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===Tangle the Lemur===
===Tangle the Lemur===
[[File:T&W1CoverARaw.jpg|120px|thumb|Tangle and Whisper, from [[Sonic the Hedgehog: Tangle & Whisper Issue 1|''Sonic the Hedgehog: Tangle & Whisper'' #1]].]]
[[File:T&W1CoverARaw.jpg|thumb|243x243px|Tangle and Whisper]]
Whisper and [[Tangle the Lemur|Tangle]] are quite the polar opposites. Where Tangle is loud and excitable, Whisper is quiet and reserved. Nevertheless, they appear to enjoy each other's company. Whisper enjoys Tangle's kind heart and her eagerness to make new friends. Tangle simply enjoys new friends regardless of their personalities and Whisper is no different. She appreciates Whisper's bravery and her initiative to look out for others. Due to her shy nature, Whisper does not like being put on the spot by Tangle, finding it a bit insensitive on her side. Whisper initially preferred it when Tangle did not invade her personal space with hugging, but after growing closer together, she has opened up more to the idea and has even been the one to hug her first. Tangle is, by Whisper's own admission, her first real, true friend since she lost the Diamond Cutters.<ref name="StHAnnual2019s1" /><ref name="T&W1" /><ref name="T&W3" />
Whisper and [[Tangle the Lemur|Tangle]] are quite the polar opposites. Where Tangle is loud and excitable, Whisper is quiet and reserved. Nevertheless, they appear to enjoy each other's company. Whisper enjoys Tangle's kind heart and her eagerness to make new friends. Tangle simply enjoys new friends regardless of their personalities and Whisper is no different. She appreciates Whisper's bravery and her initiative to look out for others. Due to her shy nature, Whisper does not like being put on the spot by Tangle, finding it a bit insensitive on her side. Whisper initially preferred it when Tangle did not invade her personal space with hugging, but after growing closer together, she has opened up more to the idea and has even been the one to hug her first. Tangle is, by Whisper's own admission, her first real, true friend since she lost the Diamond Cutters.<ref name="StHAnnual2019s1" /><ref name="T&W1" /><ref name="T&W3" />

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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the IDW Publishing continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Quotation1 I won't lose another friend! I can't! Quotation2
— Whisper the Wolf, Sonic the Hedgehog: Tangle & Whisper #2

Whisper the Wolf is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. She is a heroic anthropomorphic wolf and a former member of the now-dismantled Diamond Cutters who supports the Restoration and their allies. She is aided in her efforts by her own personal team of Wisps.

Concept and creation

Whisper was conceptualized by writer Ian Flynn, while artist Evan Stanley took care of the character's design.[1]


The Avatar model that inspired Whisper, from Sonic Forces.

Whisper's overall design is derived from one of the many models the female wolf Avatar from Sonic Forces could assume.[6] Whisper's early designs were somewhat different than the final version however. For example, she had blue hair and fur. She also had a more ostentatious costume and she did not originally have her iconic mask.[7]

Whisper's mask is inspired by Japanese Kabuki masks.[7] The idea for her mask came from the Kabuki mask Costume piece that the Avatar could wear in Sonic Forces (which was one of Evan Stanley's favorite Costume pieces), and Stanley thought a similar mask would fit Whisper's personality. After seeing the mask concept, Ian Flynn had the idea of making it a sniper scope and a Wisp communication device, which instantly clicked.[6]

The reason why Whisper's eyes always appear closed is for expressing her emotions. In comics and animation, eyes that can see while appearing closed can be short hand for a few things, including indicating that a character is wise, that they are constantly keeping a close eye on everything, or that a character is dealing with a lot of emotional pain. And all of those are kind of true for Whisper. Plus, when she does open her eyes, it lets the reader know that what she is looking at is very important.[8]


Whisper is an anthropomorphic wolf with brown skin and biscotti fur. She also has thick black eyelashes and cloudy white fur around her eyes that resemble a mask. Her eyes are cadet blue, although they are often closed to the point of squinting. She wears light gray eyeshadow and has a long, bushy tail which ends in several tufts of fur sticking out in various directions. She also has long pointed ears and quite long hair that she keeps tied at the back with a black hair tie, save for a long, thick hair bang that covers her right eye. Her fangs protrude from her mouth which is often in a natural frown. For attire, Whisper wears a cream colored tube top, light gray leggings, and a dark gray cloak, in which she keeps six Wisp canisters. The cloak also has black and dark gray pockets seen on the shoulders.

