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This city was caught in the midst of an alien invasion. Coming here, I was able to find two of the Chaos Emeralds. Now, there are five left... I will find the truth!

Shadow the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog

Westopolis is the first Stage in Shadow the Hedgehog. It is a city that was caught in the midst of an invasion by the Black Arms. As with most other stages in Shadow the Hedgehog, Westopolis has three different missions, from which the player must choose one to progress with the game.


Westopolis is a large city that is left in ruins from the attacks of the Black Arms, with its roads piled with debris, ignited cars, traffic cones and barricade fences while skyscrapers are left in various conditions; some knocked down while others remain intact. Throughout various points, laser bombardments constantly rain down on the city.


After Black Doom appears before him as the Black Arms invade Westopolis, Shadow the Hedgehog rushes into the city in his search for the Chaos Emeralds. He quickly runs into Sonic the Hedgehog, who asks him to help fight the Black Arms throughout the city, before grabbing the first Chaos Emerald within Westopolis. Doom's Eye appears to him not long after, demanding that Shadow instead kills the GUN Soldiers defending the city.

  • Dark: Shadow teams up with the Black Arms and defeats the GUN Soldiers throughout the city. At the end of his mission, he obtains the second Chaos Emerald. Afterward, after Shadow has taken down two additional GUN Soldiers, Black Doom appears in front of Shadow as a hologram and praises him. However, all Shadow does is question his identity. Seeing that Shadow remembers nothing, Black Doom tells him that he will remember in due time before ordering Shadow to access the United Federation's mainframe. Shadow accepts the mission, and Black Doom sends him to Digital Circuit with Chaos Control.
  • Normal: Shadow eventually finds the second Chaos Emerald on his own. An outraged Black Doom shows up in holographic form and reprimands Shadow for disobeying him. Shadow, however, tells him that he no one can tell him what to do and that he is collecting the Chaos Emeralds for his own reasons. This make Black Doom note that Professor Gerald has done more to his memories than he realized. Hearing Gerald's name catches Shadow's attention, but Black Doom sees that Shadow does not remember him. As Shadow tries to question him though, Black Doom has had enough and decides to punish Shadow for his disobedience by teleporting the hedgehog to Glyphic Canyon using Chaos Control.
  • Hero: Shadow decides to team up with Sonic and eradicates the Black Arms in Westopolis. At the end of his mission, he obtains the second Chaos Emerald. Following that, Doom's Eye appears and informs Shadow that the Black Arms have found the third Chaos Emerald in the city before flying away. This prompts Sonic to head towards Lethal Highway, with Shadow following him.

Regardless of which mission the player completes, Westopolis will be reported to the United Federation as having the heaviest casualties due to having a weakened defense system whereas Downtown Westopolis was almost completely destroyed. In addition, the Black Arms' attack on Westopolis and the carnage that occurred ultimately has Dr. Eggman deciding to deploy the Egg Fleet to drive out the Black Arms, mostly due to pragmatism since he cannot capture Westopolis for his Eggman Empire if it is obliterated by the Black Arms instead.


As Westopolis is the first Stage in Shadow the Hedgehog, the player is taught the basics of the game as they move through the Stage, such as actions Shadow can perform and how to complete each Stage. In addition to the enemies, other obstacles in Westopolis include laser bombardments that strike throughout the stage and red fruit.


The following weapons can be found in Westopolis:

Secret Key locations

  1. There is a hidden area to the right, just before the Jump Panel that leads to the second Save Point. The player must jump over the pit to reach the platform on the other end with the Key.
  2. Shortly after the second Save Point is a pulley, which must be used to reach the second Key.
  3. Just before the third Save Point, two Gun Beetles can be seen hovering by a platform. The player must quickly cross using the Homing Attack before they are destroyed to reach the platform with the third Key.
  4. There is a gate directly to the left of the third Save Point. The player must either slide or Spin Dash under it and break the container in the back to get the fourth Key.
  5. After the Goal Ring are a set of Jump Panels that lead to another skydiving section; the final Key can be seen on the right side.

The Secret Door is right of the fourth Save Point, with there being a GUN Military Truck behind it.


Story Mode

Dark mission

Guide Mission Objective
Shadow the Hedgehog - Dark Mission - Doom's Eye.png Annihilate the GUN forces! Defeat all 35 GUN enemies in Westopolis.

The player should have defeated the following numbers of the GUN Soldiers and Gun Beetles by the time they reach each Save Point:

  • Save Point #2: 10
  • Save Point #3: 20
  • Save Point #4: 26
  • Save Point #5: 33
  • Save Point #6: 35

To get an A-Rank on this mission, the player should avoid killing the Black Arms enemies as it negatively affects the score.

