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Sonic Underground
When in Rome... (transcript)

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This is a transcript of the Sonic Underground episode, "When in Rome...".

[Scene: Robotropolis, night.]

[An alarm blares in the background.]
Swatbot: Security breach in South-west quadrant. Security breach in South-west quadrant.
[The camera cuts to the security door. The hedgehogs are behind this door.]
Sonia: Hurry! I can't! Hurry!
Sonic: Gimme a break! This stupid door must be at least forty feet thick!
[After several dents, the door is forced open and Sonic peels free. Sonic skids to a halt.]
Manic: Glad I'm not in front!
[Sonic is encountered by two officer aircrafts.]
Sonia: Sonic! Do something!
Sonic: [Rushes back to them] OK! Don't ever move!
[The aircrafts close in on the trio.]
Sonia: Uh oh.
[Sonic holds his siblings in either hand. He swoops underneath the aircrafts, resuming the chase scene.]
Sonic: Glad I'm not in back!
[Suddenly he runs into a bigger group of Swatbots.]
Manic: Yikes! Wipe Out!
[The aircrafts start Shooting. He evades the attack with a peel out. As soon a the Swatbots - standing behind a security door - load their guns, he runs in their line of fire, triggering their shots. The aircrafts crash into and and destroy them, blowing a hole in the door. He sneaks through it and escapes.]

[Scene Change]

[It is sunrise. The trio are driving in the Camper Van exhausted. Sonic has a cold pad on his head.]
Sonic: [Fed up] That's three missions in a row now where we've come up empty! Three times! What's up with that?! We're getting nowhere fast here!
Sonia: We're doing some good work, Sonic.
Sonic: [Angrily] Oh yeah? Is Butt-nik still around? Do we know where Mom is? Are we making any real prar-gress?
Manic: Uh... Yes; no; and hard to say.
Sonia: OK, guys. I've got an idea. Suppose we don't get some answers.
Sonic: Answers?
Sonia: Can you say "Oracle"?

[Scene Change: Northern Plains, night]

[A Blizzard whirls about the area. The hedgehogs are in their winter attires.]
Sonic: Don't worry, guys. I remember just where it is. Let's rock!
[The trio dash along the snow towards the entrance to a cave.]
Sonic: I'll go in and check out.
Sonia: We'll be right around.
[The hedgehogs move in and see shiny gemstones.]
Manic: Wow!
[They continue walking and look around.]
Sonia: It's beautiful... or... marvelous.
Sonic: Totally.
[They stay together. Suddenly, they scream as a rumbling is heard and a hole opens up below them, dropping them in. They eventually come out through a waterfall and land in a room full of packed shelves. ]
Sonia: Oh my gosh!
Sonic: The award? Where are you?
[A levitating green gemstone flashes and appears.]
Gemstone: Ah! The young hedgehogs have come to call.
Manic: Wow!!
[The gemstone flashes and turns into the Oracle of Delphius.]
Oracle: Look at you! How you've all grown! Now, tell me children. Why have you come?
Sonic: We could use your help.
Manic: We don't seem to be getting any closer to Mom.
Sonia: Or fulfilling our quest.
Oracle: Hmm... Well, young hedgehogs, I can help, but there is a price.
Manic: [Annoyed and walks off.] Well, here it comes. Should've known you never get something for nothing in this world. [Oracle cuts in front of him] Whoa?
Oracle: Yeah. Indeed. [The glowing stops. He descends and pats Manic's back] In this case, my cynical young friend, the price is merely an act of valor.
Sonia: Valor?! What do you mean?
[Oracle points to the waterfall.]
Oracle: Through that pod while people laboring under the yokes of healing their spots.
Sonic: [Sarcastically] You mean the yoke's on them?! [Laughs]
Sonia: [Annoyed] Sonic...
Oracle: It's alright. A sense of humor will always serve you well. Help those oppressed people and I will share my visions of the future with you.
Sonic: Sounds like a deal in me, let's go.
[A wisp emerges and surrounds the hedgehogs. A fast current blows around each character.]
Sonia: Wait! [To the Oracle] Where are you taking us?
Oracle: Peace, must learn.
[The hedgehogs scream as they are pulled by the current. Their medallions are left behind. Oracle picks them up.]
Oracle: Good luck, hedgehogs. Your true purpose and faith will keep you safe.
[The hedgehogs are teleported out and separated in an ancient city.]
Manic: Oh man! Sonic? Sonia?
[He looks around and sees strangers. He walks and bumps into a tall knight-like figure.]
Centurion: Make way. Make way!
[Fanfare music plays and the camera moves up to him. Manic looks in the distance and sees a girl carrying a basket of fruit. He looks to the left and sees Dingotus riding his horse towards her.]
Manic: Hey! Watch out!
[She screams as the horse charges towards her. Manic runs underneath Centurion's legs and towards the horse, who raises his front legs and neighs. Manic grabs hold of the strap, but the horse flings his neck and throws Manic away.]
Girl: Thank you. Oh no...
Manic: [To Dingotus] Hey, man! Why don't you watch where you're going?
Dingotus: How dare you touch my horse! Take him away!
[Multiple Centurions surround Manic and point their spears close to him.]
Manic: [Annoyed] Well, this is just great.
[The camera cuts to where Sonia is. She is alone and standing on a colonnade facing the tower. She hears banging noises behind her and turns around. She hides behind a pillar and observes from there. She sees two centurions and Ledian walking on by towards the tower. She looks back and sees a centurion facing her.]
Centurion: What are you doing here?
Sonia: Oh! Uh... Sight-seeing. I'm with the tour but I got separated. [Walks towards the tower but is stopped by him.]
Centurion: Your papers?
Sonia: Sorry. I'm taking the whirlwind tour of the city. Time to twirl and swirl!
[She spins around but she falls and hurts herself. The Centurion threatens to grab her. She puts her hand where her medallion would be but realizes it's missing.]
Sonia: This is crazy stuff.