Whisper wears an outfit geared towards combat. This include dark gray arm sleeves with black elbow pads, dark gray and light gray gloves with visible claws, and dark gray knee sleeves and black knee pads. She sports military-fashioned black, dark gray, and light gray boots. She can sometimes be seen wearing her cat-like ornate mask scope, which is cream, dark gray and light gray in color. Three holes are seen at the right side of the mask and a blue "eye" on the left side.



Diamond Cutters

A photo of Whisper and the Diamond Cutters, from Sonic the Hedgehog: Tangle & Whisper #3.

Whisper used to be part of the Diamond Cutters, an elite anti-Eggman mercenary team, working as their scout. During one mission at an Eggman base, Whisper managed to shoot down a Blaster tank that attempted to approach the base and fight the rest of the Diamond Cutters. Later, at the onset of the Eggman War, one of the Diamond Cutters, Mimic, secretly betrayed the group and aligned himself with Dr. Eggman. Prior to the group's final mission, Claire Voyance, suspicious of the circumstances, told Whisper to stay back, despite Mimic's insistence that all of them would be needed on the field.

At the Eggman base that the team decided to take down, Whisper scouted the exterior but found no opposition. She kept tabs on her teammates through the video feed in their masks; soon, she saw them being led into a trap and left to die by Mimic. Despite her shock and grief, Whisper hid herself in a tree, remaining silent as Mimic attempted to lure her into the open. When Whisper refused to show herself, Mimic assumed that she had fled; to satisfy Eggman, he instead took her discarded Wispon and presented it to his new benefactor alongside his own mask. After the coast was clear, Whisper entered the facility to rescue the rest of the team's Wisps. She then returned to the Diamond Cutters' base and took up Smithy the Lion's prototype Variable Wispon. From this point onwards, with only the Diamond Cutters' Wisp partners for company, Whisper vowed never to forgive Eggman and Mimic, nor forget her fallen teammates.[2][9][10]

The Eggman War

During the war against Eggman, Whisper aided the Resistance from the shadows, often turning the tides of battle and saving the lives of many Resistance soldiers, including Silver the Hedgehog. Despite her efforts, she never joined the Resistance or revealed herself to them, as she preferred to work alone, afraid of losing any new friends she might make like she lost the Diamond Cutters. Because of this, she gained a reputation among the Resistance soldiers, and became known as the legendary "Guardian Angel of the Battlefield".[2]

The Fate of Dr. Eggman


Whisper introducing herself, from Sonic the Hedgehog #8.

One month after the end of the Eggman War, Whisper infiltrated one of Eggman's bases at the same time as Sonic did for reasons unknown, and secretly assisted the hedgehog from the shadows. First, she jammed a security gate before it closed on him, and afterward, she took out a giant Spina that Sonic and Silver failed to notice. Afterward, she tried to break through the sealed door into the base's computer room with her Variable Wispon, using several of its modes to no avail. Sonic and Silver soon arrived and attempted to make contact with her. Startled by Silver's overbearing greeting, she retreated to the rafters using her Wispon. After Sonic apologized and introduced himself, her Wisps emerged and greeted Sonic. Reassured by Sonic's approach and her Wisps' warm response to him, she hesitantly emerged, removed her mask, and introduced herself as "Whisper" (which Silver mistakenly took for a request).

