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Widabits are creatures that appear in the Sonic Boom television series. They are a species of endangered animals native to Seaside Island.



  • A female Widabit
  • An alternate-colored male widabit.

Widabits are large, four-legged creatures covered in fur. They have small cloven hooves with stout bodies, wide faces, short tails, and whiskers. They also have dark markings around their eyes, mouths and round noses, and pale markings on their foreheads.

Female widabits have blue markings around their faces, dark reddish-pink fur with pale pink markings and hindquarters, and pale purple underbellies. Male widabits have more pinkish-drab fur all over, with black markings around their eyes and pale markings on their head. Male widabits also have horns protruding from their noses and sharp teeth.

Certain male widabits have more vibrant colors, such as yellow, with pale underbellies and blue tufts of hair.

Characteristics and culture

Many tend to describe widabits as "majestic", "delicate" and "serene" when they are actually ugly, sloppy and brutish beasts that make loud and resounding growls and roars. They are known for their musk, which gives off an exceptionally foul and pungent odor (some more potent than others). They also do not exhibit high intelligence; in one case, a widabit kept putting itself in the line of lasers despite the oblivious danger. They are also so stubborn by nature that once they have made up their mind, there is no changing it.[1]

When seeking a mate, female widabits seek out a specific spot for their nesting ritual. Once they have made their choice, they mark the grounds with drool. For attracting mates, female widabits have their own mating call. Once a male widabit hears a female's call, it will come running towards the source, ignoring all obstacles along the way.[1]

Widabits' courting rituals may take weeks, or months, depending on how efficient the mating call of a female widabit is. Even if they should attract a male though, female widabits are very picky about choosing a mate, as they will only pick their "true soul mate". If a pair of widabits do not find themselves compatible, they get very aggressive and hostile towards each other, prompting them to snarl, hiss and attack one another. In such situations, the female asserts the most dominance.[1]

Once two widabits have chosen each other as their mate, they will commence with their courting rituals on the female's nesting grounds, which will last for about a week.[1]

Powers and abilities

While not superhuman, the widabits have fairly high strength and speed: a single male could push back the combined strength of Sonic, Tails and Amy, and another one could run much faster than Tails.[1]


TV series

Season two

Have You Ever Said A Word You're Not Supposed To Say - Fine Brothers Entertainment Vines

Team Sonic dealing with the widabits.

When a female widabit chose Sonic's Shack for it courting ritual, the ESC kicked Sonic out of his home. To advance the ritual, Tails set up loudspeakers and played a mating call which attracted a male. However, the female and male refused each other despite Team Sonic's attempts to persuade them.[1]

Thanks to the loudspeaker, Forty-eight other male widabits arrived at the shack soon after (just as ESC's Fastidious Beaver halted a fight between Eggman and Sonic to save a widabit intruding on them). However, the female rejected them as well. Seeking now to get the rights to relocate the widabits at Sonic's Shack by having fifty of them in one place, Team Sonic rounded up another male widabit, whom the female approved. However, their courting ritual forced Sonic to postpone the planned relocation.[1]

During a misadventure, Team Sonic ended up in a cave where they disturbed several widabits. Angered, the widabits chased after the fleeing crew.[2]


Considered extremely rare and majestic creatures, a series of government regulations have been established to protect the widabits. These rules prohibit people from harming the widabits and getting in the way of their mating rituals. As such, it is allowed by animal welfare organizations to bureaucratically decree both public areas and domiciles as protected areas for the widabit should it chose these places to reside in. These organizations are also allowed to vacate any residents or visitors from such areas to keep the widabits undisturbed.[1]

It is illegal to relocate widabits unless there are fifty or more of them in one place. Places qualified to host widabits include a farm, a glue factory, or a nature preserve. Under no circumstances, however, should two widabits' courting ritual be disturbed once it begins.[1]


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