[Scene Change: Rome (Sonic).]

[Sonic - also alone - has his hands on hips and looks around.]
Sonic: [Angrily] Sonia, Manic, where'd you guys go? Not funny guys! Hmm... I better find them before they get in trouble. Juice and jam time!
[Sonic prepares a peel out but break-falls and lands on his head.]
Sonic: Must be jet-lag.
[He tries again but he break-falls again. A shadow creeps behind him. A Centurion appears.]
Centurion: [Clears throat] You left your papers?
Sonic: I don't know what's going on here, but... Oh, [Guiltily] Major yes...
[A moment later, Sonic has been locked in a cell.]
Sonic: Hmm... I bet you're wondering why I called this meeting.
[Sonia and Manic are revealed to be inside the cell with Sonic.]
Sonia: Try and leave it, Sonic, but how do we get out of here? We got no medallions and no powers!
[Manic sees bones on the ground. He picks them up.]
Manic: Bet I know something that will help us get out.
[Sonic scratches his head, while Manic taps a beat on the ground with the bones.]
Sonic: [Excitedly] I hear you, little bro!
[He picks up a tree branch from the back of the cell. ]
Sonia: [Disgusted] Eww! How about home, what are you two-- [Gasps and realizes] Oh, I get it. If this place is like Robotropolis, they probably won't like music either! [Picks up a bone and starts playing.] So when they come to attack us...
Sonic: Exact-a-mundo, sis! We try to break out, even if it doesn't work. We can at least have some fun!