With all three of them joining forces, Silver opened the security gate, revealing E-107 Theta and a host of Spinas on the other side, which Whisper engaged along with Sonic and Silver. Using her Wispon, Whisper repositioned herself on a perch during the battle and zapped Theta with a laser to little effect. Theta returned fire, obliterating her perch and sending her crashing to the ground. Trapped beneath a pile of scrap, Whisper was helpless against an onslaught of encroaching Spina. However, her Wisps emerged, eager to defend her, but Silver intervened before they could do anything by freezing the Badniks and launching them into a wave of missiles launched by Theta. Silver then freed her from the rubble and helped her to her feet. In reference to her Wisps, he commented that she had built quite a team, and that he would be honored to be part of it. Whisper replied with a bashful "Maybe".[2]

As the heroes regrouped, Whisper spotted a Eggman computer terminal. Enraged, she tried to smash it with her Wispon. When Sonic frantically asked her to wait until they secured the vital intel stored in it, she took it quite harshly. Agreeing to stand down, she affixed mask, and withdrew into the background as Sonic and Silver warned the Resistance of Neo Metal Sonic's true plans.[2]

Battle For Angel Island

Whisper was soon after brought to Resistance HQ. There, she and the Resistance's other allies were informed that the Resistance needed their help to liberate Angel Island, which had been conquered by Neo Metal Sonic and turned into a flying fortress. To make matters worse, Neo had also secured the Master Emerald for himself on the island. Eventually, Whisper was assigned to help two of the assembled group's factions with breaking the Egg Fleet's control over Angel Island while Sonic and Knuckles confronted Neo.[11]


Whisper and her allies attacking Master Overlord, from Sonic the Hedgehog #11.

On the voyage to Angel Island, Sonic thanked Whisper for aiding them despite her aversion of crowds and asked her to stay safe during the battle. She affirmed and reciprocated his sentiments before he left to give her space. While tinkering with her Variable Wispon though, Whisper gave Shadow, who had come along on this mission for his own reasons, an angry glare. Later, when their ship approached Angel Island, the Egg Fleet shot it down. Fortunately, Whisper and her allies got off the ship before it crashed. Landing then on Angel Island, Whisper and Tangle were assigned to protect Tails while the fox cub did "something smart". Soon after, Whisper was locked in heavy combat.[11] Eventually, Whisper covered for Tangle when she had to redirect an Egg Fleet vessel's cannon. Using some prisms to redirect her Variable Wispon's laser when some Spinas attacked, Whisper was able to take all the Spinas out. When the Resistance later took out the last wing unit that had been attached to Angel Island's shoreline, Whisper used her Variable Wispon's Hover Mode to regroup with the others on an Egg Fleet battleship that Tails had secured.[12]

In the meantime, Neo Metal Sonic harnessed Sonic and Shadow's bio-data in addition to the power of the Master Emerald to transform into Master Overlord. As he captured Sonic, Knuckles and Shadow and moved closer to the Egg Fleet battleship, Amy ordered Whisper and the team to move in for a full-on assault. When Sonic then distracted Master Overlord by mocking him, Whisper shot Master Overlord in the face with her Variable Wispon. On Master Overlord's body, Whisper worked with Rouge to damage Master Overlord's wings. Master Overlord soon had enough though, and shook the Resistance members off of him, only for Silver save everyone with his psychokinesis. Soon after, Knuckles managed to remove the Master Emerald from Master Overlord, and restored the Master Emerald to its rightful place. Silver then brought everyone down on Angel Island. Without the Master Emerald, Metal Sonic was out of commission. On the ground while Whisper played with her Wisps, Silver and Blaze thanked her for her aid.[13]

As everyone got ready to leave the island, Whisper found friendship with Tangle. When Sonic came by to talk to them, Sonic asked Whisper if she was able to make any friends. Tangle tried to confirm this by urging Whisper to tell the joke about a toaster she told her earlier. Whisper instead shyly put her mask scope back on, leaving Tangle to wonder if this was due to something she said. As Sonic took off, he apologized to Whisper.[14]

Bonds of Friendship

Annual 2019 Bonds of Friendship end

Whisper befriending Tangle and Jewel, from Sonic the Hedgehog: Annual 2019.

