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Sonic Underground
Who Do You Think You Are (transcript)

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This is the Transcript for the Sonic Underground episode "Who Do You Think You Are"'.

[Theme song plays.]

Queen Aleena (Narrating): As my children learned about each other, they also learned from each other. And sometimes, the road to learning took them to far away places...
[Raphi runs out from a building, then bumps into one of Robotnik's Swatbots. The Swatbots chase after him as he sprints away, trying to escape.]
Raphi: [Gasps]
Swatbot: Subject vanished, orders. Return to control room. Maintain surveillance.
[The Swatbots fly away, and Raphi escapes.]

[Cuts to next scene.]

[Sonic is busy cleaning the Camper Van.]
Sonic: Could use a little help here...
Sonia: And get dirty? No way!
[A stranger walks up towards Manic from the darkness and hands a scroll over to him. Manic takes it and unravels the paper.]
Manic: Most excellent!
Sonic: Oh man, this is gonna take about...
[Sonic dashes all around the vehicle swiftly.]
Sonic: ...A second.
[Sonic runs to Sonia.]
Sonic: Hey sis. You can come out now, work's done!
[Sonia turns her head, revealing it to be covered with mud.]
Sonic: [Screams dramatically]
Sonia: Very funny. It's a mud pack.
Sonic: You hate getting dirty but you smear mud all over your face?
Sonia: It's a special cosmetic mud from Tashistan!
Sonic: Mud which is dirt, plus water?!
[Manic enters.]
Manic: [Clears his throat] It is rumored that in the catacombs beneath the palace lies the royal journal of her majesty Aleena.
Sonic: [Gasps] Palace? Where?

[Cuts to next scene.]

Sonia: There it is, Tashistan!
Sonic: Home of your favorite mud Sonia!
Sonia: Give it a rest Sonic.
[Sonic sees a round airship outside the vehicle window...]
Sonic: Huh? Whoa, check that out!
Manic: Whoa! Sleet and Dingo's tribute ship!:
Sonia: Great timing. Maybe we should wait until they leave.
Sonic: Nah, what's the difference? Actually, having them right here makes me feel right at home!

[Cuts to Sleet and Dingo.]

Sleet: Double the patrols. Nobody escapes tribute this time.
Swatbot: Yes sir.
[Sonic, Manic and Sonia arrive in the Camper Van. They walk out together.]
Sonia: We need a plan to get to the royal journal without being seen by Ro-buttnik's bad boys. Suggestions?
Manic: I vote for the sewer.
Sonic: Sewer sounds good to me!
Sonia: Oh wait a minute... I say we use disguises. We can walk in right past the guards!
Sonic: But why take a chance? Oh I get it... no sewer - no dirt.
Sonia: You got that right Sonic. I won't set foot in a smelly, dirty sewer.
Sonic: Oh, how about we go as mud wrestlers? Then we could be in disguise, and get beautiful at the same time.
Sonia: Oh, ha, ha, funny. You do it your way, I'll do it mine.
[Sonia storms off wearing a purple robe.]
Sonic and Manic: [Laughs]
Sonic: Was there something I said?
Manic: I think I'll check out the sewers.
Sonic: Good idea! I'll buzz the town.

[Cuts to next scene.]

[Raphi smacks a Surveillance Bot away using a wooden stick, destroying it. He hides in an alleyway while a Swatbot reports the robot's destruction.]

[Cuts to Sleet and Dingo.]

Swatbot: Identified, Raphi Hajani, Resistance. Wanted for destruction of Surveillance Bots.
Sleet: Don't worry. By this time tomorrow, he won't be a problem.
Dingo: Roboticizer, Roboticizer! Can I pull the lever this time, Sleet? Can I, can I?!
Sleet: No. I have a plan...
[Sleet presses a button on the Shapeshift Remote an Dingo transforms into a Surveillance Bot.]
Dingo: Uh... I don't think I like this plan, I don't want to be a bot.
Sleet: The bots don't bounce back when they're hit. But you will... You can lead us right to the kid, don't you want to be a hero?
Dingo: No...
Sleet: Well you don't get to vote. Get out there! Move it!
[Cuts to Sonia.]
[Sonia spots Dingo in his bot form.]
Sonia: [Gasps] Dingo!
[Sonia chases after Dingo and the Swatbots chase after Sonia.]
[Raphi watches as Dingo comes closer in the form of a bot. Then, he whacks him away.]
Dingo: Ow!
[Dingo hits a wall.]
Dingo: That wasn't fun.
[The Swatbots edge up on Sonia.]
Swatbot: Halt!

