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Team Sonic Racing
Whale Lagoon

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Whale Lagoon[1] is a race track that appears in Team Sonic Racing. It is based off the track of the same name from Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing.


Whale Lagoon, as its name suggests, is set in a lagoon, modeled after Seaside Hill. The starting and finishing line of the race are set in-between two buildings made of white and red stones. In these grandstand-like buildings, Chao can be seen sitting on the rows, cheering on the racers. There are also sandy beaches along the track.

The track mostly takes place on an elevated stone track. An Orca can also be seen leaping out of the first of the two water pools near the beginning of the track and into the other water pool. While jumping, this Orca will perform stunts in the air, but it cannot interact with the players.


Whale Lagoon remains fairly simple in terms of design. Crabmeats can be found along the track, which can be destroyed with Wisp power-ups or Power-Type characters. If anyone else besides a Power-Type character collides with a Crabmeat, they will take damage and spin out temporarily. There are also Springs along the tracks that are designed to bounce the racers off-course if they collide with them. There will also be water-covered surfaces along the road that will slow down non-Technique-Type characters.


Map of Whale Lagoon.

At the beginning, the track will head straight forward, before splitting in two. These two roads initially turn away from each other, but soon turn around again and head towards each other, only to cross over each other and head in separate directions again. However, they will soon turn around again and head towards each other again, eventually lining up so that they merge into one road once more.

After the roads have remerged, the player will enter a left-turning wooden bridge that sits adjacent to a stone wall. However, this wooden bridge has no barriers on the right and Springs on the left meant to sent the racers towards the right side of the road. As such, the player has to carefully drift to the left while crossing the wooden bridge in order to avoid falling off the road. After the wooden bridge, the player enters a grassy part of the road before entering a corkscrew. After passing through the corkscrew, the player arrives at a right-turning wooden bridge that sits adjacent to the left side of a stone wall. When crossing this bridge, there will be no Springs to misdirect the player. However, there are no barriers on the left side of the bridge, meaning the racers are still at risk of falling off-road if they do not drift properly.

After the wooden bridge, the player can either enter a valley with green grass on right side of the road or enter the beach path on the left side of the road. Tanking the valley road will lead the player through a safe, but long passage. Tanking the beach path on the other hand will take the player through a shortcut with water-covered surfaces on the left side and Crabmeats scuttling across the path. At the end the beach, the player must turn slightly to the right in order to reach a ramp that will take the player back to the main path as it reunites with the valley road. From here, the road turns into a white and red stone route that leads back to the ruins where the finish line is located.

Whale Lagoon also has its own mirror image version of it where the left and right sides are interchanged.


The Classic Sonic easter egg sprite, from Team Sonic Racing.





Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"Whale Lagoon: Intro Fly-by" SEGA / Hyper Potions & Jun Senoue 0:20
"Whale Lagoon: Lap Music" SEGA / Hyper Potions & Jun Senoue[1] 4:07
"Whale Lagoon: Final Lap" SEGA / Hyper Potions & Jun Senoue 2:34
"Whale Lagoon: Goal" SEGA / Hyper Potions & Jun Senoue 0:07



Team Sonic Racing Whale Lagoon (Tails) 1080 HD

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