Whisper later came to Spiral Hill Village to visit Tangle, which pleased the lemur very much. Tangle thus gave Whisper a tour of the town, including places like the salon and the bakery, where Whisper bought and ate a croissant. Tangle then brought Whisper to the Mineral Museum to meet her best friend, Jewel the Beetle. There, Tangle introduced Whisper and Jewel to each other, telling Whisper that she and Jewel grew up together. Jewel then explained to Whisper that Tangle collected many items during her adventures which Jewel used to curate her museum. Soon though, the sky started to go dark outside. Whisper immediately after pulled out her Variable Wispon as she had heard a scream come from outside. A moment afterward, the Babylon Rogues broke into the museum and began stealing everything. After Storm accidentally kidnapped Jewel however, Whisper and Tangle began pursuing the Babylon Rogues after they retreated to their blimp. Through collaborative efforts, Tangle and Whisper managed to get onboard the Babylon Rogues' blimp. There, they confronted the Babylon Rogues and demanded Jewel to be handed over. As Jet and Wave argued over how to deal with their hostage situation though, Tangle secretly took their stolen loot back. When Storm then ended up throwing Jewel out of the blimp, Whisper jumped out of the blimp so as to not lose another friend. Tangle soon jumped out after to join them. On the way down, Whisper hung onto an injured Jewel while Tangle hanged onto her. Whisper then used her Variable Wispon's Hover Mode to gently lower them down. Afterward, Whisper helped her friends restore the Mineral Museum and its exhibits. There, she fist bumped with Tangle after the latter thanked her for her aid.[15]

Tangle & Whisper


Whisper struggling with Tangle, from Sonic the Hedgehog: Tangle & Whisper #1.

Whisper soon found out that Sonic was apparently causing trouble in various places and was thus being targeted. When she found Sonic, he revealed himself to actually be Mimic. The shapeshifter was targeting Whisper at the restored Eggman's orders, in order to finish the job he had started with his murder of the other Diamond Cutters. Whisper overpowered Mimic and tracked him to Spiral Hill Village where she suspected he was targeting Tangle. Whisper failed to shoot Mimic on the ground so she took to the rooftops with her Variable Wispon's Hover Mode while ignoring Tangle, who wanted an explanation. There, she activated her Variable Wispon's Spikes Mode. However, she was unable to shoot Mimic as he talked to a villager in his Sonic form so that she could stand in the way of Whisper's shot. Whisper angrily moved to another rooftop and took aim at the shapeshifter, only for him to shoot her a sinister look. Whisper was almost immediately after tackled by Tangle. She kicked her off but the lemur reluctantly persisted in fighting her. Tangle managed to snatch Whisper's mask scope off of her and believed she had stopped Dr. Eggman's "mind control". The annoyed Whisper told Tangle that she was not being mind controlled and that the person she was shooting at was not Sonic. Taking her mask scope back and pressing a few buttons on it, Whisper put her mask scope on Tangle to show an earlier discussion between her and the fake Sonic. Not wanting to reveal anything about him in public, Whisper had Tangle lead her back to the Mineral Museum. There, Whisper explained to Tangle and Jewel that Mimic was a mercenary shapeshifter who had recently taken on the form of Sonic to wreak havoc and was potentially targeting Tangle, as well as others. Jewel noted this was a perfect opportunity to join Whisper in her hunt for Mimic so that Tangle could have an adventure. Whisper initially refused Tangle's help but she was soon convinced by her Wisps, especially the Blue Wisp, to allow Tangle to join her. Not too long after, the trio heard a "thunk" at the door and discovered a note that told Whisper to meet Mimic so that they could end things once and for all.[9]


Mimic taunting Whisper, from Sonic the Hedgehog: Tangle & Whisper #2.

