Quotation1.svg Puts the wind up your opponents and steals Rings as it spins. Quotation2.svg
— Description, Sonic Forces: Speed Battle

The Whirlwind is a Projectile Item that appears in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle.


The Whirlwind takes the form of a tornado that is launched by the user.


Silver using the Whirlwind.

In gameplay, the Whirlwind can only be obtained at random from Item Boxes by Baby Sonic, Charmy, Espio, Silver, Storm, Teen Sonic and Wave. As with most other Items, Metal Sonic can also use the Whirlwind if he uses the Steal Item to steal it from the aforementioned users.

When using Whirlwind, it will slowly travel down the lane it was deployed on until it hits another playable character, its duration expires, or it travels off course. In addition, it can travel through walls and obstacles. While it moves slow, it lasts longer than most other Projectile Items. Opponents hit by the Whirlwind will be slowed down and float helplessly in the air while having their Rings transferred to the user of the Whirlwind. Players also have a chance to find two Whirlwinds in an Item Box instead of one if their level is at least 6, and three Whirlwinds at level 12.

In order to avoid the Whirlwind, the player's only option is to step out of its lane.

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