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You may be looking for the Archie Comics version of this stage.

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Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
White Acropolis (Sonic)

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Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
White Acropolis (Shadow)

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Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
White Acropolis (Silver)

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White Acropolis is an Action Stage in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). It is one of Eggman's many bases, constructed over a wide area in a snow-covered, mountainous region. The area is replete with watchtowers and Spotlights. In addition, there are heavy snowstorms which lower visibility to a degree.

In the game's storyline, White Acropolis is the base where Eggman was keeping the Scepter of Darkness, and also conducting his experiments into time travel, replicating the work of the Solaris Project.



With Princess Elise in captivity, Sonic the Hedgehog has no choice but to brave the icy mountains outside Soleanna and somehow infiltrate Dr. Eggman’s frozen fortress where she is being held. Hundreds of robot guards stand between Sonic and Elise, but with Tails at his side, Sonic is confident he can rescue her and get all three of them out alive. Dr. Eggman has other plans, of course, and commands his mech battalion to secure every station between the outer perimeter and the inner sanctum. Sonic must use his extreme snowboard skills, coupled with Tails' talent for flight, to overcome the robot horde and snatch Elise out from under Dr. Eggman’s rather sizeable nose.

This is one of only two levels in which Sonic can snowboard, the other level being Crisis City. Sonic cruises down the frigid slopes of White Acropolis, dodging fire from enemies all the way down. Sonic cannot actually attack any enemies while in this mode, but can still pick up Item Boxes and Rings. Jumps executed off of certain ramps can grant the player bonuses or shortcuts.

Towards the end of the level, Sonic is faced with a steep downward slope with a large snowball tumbling down behind him. The camera angle changes to show it behind Sonic, which seems to get closer every time he turns a corner. After outrunning this gigantic snowball, Sonic must make one last leap off a ramp to reach the gates of the base.

The rest of the level is full of guard towers, searchlights, and laser fences. Often, a switch has to be located to lower a barrier and proceed, which might be hidden on a high ledge or under ice. If Sonic lets a searchlight spot him, robots will appear all around him as the alarm is raised, although this can be done deliberately if the player wishes to score additional points by defeating them to attain an S-Rank. Points can also be obtained by climbing up the towers and breaking the lights.

One switch is unreachable by Sonic, and the player changes to Tails until it is found and activated.


Dr. Eggman uses the snowy wasteland of White Acropolis to hide one of his many bases. The base is heavily guarded by robots, including the terrible Egg-Cerberus that attempted to stomp out Sonic when he challenged Dr. Eggman just outside the Dusty Desert. Shadow must somehow infiltrate the base and rescue Rouge the Bat from Dr. Eggman’s minions. He must then rely on the clever spy to blow open the base and grant Shadow free reign to tear the place up with his all-wheel drive Buggy. This artificially created life form has no problem relying on machines rather than heart or mind to get a job done.

Shadow makes his way down the same slope that Sonic went down, but advances to the next part of the level through a door which was seen in Sonic's version of this stage, although it was previously impassable.

In this level, the player takes control of Rouge to find Shadow in the last section of the level. Rouge wonders why Shadow is even there, but he simply responds by saying that it was a request from the President. With the help of the buggies that can be found in the level, Shadow must find and destroy five searchlight towers to reach the end of the level. Just breaking the lights on the top is not enough - the player actually has to use the missiles from the buggies to bring the towers down into piles of scrap metal.


Silver the Hedgehog and his partner Blaze determine that Dr. Eggman is somehow involved in their grim destiny, so they chart a course for White Acropolis. Dr. Eggman’s base is hidden high in a treacherous, frozen mountain range, so the pair must somehow find safe passage through the perilous pass, while fighting hordes of mechs. While Blaze manages to break the outer perimeter of the base, it’s up to Silver to use his mental talents to destroy the remaining robot brigade and press on toward Eggman’s inner sanctum.

The player will initially use Blaze first in order to break through Eggman's forces on the hill. The player is chased by a giant snowball like the one in Sonic's episode, but Blaze is not as fast as Sonic was on his snowboard. The player needs to connect with as many Dash Panels as possible on the way down to stay ahead of it. Blaze enters the base in the same way as Sonic, but there is a Jump Panel on the end of the ledge that allows the player to clear the gap. As Silver, there are various piles of snow which Silver can use as weapons. Silver's stage is filled by Eggman's robots just like Shadow's version but there are also Egg Searchers, Egg Sweepers and Egg Cannons in the stage as well.

The rest of the level sees both Silver and Blaze fight their way through Eggman's base in order to track down Sonic. They come across the Egg Genesis, defeat it, and gain a Chaos Emerald. Afterwards, Amy encounters Princess Elise and both escape to Castle Town.


Amy, determined to save Sonic more than the others, ventures here to find the Blue Emerald during the End of the World. Her stage has more Eyes of Solaris and Iblis minions.

