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Sonic Boom
Where Have All The Sonics Gone?/Transcript

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This is a transcript from the Sonic Boom episode, "Where Have All The Sonics Gone?". Since a large chunk of this episode takes place in an alternate universe, any lines spoken by an alternate version of a character will be prefaced with A!, such as A!Knuckles.

[Scene: MomBot's house, exterior, day]

[Eggman is standing on the porch of MomBot's house, holding a cake box.]
Eggman: MomBot's gonna flip when she gets a load of this chocolate bombca!
MomBot: [opens the door] You're late.
Eggman: There was a line at the bakery. But I wanted to bring you a special treat!
MomBot: You can put whatever it is next to the chocolate bombca your brother brought.
Eggman: MomBot, Steve's not my brother! He's a robot shapeshifter built by me in alternate dimension. How is that so hard to understand?
[Eggman and MomBot walk into the house. MomBot closes the door.]

[Scene Change: MomBot's house, interior, day]

[Eggman and Morpho are sitting at the table. MomBot uses her extending arm to grab a plate off the table, then walks away.]
Morpho: MomBot tells me things are going pretty okay for you at the lair.
Eggman: Oh yeah, never better. I'm keeping busy, staying active, focusing all my energy on elaborate schemes to rid the world of that annoying blue pineapple...
Morpho: I'll bet if we get rid of Sonic, the rest of the gang will totes fall apart.
Eggman: A-duh, Steve!
Morpho: I told you to call me "Morpho"! You know, seeing how I can morph and junk? [transforms into Vector, then into Metal Sonic, then into Shadow, then back to himself, then into himself again]
Eggman: Oh, now I get it, Steeeve!
[Morpho grows and stands up. Eggman stands up, and they start fighting. MomBot intervenes and separates the two.]
MomBot: Hey, hey, boys! Now you boys march outside this instant and start plotting the doom of your archenemy. Together!
Eggman and Morpho: Yes, MomBot.

[Scene Change: Seaside Island, canyon, day]

[Sonic and Knuckles are getting ready to race. Sonic is in the Sonic Speedster and Knuckles is in his monster truck.]
Sonic: Oh, Knuckles! I forgot to tell you one last rule for our race. Eat my dust! [drives off]
Knuckles: Joke's on you, Sonic! I skipped lunch today.
[Sonic drives through the canyon. As he turns to head for the finish line, a dimensional portal opens up in front of it. Sonic yells and hits the brakes, but the Speedster can't stop in time and goes through the portal. The portal disappears. Knuckles' Monster Truck drives past the finish line.]
Knuckles: Sonic's disappeared! That can only mean... I won! Whoo-hoo!
Morpho: Sonic is so gonna wig out when he lands in another dimension.
Eggman: But wait. Wasn't there a whole to-do once before when we learned if we had two of the same person in one dimension, it would cause a catastrophic anomaly that would destroy the entire universe? Or am I just making things up?
Morpho: That's why I sent him to a dimension where no other Sonic exists.
Eggman: That sounds like paradise!
Morpho: You mean, "this sounds like paradise," broseph! Because Sonic no longer exists here!
[Eggman and Morpho laugh]

[Scene Change: Village Center (alternate), day]

[The Portal opens and Sonic and the Sonic Speedster drive out. The Speedster finally stops.]
Sonic: Phew. A shortcut to Main Street hidden in the canyon? Sweet easter egg.
[Sonic hops out of the Sonic Speedster, throwing his helmet into it. He walks down the road, but stops short, seeing a billboard with Knuckles on it.]
Sonic: Huh?
A!Knuckles: Hey, you! With the scrawny little arms.
[Sonic looks over and sees Knuckles, or rather, his alternate reality counterpart, on TV]
A!Knuckles: Yeah, you! Think you have what it takes to be a beefcake like me? Then come on down to Knuckles' Upper-Body-Only Workout Center! 'Cause nothing says "cool" like "mus-cools"!
[Alternate Knuckles is shown posing for Alternate Lady Walrus, Alternate Bunny Girl, and Alternate Lady Goat, who swoon. Knuckles winks at the camera.]
Sonic: Aaaaand I'm officially confused.

[Scene Change: Amy's House, exterior, day]

Morpho: Time for phase two. I'll take Sonic's place so that no one notices he's gone!
[Eggman and Morpho laugh. Morpho transforms into Sonic, then knocks on Amy's door.]
Amy: [opens the door] Oh, hey Sonic. What's up?
Morpho: I was wondering if a lovely lady like yourself would enjoy going on a trip with me to the canyon.
Amy: [giggles] Oh, Sonic, that sounds-- [suddenly suspicious] Hey, wait a minute. Sonic's never that thoughtful. Are you Steve Eggman?
Morpho: Who's that? Oh, you must mean the great Morpho. No no no. I'm Sonic the mighty hedgehog. What's up, doc?
Amy: That's not even Sonic's catchphrase. Get out of here, Steve. I'm not falling for your tricks again.
[Amy slams the door, leaving Morpho standing dumbfounded. Eggman facepalms and groans.]