Whisper and Tangle soon arrived at an abandoned Eggman Empire bunker. Whisper tried to scan the inside with her mask scope but to no avail. She was interrupted by Tangle pretending to sneak around loudly and shushed her. She told Tangle that there was no activity on the outside and she could not scan the inside, meaning that they were walking blindly into Mimic's trap. Tangle believed that they could handle him since they outnumbered him but realized that Mimic still had the home advantage. After Whisper confirmed that she wanted to fight Mimic sooner than later, Tangle told her that they would be careful and asked her to stop worrying as much. Tangle then asked if Whisper had a history with Mimic, to which she confirms and then told her to be alert as Mimic is dangerous and manipulative. The duo went through the back entrance of the bunker and began to sneak around. Tangle decided to quicken their pace by searching for Mimic at a higher point, which slightly annoyed Whisper. As she progressed, she heard what appeared to be Jewel's voice. Whisper continued to sneak around until she met up with Tangle again. When she asked for proof that she was the real Tangle, the latter showed her a cut on her shirt and claimed that Mimic had shapeshifted into Jewel to draw her out and tried to swipe at her. Tangle then hurriedly had Whisper follow her around a corner to where Mimic had run off to. Whisper followed but was nearly hit by an Egg Hammer wielding a wrecking ball. Tangle, who was actually Mimic, told Whisper that he could both replicate clothing and make it look damaged. Whisper struggled to fight the Egg Hammer but soon held her own once she put her mask scope back on. She managed to destroy the Egg Hammer using her Variable Wispon's Rocket Mode and quickly turned her attention to Mimic. The shapeshifter threw a bomb at her, which she dodged, and tried to shoot at her with his laser gun. Whisper managed to shoot the gun out of Mimic's hand and stood over him, demanding to know where Tangle was. Mimic instead taunted Whisper by shapeshifting into the other members of the Diamond Cutters, claiming that she was not there to protect them. Whisper was slightly caught off guard but persisted and hit Mimic, reminding him that he sold them out in the first place. Mimic then revealed to her that Tangle was locked in a safe with little air left. He also revealed that there were bombs set to detonate in the bunker quite soon.[16]

Met with an ultimatum, Whisper set off to find the safe. Once she found it, she used the Spikes Mode on her Variable Wispon to open it. Tangle tumbled out and Whisper quickly let her know that the bunker was about to explode. As the bombs started to set off, Tangle pushed Whisper into the safe and closed the door behind the two of them. The facility was completely destroyed but the safe remained unscathed. After the girls exited the safe, Whisper told Tangle to go home. As Tangle protested against this decision, Whisper snapped and exclaimed that she would not and could not lose another friend. She went to solemnly sit down on the safe, with Tangle following and asking her to tell her about her past. Whisper wiped her face and agreed to tell her everything.[16]

Whisper explained that the Diamond Cutters were an anti-Eggman group and there were five of them: herself, Mimic, Slinger, Claire Voyance and Smithy the Lion. When she showed Tangle a picture of them together, she expressed how cool they looked. Whisper explained that the video for their masks were networked to let them review missions and study each other's perspectives. The wolf decided to let Tangle see them in action by letting her use her mask to view a past mission of them taking down an Eggman base. Tangle enjoyed the spectacle but was soon interrupted when she discovered that Whisper's mask let her talk and understand the Wisps. Whisper explained that Smithy was a genius and designed the team's gear and made the masks give the Diamond Cutters the ability to communicate with each other. Whisper went on to say that the Variable Wispon was actually a prototype built by Smithy that everyone on the team was meant to have so that they could all use the powers of the Wisps. Whisper then solemnly stopped, which prompted Tangle to ask her to tell her what happened as it was clearly eating her up inside. Whisper initially refused, which made Tangle ask to see the footage on her mask; she told Whisper that she understood if she was not able to confront her past right now, but the more she knew about it, the more she would be able to help her. With encouragement from her Wisps, Whisper entered in the details and handed Tangle her mask to see the Diamond Cutters' final mission.[10]


Whisper hugging Tangle, from Sonic the Hedgehog: Tangle & Whisper #3.