[The song, "Where There's A Will, There's A Way", plays]

[The Centurion opens the cell door.]
Centurion: Silence!
[The underground have astonished looks on their faces. The camera cuts to Dingotus and Emperor Sleetus.]
Emperor: [Harshly] I don't care if the peasants are unhappy! Raise their taxes again! Triple this time!
[The Centurion bows and swaps places with Dingotus.]
Emperor: I'm bored. Where is my juggler?
Dingotus: Sorry, you majesty. You sent him to the lion's Den. Remember? [The Emperor mutters to himself.] But I do have the new prisoners for your inspection.
Emperor: Very well. Bring them in.
[The hedgehogs walk in to the scene with a Centurion following behind. The Emperor glances at the trio.]
Emperor: Well, who have we here?
Sonia: [Bluntly] I believe that would be "hmm..." not "who?"
Manic: Do these guys look familiar or what?
Dingotus: [Angrily cutting in] Silence! And bow to the Emperor!
[Sonic winks at Manic. Manic winks at Sonia. Sonia winks to the Emperor, whom raises his eyebrow. Sonia, Manic and then Sonic bow to him. However, Sonic has a rumbling in his tummy and puts his hands on it. Everyone else notices.]
Emperor: What was that?
Sonic: Yes... Sorry, dancing in groups doesn't do me every time.
Emperor: [Harshly] Send him to the gladiator pit, and see if his digestion improves!
[The Centurion grabs Sonic by the quills]
Sonic: Bye guys!
[Sonia and Manic watch on confused.]
Emperor: [Points at Manic] He is the new Palace juggler! [Points at Sonia] She is my personal servant! :Manic: But, I don't juggle!
Sonia: Personal servant? In another lifetime maybe. Are we clear here?
Emperor: [Quietly] Listen closely, hedgehogs. You do exactly as I say, or Dingotus here will feed you to the lions.
Manic: lions?!
[The lion roars and walks off. Two lions are seen walking around the Den.]
Emperor: Very hungry lions.
[The hedgehogs turn to the Emperor.]
Emperor: Clear here?
Sonia: Personal service is one of my... best features.
Manic: I was born to entertain!
[Meanwhile, Sonic falls over yet again and is locked inside the pit with the door closed behind him. He turns to the Centurion.]
Sonic: [Angrily] Hold it, pal! What's up with this dump?
[The Centurion walks away, leaving Sonic alone. He touches the cell for a split second. Then he turns around and hears a growling noise.]
Sonic: Uh... Probably just a read bad sinus infection.
[A large Centaur appears, holding an ax. It approaches Sonic.]
Sonic: [Nervous] I'm guessing you're not here for milk and cookies, right?
[The Centaur prepares to strike with the ax. Sonic takes a few paces backwards while the Centaur sniffs through its nostrils in confidence. It strikes the ax down on the ground just underneath Sonic's tummy.]
Sonic: Hey-oh! You've been pumping some iron, huh big guy?
[It roars and beats its chest. It then releases gas from its nostrils which cover the screen. Sonic appears with a disgusted look on his face and clears the air around his face.]
Sonic: Phuh. That steam is probably not a hit with the Minotaur babes, huh.
Centaur: Huh?
Sonic: Yeah. I bet it ruins a lot of good hairstyles, huh?
Centaur: Huh?
Sonic: You need some help with the honeys?
Centaur: Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
Sonic: Well butt, you have come to the right place because when it comes to cool the hedgehog's a slice of ice.

[Scene Change]

[Manic is practicing some juggling. Sonia - lifting a heavy bowl of fruit - struggles with it and collides with him. Some of the fruit falls on Manic's head.]
Manic: [Annoyed] Nice going!
Sonia: Sorry!
[They both pick up the fruit off the floor. Ledian walks in to the scene and gives her a juggling ball.]
Ledian: Here, Sonia.
Sonia: Thanks, Ledian. This is my brother, Manic.
Manic: Hi.
Sonia: [To Manic] You know those under the yoke, people the Oracle told about? Well, this is Ledian. She's the daughter of the rightful emperor, Augustine.
Manic: Wow!
Ledian: Those tyrants made me a slave, and threw my father into that tower.
[Sonia and Manic look out the window towards the tower. Suddenly, Emperor Sleetus slips and falls onto the fruit. They turn back. Sleetus - accompanied by two Centurions - sits up and rubs his head.]
Emperor: Why is there fruit on the floor?!
[He growls. Ledian runs off-screen.]
Emperor: Feed them to the lions!
[A lion roars]

[Scene Change]

[The Centaur puts on some sunglasses.]
Sonic: Smokin'! Now, walk the walk.
[The Centaur trots around the area. It then balances its side legs on both sides.]
Sonic: So... Almost.
[It twists its neck around to face Sonic.]
Sonic: Well, it's a tie.

