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For the technique that appears in Sonic Battle, see Windmill.

Windmills are gimmicks that appear in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Based on real life windmills, these objects are used for elevation.


Windmills are giant brown colored windmills with eight blades each. On the tip of each windmill's blade is a platform which can be stood on. The windmills circulate around, either on their own power or due to added weight on one side.


In the Wii U version and PC version of Sonic Lost World, Windmills are located at various points in Windy Hill. The windmills in Windy Hill Zone 1 are huge and constantly moving, presumably because of the wind. The player can climb up them to reach different paths.

The windmills introduced in Windy Hill Zone 4 are stationary until the player jumps on their platforms. If the player jumps on a specific side (i.e. a platform on the left side), the Windmill will quickly move (i.e. counterclockwise), potentially launching the player into the air. If the player lands on a platform too close to the middle of the windmill, it will not launch the player into the air. The player can use this primarily to reach Rings (including the last Red Star Ring in that Zone).

The windmills that appear in Sky Road Zone 1 have a slightly different design, and only the large, moving ones appear. Otherwise they function exactly the same.


  • The lone windmill at the start of Windy Hill Zone 2 is unique for a few reasons—not only is it the only windmill at all in that Zone, but it is the smallest of the windmills that move on their own and it is the only one of that kind to appear in 2D.

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