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This group exists primarily or exclusively within the Archie Comics continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

The Wily Robot Masters[1] are a group that appear in the Mega Man comic series, and the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs, published by Archie Comics. They are Robot Masters who have acted in service to Dr. Albert W. Wily, some having been built by the doctor himself while others were merely designed by him or reprogrammed to do his bidding. They served in the Robot Master Army under the command of Wily and Dr. Eggman, and on another occasions several joined the heroes who fought against Sigma.


Worlds Collide

Prior to launching the second Genesis Wave with Dr. Eggman, Dr. Wily had created a number of Robot Masters that served as his minions. These Robot Masters joined him the Skull Egg Zone to help construct the Wily Egg, from which the Genesis Wave was launched. Almost immediately upon his home reality being altered, Wily became aware of a multitude of other Robot Masters he had employed in the altered timeline and eagerly began making plans to Time-Clone them as part of a Robot Master Army. However, he and Eggman first developed a new team of robots combining Robot Master technology with Eggman's roboticization process: the Roboticized Masters. In order to gather subjects, Wily deployed one of his Robot Masters-the powerful Bass-alongside Eggman's Metal Sonic.[2]

Yet another Robot Master, Copy Robot, was deployed by the Doctors in order to capture the Chaotix for roboticization. He also joined Metal Sonic in tricking Mega Man and Sonic into battling one another.[3] When the heroes and their allies entered the Skull Egg Zone, Copy Robot met them with the Genesis Unit-yet another trio of Masters-backing him up.[4] The Robot Master Shadow Man also teamed up with his Roboticized Master namesake to challenge the heroes. Despite their victories in these battles, however, the heroes had yet to meet the full brunt of the Wily Robot Masters: the army sent out as the first line of defense for the Wily Egg.[5]

The vast majority of the Wily Robot Masters participated in the battle outside the Wily Egg, alongside other Robot Masters associated with Wily at one point over time.[6] The Mega Man Killers and Bass waited for the heroes inside the Wily Egg, the latter assisted by Metal Sonic and Treble. The interior forces were defeated, but the army outside nearly succeeded in destroying the heroes until the Light Robot Masters arrived to back them up. When the Super Genesis Wave washed over the battlefield, all combatants disappeared, and Super Armor Mega Man subsequently returned all the Robot Masters-the Wily Robot Masters included-to their proper places in space and time.[7][8][9]

Worlds Unite

Several of Wily Robot Masters as part of the alliance against Sigma, from Mega Man #50.

Later, when the villainous Sigma sent Sonic Man to Mega City to sent up one of the Unity Engines and he defeated the Light Robot Masters, several of Wily Robot Masters who had been reprogrammed were called upon to stop the roboticized hedgehog. Teamed with Quake Woman, they attacked Sonic Man but proved to be no match for him, and only escaped destruction due to the timely intervention of Break Man.[1] As their world began to merge with Sonic's World, the Robot Masters were brought into contact with the Freedom Fighters and their allies, with whom they worked together to save civilians and themselves from the calamities attending the planetary fusion. Then, under the leadership of Flash Man, they boarded the Sky Patrol along with Mega Man, Sonic, Roll, Knuckles the Echidna, Gemerl, the Freedom Fighters, the Maverick Hunters, and Team Sticks in order to do battle with the evil Sigma.[10]

As it became clear that their worlds were deteriorating, the group was unexpectedly joined by Eggman, Wily, and Xander Payne, who directed the heroes in setting a course for the Lost Hex. Unbeknownst to them, their teammate Shadow Man planned to betray them all in Wily's behalf.[11] The group later joined their allies in battling the Deadly Six and their Mechaniloid army above the Lost Hex. Unfortunately, they fell victim to the machinery manipulating powers of the Zeti and were turned against their organic allies.[12] Luckily, Eggman and Wily were able to free them using the Egg-Wily Uppity Robot Scrambler Cannon, only for they and their allies to be set upon by Sigma's Maverick army.[13] After being saved from a handful of them by the heroes of the world of Street Fighter, they split into groups with their allies to pursue the Mavericks to various worlds.[14] They then appeared as part of a massive force that attacked Sigma, only to be overcome by his ultimate form.[15] Fortunately, Super Sonic and Super Armor Mega Man defeated him with the unlikely aid of Eggman and Wily, and Xander Payne then acted to erase these events from history. As such, the Robot Masters were returned to their former place in time on Earth 20XX.[16]


  • Of all the Wily Robot Masters featured in Worlds Collide, only DWN 009-025, 028, 042, 045, 065, 067 and 074 had been adapted into the Mega Man comic series by the time of the Worlds Collide crossover.
  • Though almost all of Wily's Robot Masters bear a DWN (Doctor Wily Number) designation, not all of them were created or designed by Dr. Wily:
    • Numbers 025-032 were created by Dr. Cossack.
    • Numbers 041-048 and 073-080 had unidentified creators in the Mega Man video games.
  • Bass' designation stands for Special Wily Number, the Genesis Unit are known as Wily Wars Numbers, and the Mega Man Killers are designation as Mega Man Killer Numbers.
  • Plant Man has a secondary serial code, "DAN-001", in the Archie comic series, which refers to his creator Dr. Pedro Astil.


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