After watching the details of Whisper's tragic past, Tangle, horrified of what she had seen, took off Whisper's mask and softly handed it back to her. Whisper explained that when the coast was clear, she went back into the Eggman base to rescue the rest of the team's Wisps and then went to team's base to take Smithy's prototype Variable Wispon. Tangle was at a loss for words and became frustrated. After taking a deep breath, she asked why Whisper would hold onto that footage, to which the wolf replied "Never forget. Never forgive." Tangle then realized that this was why she continued to fight as the "Guardian Angel of the Battlefield" and later joined the others to fight Neo Metal Sonic. She also realized that it must have been difficult for her to see Shadow on the mission as well. Tangle lastly asked why Whisper chose to leave her behind knowing how Mimic could toy with and asked why she did not ask someone like Sonic to help her even if she did not want the lemur's company. Whisper told her that she was the first real friend she allowed herself to have since the incident and could not stand the thought of losing anyone again. Tangle teared up and declared that Whisper was her friend as well and friends looked out for each other no matter what. When Whisper reminded her that Mimic nearly destroyed them both, Tangle stated that he would get double the payback and make him regret all of his actions. As Tangle helped Whisper up, she told her that she knew his tactics now and he would not catch her off guard again. When Whisper noted that Tangle could not be discouraged, Tangle replied saying that Whisper needed positive energy and her friends needed avenging. With this, Whisper hugged the lemur and thanked her. The wolf then noted that the trail was cold and it would take a while to find Mimic again. Tangle disagreed, believing Eggman would want solid proof about their deaths; thus, Mimic would come back and they could give him a taste of his own medicine.[10]

The Last Minute


Some time after the encounter with Mimic, Whisper accompanied Tails and Tangle on a mission to Central City so that he could research a cure for the Metal Virus. While at his lab, Whisper watched in shock as Dr. Eggman's Faceship arrived in the city to distribute a large batch of the virus into the city. Whisper and Tangle took it upon themselves to begin evacuation of the city while Tails stayed behind at the lab to research a cure. About an hour later, Whisper and Tangle had managed to guide a number of survivors down to Central City Bay while they fended off several Zombots in the city. At some point, Whisper came to aid Tangle, who was trapped on a lamp post with several Zombots below her, and knocked them back with her Variable Wispon. As Whisper kept up the pressure by using her Variable Wispon's Rocket mode, Tangle tried to call for backup, but received no response from Restoration HQ, and Silver, busy dealing with a Zombot outbreak in Ice Paradise, could not reach them in time. Whisper and Tangle pressed onwards regardless but were forcibly sidetracked by a horde of Zombots. After the girls moved to a rooftop, Whisper suggested that Tangle call Tails, which the lemur proceeded to do. They were soon given an update by him that he had nearly completed a cure for the Metal Virus and would be able to provide back-up soon. After a while, Whisper and Tangle decided to go back to the docks, with Tangle once again trying to call Tails. The fox cub managed to clear a path for the duo with his Cyclone told them that he would cover them while they tended to the survivors. Soon, at the docks, a Rescue Shuttle came in for a landing. Whisper and Tangle guided the survivors aboard while they also watched out for Zombots. Once everyone had safely boarded, Tails rejoined them, but the trio received the bad news from Amy that Restoration HQ had fallen.[17] Whisper then found out that Tails had indeed lost the data he gathered for a cure for the virus and witnessed Tangle receive an alarming call from Jewel.[18]


Whisper is a rather mysterious individual who shows a rather quiet and withdrawn personality. Very soft-spoken, she speaks infrequently and in a very low volume, and rarely utters no more than a few words at a time. Whisper used to be more outspoken and cheerful. Due to her past trauma at the hands of Dr. Eggman and Mimic, she became more silent. When in social situations, Whisper usually exhibits a rather bashful side of herself.[2][10]


Tangle hugging Whisper, before the latter pushes her back, from Sonic the Hedgehog: Annual 2019.

