Whirlwind[1] is a move used by Charmy Bee in the console/PC version of Sonic Generations. When using this technique, Charmy creates a strong wind to form a temporary platform.


When using Whirlwind, Charmy spins around himself in midair with enough speed to create a wide platform of wind. In gameplay, Sonic can get on this platform of wind without falling down and it can be used to form stepping stones across grabs or get higher into the air. However, this attack lasts only about five seconds, after which Charmy stops from dizziness and disappears, causing the Whirlwind to dissipate.

The Whirlwind can only be used in the Challenge Act Charmy: High in the Sky. To use it in gameplay, the player has to press XboxY.png/PSTriangleButton.png.

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