[Scene Change: Stadium]

[Fans are gathered inside the stadium. Sonia and Manic are holding spears. Manic becomes scared as lions emerge from behind the cell and growl at them.]
Manic: This is not good!
Sonia: [Points] OK. We've got them right where we want them now!
Manic: What are you talking about?
Sonia: Well, all we have to do is break out of here, keep Ledian and rescue her father from the tower! Once the crowd sees their rightful leader, they'll join the fight.
Manic: And I know you just got to tell me you've got a plan.
Sonia: Once they're inside, you're going to take that lock, while I hold off the lions.
Manic: [Looks at the lions again] Fine, but definitely not good.
[The lions continue growling with saliva dripping from their mouths.]

[Scene Change]

Sonic: Alright, big guy. [It trots in front of Sonic.] That's it! Now you're officially styling.
[It grins at Sonic. It trots to the wall on Sonic's side and leans its elbow on it.]
Centaur: Now that you have helped me, hedgehog, how may I be of service?
Sonic: Wow! You speak better than I do!
Centaur: Well...
Sonic: Since you offered... [He thinks.]

[Scene Change: Stadium]

[Fans cheer. Emperor Sleetus and Dingotus arrive, the former salutes the crowd and looks at the two hedgehogs holding spears.]
Emperor: Ah! My loyal subjects. [Sits down] Release the lions!
[Sonia gives an order to Manic. He runs to the lock while Sonia has her spear ready. The cage behind the lions opens. Manic tries to jab the lock with his spear, but the point breaks off, leaving him with just a stick. Embarrassed, he looks over to the Lions' entrance. The two of them emerge out of their cage for the first time and look around. They sniff and roar. Manic desperately tries to break inside the lock by poking it with the front end of his broken spear. The lions surround Sonia, whom flicks her spear the other direction.]
[Meanwhile, the centaur pulls and breaks the cage off its wall. It lays the metal grid flat on the ground.]
Sonic: [While running] Cool!
[They emerge to the other side and see a stadium in the distance.]
Centaur: The red flag. Someone is being fed to the lions.
Sonic: That's not cool.
Centaur: Last time, it was the Emperor's juggler.
Sonic: Did you say, juggler? Let's haul some serious hunch!
[He runs off to the stadium.]
[Meanwhile, back at the stadium, the lion roars, blowing Sonia's hair. Sonia takes some steps back and flicks her spear back and forth. The lion tries to grab her with his large paw. The Emperor and Dingotus watch on as the other lion surrounds her. Manic looks back and then - losing his patience - continues poking the lock. One of the lions bites off and chews Sonia's spear, making her gasp.]
Sonia: [Panicking] Manic! How's the lock going?!
Manic: [Straining] I'm trying, but it feel like I've lost my touch!
[The lock breaks and the cage door opens. Sonia runs towards the opened cage, but is now chased by the lions.]
Emperor: This is great!
[Sonia makes it across the gate. Manic closes the gate just in time, leaving the lions pouncing thin air and causing them to go dizzy.]
Emperor: Fool! After them!
[Ledian meets up with the two running hedgehogs.]
Ledian: This way!
[Two Centurions are now seen chasing the group. They run across a maze. Suddenly, they are caught by Dingotus, who holds them in his arms.]
Dingotus: Come with us, you wily little toads. The lions are waiting.
Sonic: [Off-screen] I don't think so.
[Sonic and the Centaur appears. Dingotus puts the group down.]
Sonia: Sonic!
Manic: Hey, bro!
Dingotus: Get them!
[The Centurions charge at the Centaur. Sonic moves out of the way, while it clashes the Centurions' heads together with an electric pulse, knocking them out cold. It then stares at Dingotus while the group run towards Sonic.]
Dingotus: Huh?
[The Centaur growls and approaches Dingotus, whom steps back.]
Dingotus: Um... I'll catch you later.
[He flees. The Centaur turns to the group.]
Centaur: You'll be back with more Centurions.
Sonia: Well, we won't be here. Come on! We've got to go free Ledian's father. [She runs a few feet ahead of the others. Sonic scratches his head]
Sonic: Okay... but...
Sonia: [Walks back to them] He's the rightful emperor. So, after Augustine was thrown in jail, the people lost their will to fight back.
Sonic: Well what are we waiting for?!