While Whisper is cautious and mistrustful of other people, she exhibits a strong bond with her Wisps that is based on trust and friendship as illustrated by their reception of Sonic persuading her to trust the hedgehog, and the Wisps willingness to stand up to Badniks in order to defend her.[2]

When fighting, Whisper is very focused and determined, preferring to not let her emotions get the better of herself to complete her goals. However, she has shown hints of a greater temperament beneath her calm facade, namely when confronted with something associated with Dr. Eggman.[2]

Whisper is very much a lone wolf. Keeping to herself, she prefers to do her own thing and work on her own rather than cooperating directly with others. This is illustrated by the fact that while she assisted the Resistance during the war, she never actually joined or even revealed herself to them.[2] Despite this, it is shown that she can open up to others if they are nice to her and is willing to join group efforts, like when she joined the Resistance on a mission to liberate Angel Island.[2][11]

A particular quirk about Whisper is that her eyes are squinting most of the time. She usually only opens them in moments of anger, distress or intense worry.[2][16]

Powers and abilities

Whisper is a capable fighter. During the Eggman Empire-Resistance war, her skills on the battlefield were enough to turn the tide of any battle.[2]

Whisper is an expert marksman and a master of stealth, able to infiltrate areas undetected and hit distant targets with her Variable Wispon without being detected by friends or foes alike. Her natural aptitudes are further enhanced by her unique equipment. She seems to prefer positioning herself on high perches and snipe enemies from a safe distance, but is able to hold her own in melee combat as well.[2]

Equipment and weapons


Whisper using her Variable Wispon, from Sonic the Hedgehog #8.

Whisper's primary tool of choice is the Variable Wispon, a customized Wispon that can utilize the powers of more than just one Wisp, thus giving her more options during battle. However, unlike other Wispons which were designed to clear out crowds of robots, the Variable Wispon is designed for precision shooting.[2] Whisper used to use a Wispon that would accomodate the use of her Orange Wisp's powers as a sniper weapon.[10]

Whisper also wears a mask scope that she uses for targeting. It covers her right eye and assists her left eye in aiming. With it, she can make pin-point shots with deadly accuracy.[2] During missions with the Diamond Cutters, it would grant her communication with her teammates over large distances. It can also record video and audio and serves as a Wisp communication device.[6][9][10]

Whisper also wears a utility cloak over her shoulders. It stores up to six specialized Wisp canister cartridges within it (three on each side). These canisters hold her Wisp allies. Whenever Whisper needs one of their powers, her Wisps will leave their capsules and enter her Variable Wispon. If one Wisp is already occupying the Variable Wispon, they know to switch places.[2]

As support for her Variable Wispon's Laser Mode, Wisper carries around a number of octahedron-shaped prisms. By shooting one of these prisms with her Variable Wispon's laser, she can change her laser's trajectory. She can also throw a bunch of prisms into midair, thereby allowing her lasers to ricochet between each prism and create an offensive laser grid.[12]


Tangle the Lemur


Tangle and Whisper

Whisper and Tangle are quite the polar opposites. Where Tangle is loud and excitable, Whisper is quiet and reserved. Nevertheless, they appear to enjoy each other's company. Whisper enjoys Tangle's kind heart and her eagerness to make new friends. Tangle simply enjoys new friends regardless of their personalities and Whisper is no different. She appreciates Whisper's bravery and her initiative to look out for others. Due to her shy nature, Whisper does not like being put on the spot by Tangle, finding it a bit insensitive on her side. Whisper initially preferred it when Tangle did not invade her personal space with hugging, but after growing closer together, she has opened up more to the idea and has even been the one to hug her first. Tangle is, by Whisper's own admission, her first real, true friend since she lost the Diamond Cutters.[15][9][10]

Whisper's Wisps


Whisper's Wisps ready to defend her from harm, from Sonic the Hedgehog #8.

