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This location exists primarily or exclusively within the IDW Publishing continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Oh yeah! This place is great! There's lots of kids my age! And tons of mountain flowers! And they have the best honey tarts ever!

Charmy Bee, Sonic the Hedgehog #5

Windmill Village[4] is a location that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. It is a remote mountain village[5] on Sonic's world.


Windmill Village is a small pleasant town with several loosely spread buildings, a village plaza, and a windmill. The village is also home to several six-year-old kids and has tons of mountain flowers.[2]



After the Eggman War, Dr. Eggman appeared in Windmill Village without warning in a poor condition. While the villagers were unsure of how Eggman surived, they nonetheless locked him up immediately. The next day, however, they discovered Eggman had broke out of his cell, albeit for the purpose of reinforcing it. Curious, the villagers tested and questioned Eggman for days. However, never once did he show signs of his villanous ways. Upon realizing that Eggman suffered from amnesia, the villagers nursed the wounds of this new helpful Eggman and took him in. In return for their kindness, Eggman, who eventually assumed the alias of "Mr. Tinker", would repair anything the villagers brought him, from the smallest works to the largest construction efforts, becoming a blessing to Windmill Village.[2] Evenutally, Eggman would create a wooden robot named Belle the Tinkerer to help him with his work. Despite their initial worry, the villagers decided to give Belle a chance.[3]


While residing inside a house in Windmill Village, Eggman saw a child crying over his busted wagon and promised he would fix it and everything else soon.[6]

The Fate of Dr. Eggman

Mr. Tinker with some children, from Sonic the Hedgehog #5.

Receiving an anonymous tip on Eggman's whereabouts, the Chaotix Detective Agency found Eggman in Windmill Village and found out about his amnesia. The Chaotix proceeded to watch him for days, until they were sure that it was not another one of Eggman's tricks. Espip later brought Sonic to Village illage, defeating the numerous Badniks who attacked them along the way. When Sonic arrived in Windmill Village, he initially did not buy Eggman's new persona. He and the Chaotix proceeded to debate about what to do, until Elder Scruffy spoke up and told them of how Eggman had been a blessing to the village. After a while however, another group of Badniks launched an attack on Windmill Village. The Chaotix rushed to stop them, while Sonic decided to deal with Eggman, sensing that it was all part of his plan. However, Sonic was proven wrong, as he saw the doctor help protect the children of the village from the attack. After Sonic and the Chaotix repelled the Badniks and returned to the village, Sonic apologized to Eggman, and the Chaotix intended to go in search of the real Eggman if "Tinker" turned out to be someone else. When Sonic got ready to leave however, Eggman told him to come back for a visit soon, as he wanted to show him Eggman Land once it was completed. Then, to everyone's surprise, Shadow and Rouge appeared.[2]

Mr. Tinker reveals his version of Eggman Land, from Sonic the Hedgehog #6.

With Shadow intend on ending Eggman, Sonic tried to stop Shadow, prompting the two hedgehogs to start fighting with each other outside Windmill village. Meanwhile, Rouge revealed to the Chaotix that she had given them the clue to Eggman's whereabouts so they could scout out Eggman's backstory and bring in Sonic before Shadow arrived. Later, Shadow caught up Eggman and told him to show him "Eggman Land". As it turned out however, it was just an innocent indoor attraction Eggman had made for the local children. Faced with the absence of any threat, Shadow and Rouge left the village, and Sonic said goodbye to Eggman.[7]

Battle For Angel Island

While singing for the children who was playing in Windmill Village's Eggman Land amusement part, Eggman received a visit from Rough the Skunk and Tumble the Skunk, who promptly kidnapped the doctor on behalf of Dr. Starline.[8] The villagers wanted to tell Sonic about this, but were unable to find him.[4] Meanwhile, Belle was left alone, unable to find her creator.[3]


Tumble fighting Sonic, from Sonic the Hedgehog #13.

About a week after kidnapping Dr. Eggman, Rough and Tumble returned to Windmill Village with new weapons. After arriving, they trapped the villagers in the community center and left a beaten Elder Scruffy hanging from a tree. Sonic and Tails later arrived in Windmill Village after receiving a cryptic letter. Upon finding and freeing Elder Scruffy, Sonic and Tails heard of what had happened in their absence. Immediately after, Rough and Tumble showed up. In order to distract the skunk thugs while Tails and Elder Scruffy freed the villagers, Sonic engaged Rough and Tumble. At this point, Big wandered through the village still looking for Froggy. During the fight, Sonic deduced that someone was helping Rough and Tumble and demanded that they told him where Eggman was. While Rough expressed a willingness to tattle if Sonic beat them, Tumble insisted on pressing on the attack. After freeing the villagers, Tails had them stay hidden while he helped Sonic fight Rough and Tumble. Eventually, Tails defeated Rough by using his Vapor Condenser against him while Sonic defeated Tumble by destroying his new prosthetic club tail with the village's windmill. Before Sonic could get Rough to tattle however, the skunks got pulled through a portal. As Sonic and Tails speculated that the old Eggman was back and helping the skunk brothers, and that someone else was aiding them, Sonic left Windmill Village to get some answers while Tails stayed to fix the village's damage.[4][9]

Later on, Windmill Village was visited by the no-longer-amnesiac Dr. Eggman in his new flying fortress, the Faceship. Eggman subsequently used his Faceship to dowse the village with the Metal Virus. This turned the population of the village into Zombots. Eggman then sent the infected villagers off to infect other people.[10] Meanwhile, Belle, who was immune to the Metal Virus, hid from the Zombots. Afterward, following everyone's departure, Belle remained in Windmill Village, all alone.[3]

Out of the Blue

Shortly after the Zombot apocalypse ended, the villagers returned to Windmill Village. However, the people accused Belle of being an Eggman spy. They also got rid of all of Eggman's creations and would get angry at Belle when she tried to repair anything. Eventually, Belle chose to leave Windmill Village and find her creator.[3]

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