Where's Sonic Now? is an interactive picture book published by Ladybird in the UK. It follows the format of titles such as the Where's Wally? series. The book takes readers through the zones of Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (including the multiplayer zones), with visits to Angel Island Zone, Azure Lake Zone, Hydrocity Zone, Balloon Park Zone, Marble Garden Zone, Chrome Gadget Zone, Carnival Night Zone, Desert Palace Zone, IceCap Zone, Endless Mine Zone and Launch Base Zone. It was preceded by Where's Sonic?, which focused on the zones of Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

Official solicitation

Get smart - it's trouble!
The coolest blue dude is back in town! Sonic the Hedgehog is hiding out on Angel Island and only sharp thinkers stand a chance of finding him.
Sonic's best friend Tails, his arch-enemy Dr Robotnik and his fiendish opponent Knuckles can also be found in every amazing zone. But even then the hunt's not over, so start searching if you dare...



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