[Sonia brings out her piano and shoots at the Swatbots. Sonia and Dingo meet.]

Dingo: Sonia! Oh Sonia! [Imitates kissing noises]
Raphi: [Walks around the corner, and sees Dingo in his Surveillance Bot form.] I have never heard one talk before... Say goodbye bot!
[Raphi whacks Dingo away again using his wooden stick. Dingo bounces off the wall, and then crashes into Sonia.]
Dingo: Ow!
Sonia: Oh!
Swatbot: Halt! You're under arrest!
Sonia: [dazed] Huh, what?
Raphi: Uh-oh.
Raphi: Quick! Come with me. [Takes Sonia's hand, and starts running.]
Sonia: Huh?
Raphi: Listen, I am your friend. We must get away from here.
Sonia: I don't remember you friend, but okay!
[Raphi dashes away as he holds Sonia's arm.]

[Cuts to Sleet]

Sleet: Unbelievable! Priority one. Hedgehog alert, set to 17a.

[Cuts back to Sonia and Raphi]

Raphi: We are almost there. Just to the end of this street.
[Several Swatbots appear.]
Sonia: [Gasp] Hello! Hi-ya!
[Sonia knocks down a Swatbot. Another Swatbot grabs Raphi's arm.]
Raphi: Ouch!
Sonia: Hey! Don't you hurt my friend!
[Sonia picks up the Swatbot and throws him at the whole pack of Swatbots behind them.]
Raphi: How did you do that?
Sonia: I don't know!
Raphi: Well I hope you can do that again!
[Raphi points towards the huge group of Swatbots in the sky.]
Sonia: Spin and win time! [surprised] Huh? Where'd that come from?
Raphi: What are you going to... do?
[Sonia swiftly spins around, getting ready to take action. She uses her Sonia Spin to destroy the enemies that stood in her path.]
Raphi: [Gets hit by several small chunks of dirt launched by Sonia's Spin.] Ah! Stop!
Raphi: [Runs over to a wall, and opens a vent.] Quickly, in here!
Sonia: Okay!
[They both enter the vent, with Raphi closing it behind them.]
[All of a sudden, Sonic dashes by and notices the broken robots laying flat on the ground.]
Sonic: Mongo mess! Wonder what happened!?
Sonic: [Notices a piece of fabric on the ground.] Sonia's shawl! Sonia!!!

[Cuts to Sonia and Raphi. They are both walking through a dark underground tunnel.]

Sonic: [offscreen] SONIA!!!
Raphi: Listen! Was 'zat not 'ze name the bot called you?
Sonia: Was it?
Raphi: Well whoever you are, you better come home with me until you remember! These streets are dangerous!
[Sonic calls Sonia's name once again but both of them were unable to hear as they walked on further away.]

[Cuts to next scene.]

Raphi: You'll be safe here.
[Raphi shuts the door behind him.]
Raphi: Mother, this is Sonia. At least, I think that is her name. She helped me escape from 'ze bots. She may have lost her memory.
Raphi's mother: Ah, welcome to our home child!
Sonia: Thank you!
Raphi: And this is Nana
Sonia: Ohh... look at this!
[Sonia sticks her finger in some gloop.]
Sonia: Y'know, this might make a great facial!
[Sonia splats it on her face.]
Raphi, Raphi's mother and Nana: [Gasp dramatically]
Raphi: Uh, we use it to make pottery.
Sonia: [Chuckles], Hm, yeah, that works too.

[Cuts to next scene.]

[Manic climbs out from a gutter. Then Sonic appears in a flash.]
Sonic: Mongo problemo bro! Sonia's missing!
Manic: Let's beat feet and find her! I'll check from the rooftops!
[Manic casually walks away as his brother dashes off in a hurry.]