[Scene Change: Village Center (alternate), day]

[Sonic is walking through the village center. He spots Amy's alternate counterpart.]
Sonic: Hey, Amy! [heads towards her]
A!Amy: [pulls out her hammer] Back off, weirdo!
Sonic: [stops short] What's going on? Is this because I didn't go with you to the farmer's market? Sorry, Ames, but I gotta draw the line somewhere, and that line is at organic kale.
Lord Eggman: Outta the way, vermin! Lord of all you see coming through!
[Sonic turns around to see Lord Eggman being carried through the village on a little, borne by Gogobas. Amy gasps and hides behind a bench. Sonic doesn't move, so Lord Eggman raises a hand for the Gogobas to stop.]
Lord Eggman: Well, a newcomer! Kneel before me, stranger.
Sonic: Like I would ever kneel down before your mustachioed butt!
[The villagers, including Amy, gasp. Lord Eggman growls and stands up.]
Lord Eggman: You indigo ingrate! How dare you speak to me that way!
Sonic: Who, you? Doctor Yolks-for-brains? Please. Let's just get to the part where I clobber you. [gets ready to run forward, but is suddenly handcuffed] Hey! What's the big idea?
Cop: You have the right to r-- actually, you have no rights. You're under arrest for rebellion against Lord Eggman the First.
Sonic: Hey, wait, you don't understand. I'm Sonic the Hedgehog.

[Scene Change: Prison, interior.]

[Sonic is locked in a cell.]
Sonic: You gotta believe me! I think I came from another dimension! One where Eggman isn't nearly as powerful.
A!Dave: Lord Eggman rules with an iron fist covered with a glove of steel. Rumour has it he even owns a pair of lead mittens.
Sonic: Dave? Why are you locked up? What, did you look at his mustache the wrong way?
A!Dave: Even worse. I forgot to give him extra pickles at the restaurant where I work. Gourmet Burger.
Sonic: Where I come from, it's called "Meh Burger."
A!Dave: "Meh Burger"? Why would anyone ever eat there?
[Sonic shrugs. The back wall of the prison is suddenly smashed open by Alternate Amy.]
A!Amy: I've come to rescue the hedgehog who stood up to Lord Eggman. You can go too, burger boy. After all, your customer service is exemplary.
[Alternate Amy, Sonic, and Alternate Dave run off.]

[Scene Change: Gogoba village (alternate), night.]

A!Amy: The Rebellion is small right now, but we're starting to make waves. Follow me. I'll introduce you to our fearless leader.
Sonic: You're the leader of the Rebellion?
A!Sticks: Yeah. And I'd like to offer you a position in our anti-Eggman unit. Or you can fight the alien overlords. They haven't invaded yet, but I know they're coming.
Sonic: Sign me up! Uh, for the Eggman thing, not the crazy paranoid thing. But if we're gonna defeat Eggman, we'll need the full team. I already have you and Amy. But I still need to find Knuckles.
A!Amy: The goofball from the TV commercials?
Sonic: That's the guy! And, of course, my main man and BFF, Tails. Any idea where he is?
A!Sticks: Never heard of him.

[Scene Change: Village Center, day]

Eggman: What were you thinking, lobbing compliments at Amy like that? Have you even met Sonic? He's too cool to let anyone think he enjoys their company. Believe me, I know.
Morpho: Just gimme another chance, bromigo! I'll convince everyone at Meh Burger that I'm the real Sonic.

[Scene Change: Meh Burger, day]

Morpho: [as Sonic] One salad, please.
[All the other customers look at "Sonic," then burst out laughing.]
Dave: Sonic? Eating a salad? That's rich. Good one, Steve.
[Eggman facepalms and groans in the background again.]

[Scene Change: TV Studio (alternate), Interior]

[Alternate Knuckles is lifting with dumbells. Sonic, Alternate Amy, and Alternate Sticks enter. Alternate Knuckles sees them and drops the weights, walking over.]
A!Knuckles: You fans? Lookin' for an autograph? I get it. I'd want my autograph too if I weren't me.
[Knuckles writes something on a piece of paper and hands it to Sonic. It's an X.]
Sonic: Listen, Knuckles, we're actually here to ask you to join the Rebellion.
A!Knuckles: Ha ha ha ha! Overthrow Lord Eggman? That's preposterous! Naturally, I understand why you'd come to me. I mean, look at you! Not a beefcake in the lot.
[Sticks growls. Sonic and Amy look unpleased.]
A!Knuckles: Now maybe if you were more powerful and athletic like me...
Sonic: How about this, Musclehead? Me and you, in a race, one on one. If I win, you join us.
A!Knuckles: You? Beat me? Ha! Okay, Mister Needlemouse, you're on. We'll race to the Gourmet Burger and--
[Sonic runs off, and returns a few seconds later with a tray of burgers.]
A!Knuckles: --back?
Sonic: [bites into one of the burgers] Wow, these burgers are great! What's their secret?
A!Amy: Uh... beef?
Sonic: [whistles] Shmancy.