Silver Medal locations


  1. The first Silver medal is hanging right where the player flies out to the secret route after jumping from the middle ramp of the very beginning of the stage.
  2. Before the second ramp, it is seen on a raised snowy section in the middle of the track just after the first Silver medal.
  3. After the second ramp, there is another small ramp in the middle of the track between two wooden guard towers. The player must jump off of the ramp to land on another strip of raised ice and pick up the Silver Medal (on the second strip).
  4. As the player continues down the pass, they must look for a side passage marked by a trail of Rings to the left. They should follow the Rings down a narrow bend and navigate the slim path to reach another Silver medal.
  5. After the camera swings around to show Sonic from the front of the rolling snowball, the player must steer toward the center of the pass, then pick up the Silver Medal
  6. After the first point marker, The sixth medal in this section of the stage hides in a set of wooden crates next to the wide laser field. The player must bash the crates to reveal the medal.
  7. In Tails' section, it is located next to the third searchlight inside the ice wall.
  8. In Sonic's section, just after getting through the first laser field, the player will see the eighth Silver Medal on top of a high tower ahead. To get it, they must go to the raised platform beside the back wall and kick the rocks to expose a secret spring.
  9. From the location of the eight medal, the player must look for the ninth Silver Medal in a rock pile that is beneath the ramps in the center of the frozen wasteland, then kick the rocks to expose it.
  10. From the location of the ramps, the player must bounce across the robots on top of the watchtowers (which are to the left of the ramps) and reach a narrow ledge along the rock wall. As they land, a platoon of mechs will show up to block access to the Silver Medal. The player must destroy the robots to grab the medal.


  1. The first medal in White Acropolis is on the side passage right after the player begins the stage. When Shadow lands, the player must jump up on this ledge and fight the robots to spot the medal.
  2. As the player drops down the slope (after defeating the robots), they must look for the second Silver Medal hanging in the air above a snowy ramp.
  3. After the player finishes off the Egg Liners, they must drop down the pass to a pair of ramps, then go to the left ramp which leads to the next Silver Medal.
  4. The fourth medal is located behind a tree near the Pulley that leads to the switch.
  5. Inside the warehouse, the player must grab the Silver medal in the room after destroying all of the robots before proceeding to the Warp Hole.
  6. In Rouge's section, beyond the first clearing with a spotlight, on the left side of the canyon, the sixth medal hangs in the air just off the high ledge.
  7. The seventh Silver Medal is inside an ice wall on the left side of the last searchlight area. The player must Climb on the ice wall and place a Bomb to break it.
  8. The eighth Silver Medal is on the edge of the plateau where the player first rejoined Shadow.
  9. Continuing the same path of ramps just after the eighth medal, the player will reach a searchlight beside a wide rail. They must break out a patch of ice to the right of this searchlight to collect the medal.
  10. The final medal is on the ramp-like path with red chevrons, near the giant doors of Dr. Eggman’s base.


  1. As the player starts with Blaze, there will be a secret shortcut of the left wall. They must follow the path to the left for the first Silver Medal.
  2. From the position of the first medal, the second one is just opposite the spot where the side path rejoins the central route. The player must look for it on the narrow ledge on the other side of the wide avenue.
  3. As the player reaches the Egg Crawlers, they must carefully step along the edge of the mountain pass and pick up the medal tucked behind the frost-bitten evergreen.
  4. During the snowball chase, it is on the right side on a small Ramp.
  5. In the final section of Blaze's part, the fifth Silver medal is hidden in a pile of rocks on the snowy outcropping.
  6. The sixth medal is inside an ice patch near the third Spotlight.
  7. After the second point marker, the player must head straight ahead, where they will see a raised area to Silver's right. After defeating the enemies, the player must use Psychokinesis on a Container to levitate up to the higher area, where the Silver medal can be found in a pile of rocks near the two giant robots.
  8. After the same point marker, the player must head straight until they get to the chasm and levitate across it to land on the ramp to their left, then go up that ramp to find a Silver medal under a tower.
  9. After gathering the eighth medal, the player should turn around and head down off the ramp, then head to the right. Going around the wall, the player will find the ninth Silver Medal.
  10. Before the small Bottomless pit that the player crosses to the half-pipe toward the goal, it is located in the middle of a pile of spiky balls off to the right side of this chasm.

In other media

Archie Comics

Main article: White Acropolis Peaks

White Acropolis Peaks

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, White Acropolis is a location on Mobius. In Sonic the Hedgehog #246, after Thrash the Tasmanian Devil sealed the surviving Echidnas in an alternate dimension, Knuckles was furious and fought Thrash through various locations. White Acropolis Peaks was one of those locations, where Thrash caused an avalanche via his screaming power (which did little to stop Knuckles). Knuckles and Thrash continued fighting after transporting themselves through a Warp Ring.


  • In Sonic's level, this stage is infamous for a dialogue glitch involving Tails. When Sonic touches a certain switch, Tails will then say "There should be a switch somewhere.".
    • This does not occur when playing the Hard mode version of this action stage.
  • If the player looks closely at the sky in section two of White Acropolis, the moon will be within sight.
  • In the multiplayer mode, finishing White Acropolis while Thunder Guard is active causes the shield bubble to glitch and stay in the location where the player touched the Goal Ring.






Name Artist(s) Length Music track
White Acropolis ~Snowy Peak~ Mariko Nanba 3:06
White Acropolis ~The Base~ Mariko Nanba 2:52



Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 - Sonic White Acropolis - Hard Mode S Rank-0


Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 - Shadow - White Acropolis - Hard Mode (S-Rank)


Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 - Silver - White Acropolis - Hard Mode (S-Rank)


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