[Cuts to next scene. Sleet transforms Dingo back into his normal form with the Shapeshift Remote.]

Sleet: The hedgehog's are here! And the boy is with them. What's going on?!!

[Cuts to next scene. Sonia, Raphi, Mom and Nana are sat round a table eating.]

Sonia: Huh? How... interesting.
Raphi: I'm sorry. It's all we have!
Sonia: Oh, of course.
[Sonia holds out her Medallion.]
Mom: That is beautiful. It looks valuable!
Sonia: It's odd looking isn't it? I suppose I should know what it is but... uh...
[Sonia begins to shed tears.]
Mom: It is alright my child. Be patient, I'm sure your memory will come back.

[Cuts to next scene.]

[Manic slides down a large pole. Sonic dashes back to where they both came from.]
Sonic: Anything?
Manic: My bud, leader of the thieves guild says there were no arrests today!
Sonic: Thieves guild?

[Cuts to Sonia and Raphi.]

Raphi: Come, I must sell my pots. You better cover your face, it is the custom here and the bots will notice.
Sonia: Well what about you?!
Raphi: I am a boy! Besides, I am so quick they will never catch me.
Sonia: You really remind me of somebody.
[Raphi and Sonia carry on walking ahead.]
Abdul: No more pots today.
Raphi: But Abdul! These are Nana's best!
Abdul: Alright. I'll give you two Dinars for all of them.
Raphi: Two Dinars? You'd take the food from the mouths of my children... if I had children.
Abdul: [Chuckles], If you had children! [Laughs] Alright, four Dinars!
Raphi: Deal!
Sonia: And some of that bread! Oh, do you have any bree?
Abdul: Huh?
Sonia: Uh never mind. I guess this will be all.
Abdul: Thirty-seven Dinars please!
Sonia: I'm sorry, I don't have any money.
[Sonia's scarf blows away by the wind. Then, Sonia's necklace sparkles.]
Stall Owner: Would you trade your necklace?!
Sonia: It is odd looking, but still...
[The stall owner dives under his desk and pulls out some golden coins.]
Stall Owner: And, I will give you ten gold Riyals as well.
[Sonia pulls her scarf back on and hands over her necklace. The stall owner gives her ten Riyals in return. Then, Manic passes right by her but without noticing. The stall owner then closes his shop, and deliver's Sonia's Medallion to a nearby Swatbot.]

[Cuts to next scene.]

Sonic: Not a zip, nothing.
[Manic returns.]
Manic: Same here. But I got an idea... How about a song!
Sonic: Yeah, like I really feel like singing right now...
Manic: [Sniggers], Dude, you don't get it! If we play a song, Sonia hears it, and she finds us!
Sonic: Not bad! Glad I thought of it.
[Sonic and Manic bring out their instruments from their precious necklaces.]
Sonic: Hey...
Manic: One, two, three!
["We Need to Be Free" plays.]
Raphi: They are good.
Sonia: But something's missing...I think it's me.
[Sonia starts dancing.]
Raphi: Wow!
[Crowd cheers. Then, all of a sudden, the Swatbots invade the area. People begin to run as the Swatbots chase from behind.]
Sonic: Hang on bro.
[Sonic and Manic force their way through the crowd.]
Swatbot: Halt! You are under arrest.
Sonia: And you're... Under cover!
[Sonia pulls down a blanket from one of the stalls over the Swatbots to trap them. The Swatbot knocks over a large ppt of liquid on Sonia, as they were unable to see being covered by a blanket.]
Sonic: Uh oh! They messed up!
Manic: Whoa, stand back - She's gonna blow!
Sonia: [to Raphi] C'mon, let's go!
[Sonia and Raphi run.]
Manic: They got her dirty and she didn't remove body parts? Is that our Sonia?
Swatbot: Halt! You are under arrest.
[Sonic and Manic jump to avoid the laser blasts and charging Swatbots.]

[Cuts to Sonia and Raphi.]