[Scene Change: Eggman's Lair (alternate), day]

Sonic: I really wish we could have found the Tails of your dimension before going after Lord Eggman.
A!Sticks: Sorry, big blue. Every minute, Lord Eggman grows stronger. We need to hit him now!
[Alternate Sticks whirls a grappling hook and throws it upward, and starts climbing. Sonic, Alternate Amy, and Alternate Knuckles follow. When they reach the top, they see Alternate Tails working on some damaged Mantis Bots.]
Sonic: Wha--? Tails! Don't worry buddy, we're here to rescue you.
A!Tails: Who are you? And what are you rebels doing in my boss's lair?
Sonic: Oh, please don't tell me you're working for--
A!Tails: --the great Lord Eggman! I'm his sidekick!
A!Sticks: This is your best friend? You can really pick 'em, buddy!
Sonic: I'm sure it's just a misunder--
[An alarm sounds, triggered by Alternate Tails.]
A!Amy: We have to go!
Sonic: Come on, Tails!
A!Tails: I told you, dude, I have no idea who you are.
Sonic: Well, I know you. I know you're the smartest guy in this town. Your favorite color is orange. Your favorite movie is Comedy Chimp All-Stars Reunite For One Last Cash Grab 2.
A!Tails: H-How do you know all that?
[The others look up as Lord Eggman arrives]
Lord Eggman: [laughing] Congratulations, my lab assistant.
A!Tails: And sidekick!
Lord Eggman: Thanks to your A+ tattling, I'll be able to quash this little rebellion once and for all! Robots, attack!
[The Mantis Bots Tails was working on activate, and one of them shoots a fireball at Sonic and the others, who jump out of the way. Alternate Sticks pulls out a staff, gives a tarzan yell, and charges, using the staff to pole vault off a Mantis Bot, which explodes. Alternate Amy runs forward, dodging a fireball, then swings her hammer, decapitating another Mantis Bot and sending its head flying. Alternate Knuckles leaps into the air, then comes down with a diving punch, destroying a third mantis bot. He poses. Sonic spins past, taking out the fourth Mantis Bot, then stops beside the others, his hands behind his head in a relaxed pose.]
Sonic: Yeah!
[Lord Eggman growls and tries to line up a shot, but Alternate Tails is in his line of fire.]
Lord Eggman: Outta the way, you vulpecular varmint! [Alternate Tails doesn't move] Ah, who gives a hoot? What's one lab assistant in the larger scheme of things?
[Lord Eggman fires a missle, with Alternate Tails in the line of fire. Sonic sees it coming, however, and quickly gets Alternate Tails out of the way. Sticks also sees the missile coming and jumps over it, and the missile destroys the last Mantis Bot.]
A!Tails: You just saved my life! But why? I'm with Lord Eggman.
Sonic: We may be on opposite sides right now, but the Tails I know would have done the same for me.
[Sonic helps Tails up, and they laugh and fistbump.]
Lord Eggman: Can we get back to the battle already?!
Sonic: You asked for it, Egghead!
[The others make impressed sounds. They all then charge together, everyone hitting Lord Eggman's Eggmobile and sending him flying.]
Lord Eggman: But this doesn't make sense! I never looooooose!
[Lord Eggman disappears in the distance with a twinkle.]

[Scene Change: Tails' Workshop (alternate), night]

[Sonic is seated in the Sonic Speedster.]
Sonic: Well, it's been real, guys. I need to go back to my dimension. But with Sticks' leadership and a crew like you by her side, I got a feeling Lord Eggman's days are numbered.
[Alternate Tails activates a device that opens another dimensional portal. The Alternates wave goodbye as Sonic drives through it and disappears.]

[Scene Change: Meh Burger, day]

Morpho: Yippity dippity doo! I'm Sonic the Hedgehog!
Eggman: [through a megaphone] No, no, no! Where's the nuance? Where's that Sonic je ne sais quoi?
Sonic: Je ne sais wha?
[Eggman drops the megaphone and turns around, seeing Team Sonic.]
Eggman: Sonic! What are you doing here?! I mean, uh... That's not Sonic! [gestures to Morpho] This is the real Sonic!
Morpho: Yippity-dip skipperoo! I'm Sonic! Gotta catch 'em all!
[Team Sonic gets ready for a fight. Eggman and Morpho look at each other and gulp.]

[Scene Change: MomBot's house, interior, day]

[Eggman and Morpho are sitting at the kitchen table, holding ice bags to their heads.]
MomBot: I'm so proud of my two boys. I mean, your plan was a colossal failure, but at least you could finally work together.
[Eggman and Morpho each grab a cookie off a plate on the table and eat them as the episode ends.]