Whisper has her own team of Wisp companions, consisting of a Blue, Cyan, Green, Orange and Pink Wisp, whom she uses to power her Variable Wispon. Of these, the Orange Wisp, was her original partner when she was part of the Diamond Cutters, and the rest of them joined her later. Prior to meeting Sonic and the Resistance, these Wisps were Whisper's only companions after the Diamond Cutters' demise. According to Silver, they make "quite a team".[2]

Despite their role as fuel for Whisper's weapon, Whisper's Wisps treat Whisper as a friend and care much for her. In fact, they are so devoted to her that they were filling to defend her on their own when she was at the mercy of some Badniks. Whisper likewise seems to trust her Wisps, enough for her to come out of the shadows when they deemed Sonic the Hedgehog a worthy ally. She is also shown caressing them on a few occasions.[2]

Diamond Cutters

The Diamond CuttersSmithy the Lion, Slinger, Claire Voyance, Mimic, and herself—were Whisper's original team. The five of them were close friends who worked exceptionally well together. Unfortunately, Mimic eventually sold them out to Dr. Eggman, leading Smithy, Slinger, and Claire to their deaths in a trap. It was only because of Claire's orders to stay back that Whisper survived the incident. The betrayal of one of her teammates, and the deaths of the others, traumatized Whisper, and is the reason for her quietness, reclusion, and almost-constant squinting. As Mimic shows no remorse for what he did to their teammates and has since tried to murder her as well, he is a personal enemy of Whisper's whom she has sworn never to forgive. Likewise, she has vowed never to forget her fallen friends.[10]

Silver the Hedgehog


Silver and Whisper, from Sonic the Hedgehog #8.

Although Silver the Hedgehog is a big fan of Whisper, their first meeting face-to-face was less than stellar. While Silver was exceptionally eager to meet Whisper, Whisper, being a loner, got scared off by Silver and retreated into the shadows in order to avoid him. Thanks to Sonic's convincing though, Whisper decided to give Silver a chance by teaming up with him to infiltrate Eggman's base. After Silver later helped save Whisper's life and exhibited a respectful desire to be a part of her team, Whisper bashfully replied with a "maybe", showing that she has begun opening up to Silver.[2]

Shadow the Hedgehog

Whisper is uncomfortable in Shadow's presence, as Dr. Eggman and Mimic used Shadow Androids to kill the Diamond Cutters. En route to save Angel Island from Neo Metal Sonic, she was shown eyeing the black hedgehog warily. However, Whisper knows Shadow himself is not really to blame for the loss of her teammates and does not hold it against him.[11][10]

Sonic the Hedgehog


Sonic talking with Whisper, from Sonic the Hedgehog #9.

At first, Whisper was against revealing herself to Sonic the Hedgehog, opting to hide in the shadows when he first noticed her. After seeing how Sonic exhibited an understand for her need to be alone and how her Wisps seemed to trust Sonic though, Whisper opened up to Sonic by revealing herself to him and telling him her name.[2] Since then, Whisper has begun to trust Sonic's judgement. Most noticeably, she trusted Sonic enough to come directly to the Resistance's aid for the first time rather than working from the shadows during the battle for Angel Island.[11] Similarly, Sonic is confident in Whisper's skills and is always grateful for her help.[13] As he is understanding of Whisper's shy side, he tends to give her space when necessary.[14]

Dr. Eggman

Whisper and Dr. Eggman have naturally always been enemies, but Whisper holds an especially deep and personal hatred for the mad doctor after what he and Mimic did to the Diamond Cutters. Even before then, Whisper has, in turn, long been a huge thorn in Eggman's side. Her covert actions during the Eggman War helped inspire hope in the darkest of times, and she now opposes Eggman openly alongside Sonic and the Restoration.




  • Whisper was first revealed at the Sonic the Hedgehog's Way Past Cool Panel at SDCC 2018 on 19 July 2018.[7]
  • Whisper's name is based on her quiet personality and because she usually whispers. It could also be a play on the Wisps, due to her friendship with them and how she obtains a Variable Wispon.
  • Whisper's species of a wolf and her status as the Diamond Cutters' sniper brings about a similarity to Sniper Wolf from the Metal Gear series.


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