[Sonia slips as she had yellow liquid all over her, and knocks into a wooden post. Her vision becomes blurry.]
Raphi: Come! We must go!
Sonia: Who are you? Where am I? And what is this?! Eww... Yuck! Ick!
[Sonia and Raphi are suddenly sucked into one of Robotnik's cargo ships via tractor beam]
Raphi: What is happening?!
Sonia and Raphi: [Scream]
Sonia: Oh no, my Medallion; it's gone!
Raphi: sold it, remember?!
Sonia: Oh, oh, oh no. NO!!!
[Sonic and Manic are seen running after the ship.]
Sonic: Sonia!
Sonia: Sonic, Manic!
[The shutter closes, and Sonia is trapped inside the ship, which flies off, with Sonic and Manic looking on in disappointment.]

[Cuts to next scene. Sonia is in a prison cell, and being interrogated by Sleet and Dingo.]

Sonia: Uh, yuck! This smells worse than you Sleet!
Sleet: Poor princess Sybil. Don't worry, you'll get used to the smell.
Sonia: It's Sonia! And I won't be here long enough to get used to it! My brothers will rescue me.
Sleet: Ah, the speedster and the sewer rat? Hmm... Sewer rat... Of course! They'll try the sewers!
[Sleet transforms Dingo into a sea animal using the Shapeshift Remote, and kicks him into a pond.]
Sleet: Make yourself useful, guard the sewers!
Raphi: That is where you belong!
Sleet: Ah yes, Raphi. Such spirit. But we'll take care of that, won't we? With the roboticizer.

[Cuts to the next scene.]

[Sonic dashes for the sewers with his brother Manic.]
Sonic: Uh, yuck! What a smell! Sonia was right, we should've used disguises to sneak in.
Manic: Aw, it's not so bad once you get used to it. C'mon!
[Manic walks through the shallow river with Sonic following behind him.]
Sonic: Yuck! I hate water!
[Manic brings out a flashlight. He shines it on some bars.]
Manic: Not so bad. We can squeeze right through!
[Then, Sonic and Manic see something move under the water.]
Sonic and Manic: [Gasps]
[Dingo jumps out from underneath.]
Dingo: Wha!
[Dingo jumps over Sonic and Manic, pulling the two of them down.]
Sonic and Manic: Ow!
Dingo: Eat muck!
[Sonic dashes out of the water using his Super Sonic Triple Spin, and he grabs ahold of Manic's arm, taking him with him put of the sewer.]
Sonic: Uh. So... What kind of disguise do ya' think it will take to get into the palace?

[Cuts to next scene.]

[Sonic and Manic are disguised in long skirts, wigs, earrings and face coverings.]
Manic: Actually, you looking pretty spiffy!
Sonic: So true.
[Sleet opens the doors.]
Sonic: [Making his voice girly] Oh, hello!
Sleet: And, who are you?
Manic: [Making his voice higher pitched] Uh... The Sultan has sent us to dance for you!
Sleet: Oh really!?
[They all walk into the palace.]
Manic: [Sarcastically] Uh, do you work out? You're soooo strong.

[Cuts to Sonia and Raphi. Raphi is trying to pick the lock to their cell.]

Sonia: How's it coming?
Raphi: Not so good. It's a very old lock.
Sonia: Oh, huh? ...Let me try!
[Sonia runs up from the back wall.]
Sonia: Hi-ya!
[Sonia manages to kick down the gate that had them trapped.]
Raphi: I must learn that!

[Cuts to next scene. Sleet is seen sitting down on an ornate chair, with Sonic and Manic dancing for him.]

Manic: And now, my sister, Sonecia, will do her version of the whirling dervish for you.
[Sonic winks.]
Sleet: Hm. You remind me of somebody...
[Whilst Sleet was looking at Sonic, Manic sneaks into the control room.]
Manic: Mm okay. Let's see! Entrance to the catacombs is right next to the dungeon. Great, we can rescue sis, and search for the journal at the same time.

[Cuts to next scene.]

