylindrical stage are wooden mallets so this pretty means The Player is only limited to the left, center, and right side of the stage, instead of all four sides.
  • When Sonic is Parkour Running on walls on the Wii U version, you can see Sonic's after-images when doing so, In the 3DS version red, and white stars are shown.
  • Sonic eventually gets tired when he's doing the wall-running for a certain period of time.


Wii U


Nintendo 3DS




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