[Scene Change: Jail]

[Manic tries to unlock the door, with the other two hedgehogs, Ledian and the Centaur watching him. An unlock sound is heard.]
Manic: Got it!
[He opens the door and everyone advances into the next room. The hedgehogs look around. Ledian notices Augustine at last.]
Ledian: [Happily] Father!
[She rushes over and hugs him. ]

[Scene Change: Stadium]

[The crowd gasp as the hedgehogs and Centaur appear.]
Emperor: [Annoyed] What?
[They angrily confront the emperor.]
Emperor: You dare to return?
Centaur: Maybe you should've listened to the hedgehogs.
[The emperor looks astonished as the emperor raises his sunglasses.]
Sonic: [Announcing] Yo, citizens! It's now officially time to take back your country!
[The crowd claps and cheers.]
Sonic: [To Sonia] Do the beat.
Sonia: [Announcing] Citizens! I give you your rightful leader, Ivor Augustine!
[She points with both hands to the opened jail cell. The Centurions on either side bow as Augustine walks his way out holding Ledian around her shoulder. Sleet looks on in confusion, while everyone else - plus the hedgehogs - celebrates at his arrival. Suddenly, the green flashing light returns.]
Centaur: Hedgehogs!
[The Centaur is revealed to be in the flashing light. The hedgehogs shut their eyes to protect themselves from the brightness.]
Centaur: You freed these people using only your natural abilities, and now, you have earned back your power.
[It opens its hand and the light shines brighter. Their respective medallions are magically inserted back on their necks.]
Manic and Sonia: Yes!
[The light disappears.]
Sonia: Sleetus, time for you to take a ride!
[She spins and creates a giant tornado. It approaches Sleetus - whom is trying to latch on to a wall - and Dingotus. It blows away some of Sleetus' accessories. It becomes stronger and sucks both of them in. the crowd celebrate. Sonia stops spinning and her brothers come in. The crowd continues their applause as the new emperor waves back. Suddenly, the light sucks the hedgehogs away.]

[Scene Change: Northern Plains, Oracle's room]

[While the Oracle sets up a fire, the hedgehogs arrive back at his room.]
Oracle: Ah! Welcome back, my young friends. You succeeded with-out your powers! Now, think what you can do with them.
Sonic: [Annoyed] And the point of all this is...
Oracle: [Meditating] The prophecy will be fulfilled.
[A black cloud generates. Inside is a bubble of the hedgehogs reunited with Queen Aleena.]
Oracle: You will rejoin Queen Aleena, and become the Council of Four, destined to defeat-- Robotnik.
[--Robotnik appears in the bubble.]
Oracle: If you are true to yourselves and your powers. [The dream ends.] And... if your hearts never lose faith.
Sonic: Long as I got a shot, I'm there!
Sonia: Uh, what about Mother, and where will we see her?
[The Oracle gives a snow globe to Sonic.]
Oracle: Shake.
[Sonic shakes the globe. Snow spins around.]
Sonic: Uh... Hate to be rude but, could we just get an answer?
Oracle: The answers are contained within the globe. Look deeply.
[The inside of the globe turns into a fancy tower.]
Sonia: It's beautiful. Is that what the wall will look like or--
[--the room changes into a laboratory.]
Sonic: [Suspiciously] How does he do that?
Manic: Don't have a clue.
Sonia: Look!
[The Oracle now appears inside the globe.]
Oracle: Remember. Be true to yourselves.
[The screen fades to black and the credits appear.]