[Sonia and Raphi walk through past the sewers. Sonia sees a cloaked figure place a scroll on a pedestal, and leave. A hand emerges from the water besides them.]
Sonia: Oh my gosh! Mother?! C'mon!
[Raphi gets pulled into the river by Dingo.]
Raphi: Ahh!
[Sonia runs away and picks up the scroll that she had just seen the figure leave.]
Sonia: A journal! Raphi, this is... Raphi?! ...Raphi!
[Suddenly, Dingo pops out from the river, holding Raphi up by one of his legs.]
Sonia: Dingo, put him down!
Dingo: No. Now I'm gonna hurt your little friend!
[Dingo swims away with Raphi.]
Sonia: Oh I can't do it. I can't do it! But I have to! Raphi? Oh I just had to be a Freedom Fighter, didn't I? Ick!
[Sonia dives into the river.]

[Cuts to next scene.]

[Sleet is still watching Sonic (in disguise) dance. Shortly after, Manic returns.]
Sleet: Wow.
Manic: And now, for our grand finale... the spin of passion!
Sleet: Oo!
[Manic sees Sonia's necklace hanging on the side of Sleet's chair. But then, Sleet grabs it.]
Sleet: [Gasps]
Manic: [Sarcastically] Oo, you're so manly!
[Sleet nods his head.]
[Whilst Sleet is too busy watching Sonic dance, Manic grabs the necklace from Sleet's hand. Then, suddenly, Sonic begins to spin faster, and dashes straight into Sleet, causing him to go flying up in his chair.]
Sleet: Whoa!!!
[Sleet lands back on the ground.]
Sleet: [Dazed] Wow....what a women.
[Sonic and Manic walk away.]

[Cuts to next scene. Sonic and Manic are searching the sewers for Sonia.]

Sonic: Sonia?
Manic: Gone!
[Sonia emerges from the water.]
Sonia: Okay Girls. Just take me to the roboticizer room, and you won't get hurt.
Sonic: Sonia?!
Sonia: Sonic? Manic?
Sonic, Manic, and Sonia: Yuck!

[Cuts to next scene.]

[Dingo grabs Raphi and throws him into the roboticizer.]
Raphi: Huh? No!
Sleet: We take care of this one, then we get Sonia!
Raphi: You may roboticize me, but you'll never stop the Freedom Fighters!
Sleet: Oh that's so cliché...
Sonic: Yet, so true.
[Sleet turns his head.]
Sonic: Hiya big boy.
Sleet: Hedgehogs! Well you're too late! You'll never save him. [Sleet activates the roboticizer.]
Dingo: [to Sonia] Now I'm gonna get you!
[Sonia trips Dingo over.]
Dingo: Woooah! Ow.
[Sonic ties to open up the roboticizer.]
Sonic: Argh! It won't budge!
Manic: [to Sleet] Hey, get away from those controls!
Sleet: I think not.
[Sleet presses a button.]
Sleet: [Laughs maniacally]
[The controls lower, and Sleet escapes through a hole in the floor. Dingo jumps in after him.]
Sleet: Ow! You oaf! [The hole closes.]
Manic: No go Sonic. He took all the controls with him.
Sonic: Spin and win time!
[Sonic destroys the machine by dashing around it numerous times at supersonic speed.]
Sonic: Huh? [Realizes that Raphi's legs have already been roboticized.]

[Cuts to next scene. Raphi and the Sonic Underground are in a house, with the Camper Van parked outside.]

Raphi: I will miss you Sonia.
Sonia: Me too Raphi.
Sonic: Um, could you get the door Raphi?
Raphi: It would be my great pleasure!
[Raphi runs up from the back wall and kicks the door down, just like Sonia did.]
Raphi: Perhaps they have done me a favor.
Sonia: All right Raphi!

[Cuts to next scene.]

[Sonia is reading the scroll she recovered inside the Camper Van, while Sonic drives.]
Sonia: There's not much here.
Manic: Read!
Sonia: Okay... According to this, the seer told her 'I will join my children, but there are new roads, we all must travel before we are reunited.'
Sonic: Hmm... Interesting. We came all the way out here for that?
Sonia: Well, we did learn one important thing... Manic makes a much prettier girl than you, Sonic!
Manic: [Laughs, girly voice] Oh thank you darling.
Sonic: Ooh, that hurts.
Manic: [Laughs]
[The screen circles out on the Camper Van and goes black, the credits appear.]