Rank Score[1]
A Rank (Mini) (Shadow the Hedgehog).png ≥ 30,000
B Rank (Mini) (Shadow the Hedgehog).png 25,000
C Rank (Mini) (Shadow the Hedgehog).png 15,000
D Rank (Mini) (Shadow the Hedgehog).png 5,000
E Rank (Mini) (Shadow the Hedgehog).png < 5000

Normal mission

Guide Mission Objective
Shadow the Hedgehog - Normal Mission - Chaos Emerald 2.png Find the Chaos Emerald! Reach the goal.

To complete the Normal Mission, all that is required of the player is that to reach the Goal Ring with the Chaos Emerald in it. Missions like these did not require the player to defeat of any of the Black Arms or GUN Soldiers, but sometimes defeating them will make it easier for the player to get through the Stage faster.

Rank Score[1]
A Rank (Mini) (Shadow the Hedgehog).png ≥ 32,000
B Rank (Mini) (Shadow the Hedgehog).png 28,000
C Rank (Mini) (Shadow the Hedgehog).png 20,000
D Rank (Mini) (Shadow the Hedgehog).png 10,000
E Rank (Mini) (Shadow the Hedgehog).png < 10,000

Hero mission

Guide Mission Objective
Shadow the Hedgehog - Hero Mission - Sonic.png Drive off the black creatures! Defeat all 45 Black Arms in Westopolis.

The player should defeat the following number of the Black Arms enemies by the time they reach each Save Point:

  • Save Point #2: 23
  • Save Point #3: 29
  • Save Point #4: 33
  • Save Point #5: 42
  • Save Point #6: 45
Rank Score[1]
A Rank (Mini) (Shadow the Hedgehog).png ≥ 30,000
B Rank (Mini) (Shadow the Hedgehog).png 25,000
C Rank (Mini) (Shadow the Hedgehog).png 15,000
D Rank (Mini) (Shadow the Hedgehog).png 5,000
E Rank (Mini) (Shadow the Hedgehog).png < 5000

Expert Mode

As with most of the stages in Expert Mode, the player is simply required to reach the Goal Ring. However, the Expert Mode version of Westopolis has minor adjustments such as the section before reaching the third Save Point, whereas the player simply used a Jump Panel in the Story Mode's version to reach the third Save Point, they must now use Shadow's Wall Jump to jump between two skyscrapers to reach a platform and then the Light Dash to complete the rest of the way. In addition, the Goal Ring is now located near the final Save Point, which is at the road strips located after the second sky diving section where the player would defeat the final group of enemies to complete the Dark or Hero mission of the Main Story's version of Westopolis.

In other media

Archie Comics

Westopolis being invaded by Dark Gaia Creatures, from Sonic the Hedgehog #260.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, Westopolis was a Human/Overlander settlement in Eurish and a city-state of the United Federation. After the Super Genesis Wave re-wrote history, Westopolis became a city on Northamer, with a past virtually identical to that of its game counterpart.


  • To get all Library Sequences in the game, the player will have to play this stage a total of three hundred and twenty six times.
  • If the player hits the hint bubble explaining how to switch guns with Sonic the Hedgehog as a partner, he will comment on the guns afterwards saying "Personally, I wouldn't be caught dead using those things".
  • At the start of level during the skydiving section, Shadow will say "Hmm.. 'The promised time' huh? Well then, time to go fulfill this promise." There is no mention of a "promised time" before this. Instead Black Doom said "Bring the Chaos Emeralds to me "as promised."
  • This is the first game in the series to feature sky diving done at the beginning of the stage and at the very end (past the Goal Ring in Story Mode and before it in Expert Mode).
  • The Stage has thirty six GUN Soldiers instead of just thirty five.
  • Controlling Sonic with a second controller in this stage reveal he has the most interactions with stage objects than other hero characters. He can activate switches, put out fires, open locked key doors, and has a scripted sky diving animation which can be done at the end of the level.
  • Sonic has Shadow's braking sound effect whenever the player stops running.
  • If a laser fires during the Doom's Eye intro scene, the crates underneath said laser will remain intact.
  • It is possible to avoid collecting the first Chaos Emerald using a well-timed Spin Dash. Skipping this Emerald will have no effect on overall gameplay however.
  • If the player meets Doom's Eye, touches the second Save Point, dies, then teleports to the first Save Point (with Doom's Eye as their active partner), Doom's Eye will actually comment twice about the Chaos Emerald; once for getting close enough, and the other line upon its acquisition.
  • The stage's music was remixed for the Enemy Territory stage in the Sonic Forces DLC, Episode Shadow.
  • Westopolis was one of the first several stages featured in the E3 2005 Demo. Although, unlike the final version, the level had a different layout and was shorter than the final version as the Goal Ring was stationed where the third checkpoint is.
    • The Chaos Emerald at the end was also white instead of blue.


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"Westopolis" Jun Senoue 2:48



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